Peter's Art Ability

April 3, 2010
By izzycaseykat SILVER, Sacramento, California
izzycaseykat SILVER, Sacramento, California
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“Stop! Stop! Please stop!” Peter screeched. Kids were elbowing him in the gut. The other kids were punching him in the face, chest and arm.

“What is all the hubbub about?” Mrs. Paxton shouted.

“Run! It`s the teacher!” David, the leader of the group said. All the kids bolted away. Peter was at the front of the school yard where the other kids were beating him up. Peter felt searing pain. Mrs. Paxton`s green eyes became wide opened.

“Oh my goodness, what happened!?!” Mrs. Paxton looked terrified.

“Nothing. I am fine.” Peter coughed up blood.

“You don’t look fine. Let me help you up.”

Mrs. Paxton helped Peter up but before she can say another word peter ran as fast as he could which was not very fast.

“Peter always was a quiet boy.” Mrs. Paxton was talking to Mr. Anderson

(a.k.a Peter`s dad) on the phone. “Peter never opens up to any one and that worries me.”

“Well, Peter was a very friendly boy until his mom died a few years back,” Mr. Anderson said.

“Mr. Anderson, I mainly called you about when I found Peter getting beat up at school today,” Mrs. Paxton said

“Wait, when?” Mr. Anderson was shocked.

“After school. I wanted to speak with him about it but he stormed off somewhere,” Mrs. Paxton said. Peter came in the apartment.

“Ok, I`ll talk to him about it Mrs. Paxton. Thank you. Bye.” Mr. Anderson hung up the phone.

“Talk to me about what?” Peter acted like he was confused even though he new exactly what Mr. Anderson was talking about.

“I heard you got beat up at school today.”

“No dad I could take some stupid kids,” Peter mumbled.

“I see your bruise marks and you are bleeding a lot!”

“I am fine.”

“Stop lying!” Mr. Anderson shouted as loud as he could. “Just talk to me about it.” Mr. Anderson said with a calmer tone of voice.

“No! Go away!” Peter screeched.

Peter went into the bedroom and slammed the door. He pulled out his blue notebook and his art set. He began to draw a picture of David getting hit by a truck and breaking his hip.

It was a bright and early day. The birds were chirping like they were singing a beautiful song. It truly was a lovely Friday morning but not for Peter. It was an intense breakfast for Peter and his dad. Also it`s not the greatest thing waking up with a bucket full of meteor sized bruises.

Peter was walking on the side walk to school. He saw a drunk driver.

Who drinks in the morning? The truck went out of control. David, while crossing the street got hit by the truck. The drunk driver got out of the truck. He tumbled all over the street. Everyone ran over to the David`s limp body. He was glad about it, but at the same time he was freaked out.

Peter ran home in panic. Luckily, his dad was at work at Burger Farm. He`s the manager.

Peter went in his room and grabbed his notebook. He flipped through the pages and went to the picture of David getting hit by the truck. It looks exactly like the seen where David got hit by the truck.

Later that day during lunch time at school Peter was caring his disgusting lunch. It was fish soup and potato salad.

A long skinny leg popped out of nowhere, right in front of him. Peter tumbled over the it and landed in his food. He went face first in his soup and we was wearing his salad. All the girls giggled.

“Wow! I love you`re brand new potato salad clothes! Not!” Amy said. Amy was a rude girl who thinks she is all that and cheddar cheese. Amy always trips Peter.

“Wearing soup? Well, you need a fashion wake up call.” One of Amy`s snobby friends said. “Now get out of here you worthless twerp.” Amy snapped.

After school, Peter came home. He cleaned up at school a tad bit but still stank like crazy.

“Why do you smell so bad son?” Mr. Anderson plugged his nose.

“I tripped in fish chunks.” Peter said.

“Umm… ok. Go and clean up. Mac & Cheese will be ready in fifteen minutes.”

After dinner Peter went in his tiny little room and drew a picture of stupid Amy. She was walking by the construction site and was hit by a heavy metal object in her face. That will mess up her pretty little face. Shut up Amy! You`ll shut up. Peter grinned when the picture was complete.

Peter woke up and checked the time. It was 11:30 PM. He walked out side of the apartment after making sure his dad was still asleep. Peter breathed in the cold fresh air. He felt a refreshing swarm of ice-cold breezes. He then heard ruckus out side of the apartment complex and across the street. It was at the construction sight. Peter quickly raced across the street. There was a large swarm of people surrounding something but Peter couldn`t tell. Peter was hopping like a rabbit to see who it was. It was hard to tell but he figured it was Amy. Peter saw Amy`s mom talking to the cops saying that she and Amy were walking home from a late night party when out of nowhere a girder hit Amy in the face.

“Is she dead?” everyone there asked each other.

The cops were calming the crowd down. The ambulance came and put Amy in the back of the ambulance truck and Amy`s mom came in with her and the ambulance sped off.

“Did you hear about Amy?” Harold asked his buddies during lunch.

“Yeah, I heard all of her teeth fell out when that girder hit her.” Harold`s best

friend said.

“I also heard that her mom pushed her so she could get hit by it.” Harold added.

“Those are just rumors. The construction man wasn`t careful,” Peter said while walking by them in the hall way.

“No one was talking to you!” Harold and his friend both said.

“Hey, I am thirsty. Peter! Give me some money twerp!” Harold said.

“No! Now go away!” Peter shouted.

“Give it to me!”

“I don’t have any,”

“I know you do,”

“No I don’t, Harold,”

“What do you think I am, stupid?”

