The law of attraction

March 26, 2010
By JadedSoul SILVER, Evans, Georgia
JadedSoul SILVER, Evans, Georgia
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They say that every being has a latent talent that is put to test time and again. We humans are ignorant of the truth that lies in front of our eyes. We were told that each one of us is special in our own way. Most of us considered it as utter gibberish and chose to ignore that saying. I was one among them. I was an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. I had never done anything worth while in life. Yes, I studied hard. So? There were millions out there who were far better than me. I had no goal. I took the common path, got into a grad college and studied. I often questioned myself why I was doing this. But this was the way life was. Life is never full of surprises. You always know what’s coming. WRONG!. There’s so much in life that we choose to ignore. So much that we see and still don’t believe.

“Who’s Lilian Desire?” called the receptionist.

I was sitting in the waiting room in my college office, seeking enrollment . We were called for personal interviews. I stood up and nodded. She looked in my direction, scrutinized me and then said “ You can go in”. I could say right from her face that she would give me a tough time later. It was strange to decide a person’s character at the first glance but I couldn’t help it. My brain flashed these bright red danger signals when I talked to her. Well it was nothing new given the fact that I always judged people.

It was like this ever since I was aware of people around me. Or rather from the time I shifted to the new corporate school. In my old school which was very close by to my house, every single person was my friend. I was probably their idol or mentor. I was down to earth, humble, and friendly. And this had earned me a lot including oodles of love from my teachers and the principal herself. I was the teacher’s pet, the perfect best friend, the kind sweet junior.

When I shifted to the new school in the city, life took a dramatic turn. I was no more the same kind sweet girl. I had come face to face with many incidents which left a great impact on my mind. I had gone through a lot of things right from proposals to breakups of friendships to boycotts. Finally in the eighth standard I was aware of people around me. I could judge a person by looking at him. I could give anyone an outlook of someone’s character by talking to them for merely 5 minutes.

This was carried on through the years. But I had never given it a serious thought. I had always thought that it had something to do with me gaining a lot of experience from the events happening in my life. I chose to ignore the truth which lay in front of my eyes. I snapped back to reality as the receptionist indicated towards a door along the corridor. I stepped into the room and wished the principal. He smiled at me and I realized that I would just have to be myself to win over this person. I would not have to pretend to impress him or give him diplomatic answers.

My mind said to me “ All you need to do is be yourself Lily. That’s all he wants.” Very well, I thought, If that was the case, so be it. His questions were not subject oriented. They were just casual. I could feel his gaze penetrating through me as if detecting any potential trouble or lies from me. He was apparently pleased with my answers for he smiled as I answered them all without a glitch. After all, they were all about me. He gave me a time table for the year and told me to go meet the lecturers and find out the requirements for the academic year. I thanked him with all my heart and walked out.

Back home, I thought about the selection process. Apart from the joy of getting selected, I found the principal’s gaze quite peculiar. And my mind have been screaming to me to not lie and be myself. I wondered why. Did he have some machine which detected nervousness in your system when you lied? I needed a lot of answers. I needed someone to talk to about the queries that constantly filled up my mind. That someone came into my life in the form of my psychology lecturer at college. She was very intelligent, in her early thirties. She was definitely a favorite among her students. She had a perfectly timed rapport with the class. Never would a person get bored in her class.

I spent a lot of spare time talking to her, discussing various things. One day, when I gained enough confidence to speak to her about it, I approached her.

” Ms. Katie, is it true that every one has something special in them? I’ve been hearing this from ages“.

She nodded and said “ Well of course. Everyone does. It just takes them some time to discover it. Or to be phrased in a better way, obtain it.”

I was quite confused and asked her what she meant by that. And the theory that she gave me left me mesmerized. She said –

“ Lily, we all work on one force The universe works on just one force. This force is the mightiest and the most powerful force ever. This force is that of attraction. When we think of something in a very passionate way, the universe works it’s way to get us what we want. And when some one has a strong urge for something, you cannot stop the world from fulfilling it.”

I now understood. When in my eight grade, I was fed up with life. Deceived by my friends, cheated by my closest of friends, I was so shattered that every single day I wished to be able to judge people. To be able to know the other person before creating a bond with them. And I was so ignorant that I didn’t even notice that the universe had fulfilled my wish. Ms. Katie continued.

“ Every individual thus has a certain power within himself. He is simply ignorant of it. If he were to realize his true potential, he would see that he isn’t just any other person. The universe gives you the power that you either already have within you or if you are in desperate need of it. This power intensifies the more you use it, consciously or otherwise“.

I sat frozen in my chair for a while. When I was able to breathe I said “ Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I now understand.” while I stood up to leave.

She smiled at me and said “ Any time honey. You’re after all me best student”.

I could feel the pre school memories flood my brain. It was the first time in 7 years that I was being called a favorite student. I smiled at her and while walking out I asked her

“ Miss, can I ask you something?”

As always, she said “ Sure dear. What is it?”

I said with a smile “ Does the principal have the power of detecting lies? And do you have the power of knowing anything and everything? “

She smiled back at me and said “ The principal has similar powers. You’re close but not correct. As for myself, I will leave it to you to figure out.”

I smiled back wistfully at her and took a step outside when she called after me “ Lily, I’d rather you wear the blue dress if you have to impress Tyran. Red isn’t his favorite color you know.”

I blushed scarlet, awestruck by her words. How did she know about it? I had told no one. Not even my best friends. I said loudly as I skipped along the way “ Thank you miss. Ill keep that in mind.” What exactly was her power I would find out on my next visit. All I could feel was that I had created a new bond that day.


The author's comments:
This is the first part of the series I am going to write. Encounters between Lily and the psychology teacher Ms. Katie will teach Lily something new every time. Please do let me know about it. It's my first story. I'm open to all comments :)

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JadedSoul SILVER, Evans, Georgia
9 articles 0 photos 37 comments
Thank you so much :)

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really impressive,, u put ur thgts very well, keep writing and keep up the good work, u can really shine as awriter..

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