The Beginning

March 29, 2010
By LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
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Strength isn't just measured by how much pain you can take.

Revenge my mind flares. I have to get back at them.

More pain shoots through my body, tracing to my lower back. My head clears and I suddenly see the purpose of torturing me. They wanted me to snap.

My thinking process was cut off with a blow to the back of my head, knocking me unconscious.

You know those dreams where you have to run, but your legs won’t move fast enough? Well, this was one of them. Fabulous, right? Considering what I have to do…

…I was racing. Racing to find you, to save you.

I rounded the corner, knowing you were in danger. Feeling your pain. Screaming, for you and for me. Counting each second we’re apart.

Death and destruction everywhere. People, looking for their lives. Tears, running down their faces, running down mine. Sadness everywhere. What could have caused this?

Turning toward an alley, I feel your pain flicker. More pain speeds through the bond. Once again, my scream pierces through the despair. People flinch, but do nothing. How could they, when the thing they loved most was taken from them?

Picking up my pace, I try to sense where you are. A couple more blocks, my instincts flare. I was getting anxious now. With adrenaline pulsing through my veins, I welcomed this new threat…until I saw his face.

That pale, beautiful face. The one that went with his dark hair and crystal eyes. The face that belonged to a god. Not just any god either, my god.

I could only stare. It was like the world seemed to fall out from under me, leaving me to crash. My eyes slowly roll back in my head. I know what it means. My end is dawning closer.

I wake with a start, my heart jolting to life. What did I just dream about? Was it even a dream? If it was, how could it be true? I was trying to convince myself now. This could not be what I thought it was. How could it end like that? How could I end like that? Without even saving him.

My mind keeps analyzing my “dream.” It just didn’t make sense. It seemed so real. That meant it was what I thought it was. It was a vision.




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