“Honestly, yes. You are as stupid as a headless cow.” Peter cackled jeeringly.

Harold punched Peter in the gut. “Ok! Here” Peter tossed the two dollars and sixty cents on the floor and scurried back to his house.

Peter came home and slammed the door behind him. Peter`s dad was in the kitchen. “Hi buddy! We are going to have your favorite food for dinner,” Mr. Anderson said.

“Cool. Wait…” Peter was trying to think what his dad was talking about.

“It`s cheese pizza with chocolate sauce on top, silly.” Mr. Anderson said.

“Oh, great,” Peter said with no emotion whatsoever.

“I have more enthusiasm in my finger tip than you have right now.” Mr. Anderson said. Peter gave a phony smile. “What`s the matter? You love Pizza!” Mr. Anderson stunned.

“I do.”

“Be out here in ten minutes for dinner.” Mr. Anderson seemed disappointed.

Peter went into his room and drew a picture of Harold slipping at the pool side and drowning in the pool. Peter drew that because tomorrow was his second day of swim lessons and Harold couldn`t swim in the deep end. Peter was finally satisfied with his drawing. He slipped the notebook in his backpack and went in the kitchen for dinner.

Peter was sprinting down the side walk to get to school. Peter checked his watch because he knew he was running behind. It was 8:10. Five more minutes until school! Peter running so fast, bumped into Harold. “Ouch!” Peter and Harold squealed.

“Watch it!” Harold yelled. They both gathered there belongings that fell out of their hands and backpacks. Then they both got up. “My bad!” Peter said then he raced on.

Harold was digging through his backpack for his math homework but then realized that he didn`t do it. But then he saw Peter`s notebook. Harold must have picked it up on accident. Harold started flipping through the notebook and he saw the picture of David getting hit by the truck and Amy getting hit by the girder. Then Harold saw the picture of him drowning. “Wow, Amy and David get to survive but I don`t?”

After school Harold gave Peter his notebook. “This must be yours.” Harold said

“Thanks,” Peter snatched the book then slipped it into his backpack.

“You should stop.” Harold told Peter.


“Stop making people get hurt!”

“I have no clue what you’re talking about.” Peter`s face started to turn red.

“Look Peter, I know you`ve been bullied a lot but…”

Peter interrupted. “Yes I have been bullied a lot and you are the person who mainly has been doing it. You use to be my friend but last year you became a real jerk! Peter said

“Sorry, Peter.” Harold`s eyes were red

“You’re not really sorry. You just don`t want to get hurt and no, I am not going to stop,” Peter ran off. Peter wondered if Harold would ever go to swim practice.

Harold decided not to go to swim practice that day but he knew he`d have to go back soon. It`s not like he can`t just never be around the pool again. Harold had to think of something fast.

When Harold got home, he sat on his bed trying to figure out what to do about Peter. He glanced on his calendar. Then he notices that it`s Peter`s birthday the next day. That is when Harold got an idea.

It was Saturday. Peter woke up, took shower and then made himself some cereal. He went to the park and took his notebook and his art set with him. He started drawing pictures of him being loved by everyone and drew a picture of Mr. Anderson getting a raise. Peter decided it was time to go home.

He got back to the house and opened the door. “Surprise!” everyone shouted. Mr. Anderson was there, Peter`s grandparents were there, Mrs. Paxton was there and Harold was there.

“You did this? A real surprise party? For me?” Peter was shocked. But the good kind of shocked.

“Yep! It was all Harold`s idea,” Mr. Anderson said. Peter was again shocked, but the weird kind of shocked, not the good. Harold looked proud. Peter just decided to ignore Harold.

Everyone was leaving. This was the first time in many years where Peter actually felt important.

Harold came up to Peter. “Peter, you really need to stop what you’re doing,”

“Why should I?” Peter said

“You know why,”

“Yeah, I guess I do,” Peter calmly said.

Peter and Harold were laughing and chatting through the park. They went over by the little creek. Peter ripped up his notebook and tossed the notebook pieces and the art set in the creek. “May drawing rest in peace.” Peter smiled at Harold and Harold smiled back.

It was the next day. Peter woke up in a good mood. Peter went in the living room. He turned on the television to the local news station. “In Spokane there has been some strange happening keeps happening to sixth graders in the past week. First, a boy named David Ortiz brakes his hip. Then, Amy Jonson gets sustained blunt force trauma to the face. Then, early today around 9:00 a boy named Harold Sherman`s body was found in the pool. What next? Tonight at eleven.” The news lady was saying.

“No!!!” Peter Shrieked in terror. Mr. Anderson was on the phone with his boss. He hung up the phone. Peter had a crazy look on his face.

“I got a sixty per cent raise! Oh my goodness, do you know how much I love you?”

Mr. Anderson shouted out with glee.

“But I got rid of the book!” Peter nearly fainted.

“What are you talking about?” Mr. Anderson was confused.

“The book! I got rid of it but it didn`t work!” Peter realized that he was a murder. It was all his fault. Amy and David got badly hurt and Harold died! Peter was disgusted with himself. Peter couldn`t move or talk. He just stood there. Mr. Anderson tried to talk to Peter but he didn`t respond. Good going, Peter! Good going, you always do wrong, everything you do. Peter vowed to himself never ever to draw again.

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Eilatan GOLD said...
on Apr. 11 2010 at 6:35 pm
Eilatan GOLD, Old Greenwich, Connecticut
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Wow, this is really interesting.

You might want to try editing/revising a bit more in the future, and maybe draw out the drawing and incident scenes a little mor to prove the point. but this is a really cool plotline. Keep writing!!!

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