April 5, 2010
By Erebos BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Erebos BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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If people say they wish they were as good as me in art then ther wrong because people only like you for that and expect more from you.

As I sat in the corner with my book I let the warm summer sun bathe me in its golden sun light. Then slowly, so slowly, I drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken by a bright light. I opened my eyes only to close them again. It was so bright .I was in a wide field of emerald green grass. I looked up and the sky was a deep blue color, with wispy pearl white clouds. Then I was overcome with the strong smell of the ocean. I looked left to right “Weird I could swear I smelled the ocean.”I said to myself. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath the over whelming smell was magnificent. I wished I was at the beach. Then gusts of wind came to me I opened my eyes and gasped. I was suddenly at a beach but not a regular one or at least one I’ve ever seen. The sand was warm under my now bare feet and it was pure white! The ocean was clear up close but turned to a sapphire blue in the distance sparkling like a real gem. I stepped into the water; it was cool not cold like in my town. Everything was so different, cleaner; my world was so polluted you could hardly even see what beautiful potential it held. I saw a boulder in the distance. “That looks good for jumping” I said. But then I remembered I was wearing regular clothes I looked back at the sea and poked my lower lip out. When I looked back at my clothes they were my swimming clothes. “H-how did that happen?” I asked to no one really. Putting it aside I jetted toward the boulder. The first thing I noticed was it was higher than I thought. “Uh I’m not sure about this now.” I whispered. “But everything’s been so weird so far I might as well…” I took two steps back than dashed forward and flipped off the edge of the boulder and rocketed toward the water. Wow I thought to myself. Instead of things being blurry they were magnified tenfold. The fish were regular fish, but they were exotic looking fish some I thought I’d ever see in books. /they moved around me gracefully. A dolphin pod zipped past me and sent me spiraling. The more gracefully than anything and with such speed too. I wish I had a tail. Then it happened a flash of aqua light took over my legs for a second. Then the water spiraled around me. Then it closed around my legs like a blanket. The water shimmered a greenish tint. The water faded to a silver blue tail. “Oh my…” I began I moved around in a graceful fashion. “This can’t be real I’m a freaking merman”. I pinched myself sure enough I couldn’t be asleep but where am I? Although I don’t really care I was pent up with such excitement sprinted up through the water thinking wow I must have been very low. I jumped up out of the water and did a flip back into the water. Swam around underwater, played with the dolphins, talked with the fish and taught the clown fish some new material although I don’t think he understood fully. Slowly the twilight crawled on us I said by to my new friends under the sea but I couldn’t find the dolphin pod I searched all through the area as far as I could go without getting lost. I finally found them by the boulder. I went to give them hugs before they left. As they left a small dolphin , probably a calf, came to me he said to me As the day turns to night you shall take flight then left me to think of what he meant. I went back to the sea. I sat in a brightly lit grotto. I stared at the moon through the magnified sea. I thought of the words the young calf said “As the day turns to night you shall take flight.” I thought silently to myself. Then I thought of how I jumped out of the water, how I felt just as free as I did when I was in the water. Slowly I launched myself upward. As I increased speed I thought of all that happened that day and came down to one thing if an I thought it would happen. I flew up out of the water. “Freeze.” I said. Then I was floating in the air the droplets of water from me looked like crystal in the broad moonlight. I closed my eyes and thought of angel wings on my back then I was over whelmed with a warm sensation. I felt the wings rip through my back and expapand. It didn’t hurt but it felt slightly uncomfortable. I opened my eyes I glowed a bright gold. “Whoa!” I said breathlessly. I flew over to the boulder and over looked the area. “This is like a dream come true I thought to myself.

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