The Harp

April 5, 2010
By cvm43110 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
cvm43110 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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"So, it's true. It's really true," I silently whispered to myself. There it was. The harp. Only a few feet from me, but would it be that easy to take?

I cautiously jumped from rock to rock watching the murky water slip past my shoeless feet. After three minutes of hopping like a frog, I finally came to a complete stop (well, almost). The moss made it like I was ice skating a little. I had my wooden bow and arrow outstretched in front of me just in case anything unexpected popped out at me.

As I approached the golden harp, I saw there was something very strange about that harp. It was playing music. The music was nothing I had ever heard before and the strings were moving as if someone were plucking them. I lowered my bow and arrow and took one more step closer to the magical harp. I studied the harp for another five minutes, circling it over and over again. I could not find a wire of any kind, and there wasn't a heartbeat around besides mine.

The murky water started swirling under my unstable feet. I quickly shot an arrow into the water, clueless of what was there or where it was going. The motioning dropped. It seemed to me that whatever was down there I had apparently flat-lined. I took a few deep breaths of relief, but just as I got back to examining he best way to take the harp without disturbing it and have "A Curse" be placed upon me the water started to stir up again. Once again I shot an arrow into the murky water but this time a dark figure arose from the murky water. I looked down and a sage colored hand reached up and grabbed me under the water. I held my nose, but I was standing in a room and there was no water. I blinked a few times, but I was still in the same place I was and there were two green eyes staring at me. I quickly jumped back and there, standing was . . . a green eyed purple nosed sage skinned Ike.

According to my mother and all libraries in our village, Ikes are supposed to long extinct from hunters hunting them, because they possess incredible healing powers in their blood. One drop can heal a cut as deep as five inches, but the bad thing about hunting them is that the person who shoots the Ike will be greatly punished. This may include bad luck for seven years, a loved one dying, or even sudden death of the person who killed the Ike. I was not going to mess with these guys . . . yet. I quickly bowed to show my deep most gratitude toward the Ike. It stood for what seemed like hours staring at me, until he finally said, "Your name please, why have you come to Chupra? Do you have any weapons with you?" I answered in quick, short sentences. "Ummm . . . . Alia, you pulled me down here when I was looking at the harp, and yes, a bow and arrow. "

" I will escort you to Mather Zath. "

I choked on my spit . . . Zath. The name hit me like a bowling ball hitting pins. Zath had been by far the most dreaded leader of all the land of Coue. I walked effortless beside the short Ike. We finally approached the big double doors of the king's throne room. As I entered, the blood red eyes caught my eye of Zath. He stared down at me and said only a few words that were very powerful, "Take her to room #6/9, and if she tries to steal the Harp of Chupra, she will be sent into the darkest part of the Forest of the Ver!" In other words, he was going to send me to the darkest part of The Forest of the Lost.

I was sure that it was all a joke, but it seemed real to me when they caught me the next night sneaking out to try to steal the harp. It was so easy for them to find me, because as soon as I touched the harp, instead of making nice peaceful sounds, it started screeching and making any other loud racked noise you could ever think of. I was sent into the wilderness with only a jug of Musaka (Juice of the sour) and my bow and arrow. I wandered from dusk to dawn and then stopped for a little rest along the way, but I had picked the wrong rest spot. Dark shadows surrounded me and deep growling noises sounded behind my goose-bumped neck. Just as a dark shadow was about to pounce on me a blue light shot out from my pocket, the shadows collapsed instantly. I jumped for I was startled, "What could be in there?" I questioned myself. I reached in and pulled out a small squirrel-like creature. A sign attached to its dark purple furred row read,

He will not bite
He is only to help
He knows what he's doing
So don't yelp
His name is Alfonse
And he is now yours
Treat him with care
Or forever be cursed

"I have a new pet," I thought to myself. It will protect me as long as I take care of it myself. but, I wondered, who had put Alfonse in my pocket in he first place? I might never find out.

After eight total days wandering through the wilderness of the cursed forests, I arrived at where I once began the capital of Coue, Melur (otherwise known as: my hometown). I arrived home safely and learned a valuable lesson, sometimes chasing after missing magical harps is not for me, so I'll just leave that to the professionals. I also learned that no matter where you go, you will always make a new friend. Like the one I still have today, Alfonse.

The author's comments:
Fantasy situations present real-life challenges -- such as fear, uncertainty, loss, friendships -- in brief, bright outlines.

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