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March 25, 2010
By Bethorn_Grim SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
Bethorn_Grim SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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Omi- Tenshi Watashi Oh.

A man with navy blue hair and golden yellow eyes entered the classroom as the students stared at him. He looked at them with a blank expression ignoring their stares.
“Ah! Students we have a new students. His name is Yoru Kawasaki. I hope you get along with him,” the teacher said.
Yoru eyed the classroom as if scanning each student’s soul. He quickly smiled hiding his true personality behind it. “I hope I get to know you all and I’m looking forward to making friends with you,” Yoru said.
“Please take a seat if you will, Mr. Kawasaki.”
“Of course Mr. Zugaikotsu, I wouldn’t want to interrupt you lesson much longer, though I have a simple question to ask you,” Yoru said politely.
“Such perfect manners we have out of the other students here. Go ahead Mr. Kawasaki. Ask your question.”
“Since this is an all boys’ school, there’s a possible chance certain events go on. Since a boy isn’t around the opposite sex, the closest thing to the opposite sex is the same right?”
“Yes, I believe your right Mr. Kawasaki. Though what is it that you’re getting at?”
“Of course. My question for you is… is there a way to keep your sanity intact being in an all boys’ school?” Yoru asked, while looking over the classroom and landing on a particular student sitting in the very far corner of the room by an empty desk. “May I sit in that desk Mr. Zugaikotsu?” Yoru asked pointing at the empty desk.
“Yes, you can Mr. Kawasaki. Mr. Tenshi, take your stuff off that desk and make room for your new neighbor.”
“Yes, Mr. Zagaikotsu.” Sori removed his backpack from the desk and put it on the window sill as Yoru walked over to his seat near his soon to be boyfriend.
Yoru smiled as he sat down, “Hello Sori how are you?”
“Fine I guess. Why do you care?” Sori replied trying to be a bad boy, but didn’t succeed.
“I’m just curious that’s all. Nothing wrong with that is there Sori Tenshi,” Yoru said smirking evilly.
Sori stared at Yoru eyeing him with caution as Yoru looked away. He rolled his eyes before staring back out the window.
‘So this is my next task is it? This is going to be an easy one. So oblivious to what’s going to happen… tonight.’ Yoru thought to himself.
After class ended for lunch; everyone but Sori pulled their lunches out.
“Would you like some sushi Sori?” Yoru asked as he offered Sori his Bento box.
“Um… okay sure.” Sori responded while grabbing onto the sushi before munching on it.
“So Sori… how old are you?” Yoru asked hiding his smirk.
“First tell me how old you are than I will tell you mine.” Sori responded with a piece of sushi still in his mouth.
“Yeah you’re probably right. Knowing you would probably not be beneficial to me at all.”
“I bet knowing your age would probably be a waste of time.”
‘He’s not as stupid as I thought he was. Though how will he react when I finish my task?’
Yoru chuckled before laughing as Sori stared at him confused about what’s going on. He smiled after finishing laughing as he stared at Sori.
“Alright… I’ll tell you my age. I was just fooling with you earlier Sori. I’m 18 years old.”
“Hey you’re the same age as I am. That’s weird.” Sori said as he finished the sushi in his mouth.
“Not at all. I wouldn’t be in the same class as you if I wasn’t this age.” Yoru said as he started munching on his lunch.
“So um…”
“It’s Yoru if you forgot,” Yoru interrupted as he took a sip of his tea.
“Oh! Of course Yoru. So… what brings you to Kurai Hashi all boys’ school?”
“A specific reason I cannot say. Well it was nice talking to you Sori, but I must take my leave from here. Later,” Yoru said walking off.
“Wait… don’t leave just yet.” Sori said as he grabbed Yoru’s arm.
“What ever is the matter Sori?”
Sori quickly pressed his lips against Yoru as Yoru stood there with wide eyes. Everyone in the lunch room was silent as they stared at Sori and Yoru. Sori parted from Yoru’s lips as Yoru stared at him slightly shocked. Yoru stepped back a bit blown away by the sudden action Sori made.
“Uh… I… I don’t know what came over me to do that.”
Yoru stepped back once more staring at Sori with widened eyes. He quickly turned around slowly walking away pretending nothing happened.
“Uh… Yoru?”
“I…I’ll see you in class tomorrow. I got to… study for my upcoming exam. Later.” Yoru said with his back facing Sori as he walks out of the lunch room.
As soon as Yoru was out of the lunch room, he races out of the school. He climbs up a nearby tree, resting on a branch 30 feet above the ground. He panted staring out in front of him with a shocked expression.
“What the hell just happen? I just got kissed by… by a guy. What is this weird feeling I’m developing? NO! I can’t be doing that. Tonight… I will… I will assassinate Sori Tenshi. I, Yoru Takei Kawasaki- prince of night clan, will slaughter you, Sori Tenshi… this I promise.”
When the sun fell and darkness came over the school, everyone slept in their dorm room. That is all except Sori. Sori stood there on the balcony staring up at the sky.
“Why did I kiss him? What came over me back there?” Sori asked himself while he pulled his legs closer and wrapped his arms around them. “How can I kiss a guy in front of everyone? All together how could I kiss a guy period? What am I feeling inside myself…? I want Yoru even more now… Why?”
Suddenly a dagger flew at Sori interrupting his thoughts. Sori jumped out of the way just in time as the knife stuck right at the wall of his dorm. He quickly looked up seeing a man standing on a branch of a tree. As he tries to see who the man is another knife is thrown at him and again he barely dodges. The man hid himself behind the tree’s trunk not wanting Sori to see his face.
“Sori Tenshi… it is time for you to die by the clan, Kurai Chi,” the man said hiding his true voice.
“But why am I to die now… I haven’t p***ed anyone off for awhile.”
“Silence! You’re from a clan that has threatened mine for 6 generations.”
“But I was casted out. If you did your homework correctly, you would know I am no longer part of that clan.” Sori stated behind a wall.
“As long as you hold the blood of your clan, you are still apart of it rather you like it or not. Enough talk… it’s time for you to visit your grave personally.” The man said as he threw a dozen daggers at Sori.
“No… stop. I hated my clan for angering others and always s putting our members in danger. So you’re just proving what I already know about my clan and that is why I was casted out, for not fulfilling an order from our clan leader.”
“Stop trying to change my mind. Nothing is going to stop me from finishing my assignment.”
“I don’t care why you listen to your clans orders like this; people who have nothing to do with the fight between the clans shouldn’t have to die. So why do you listen and kill on command?”
“I must prove myself worthy of the throne. I must prove to my clan I’m loyal.”
“By killing someone and that someone being ME!?!”
“Your name came up by my father. It’s not my fault.”
“So you’re just going to keep following what people order you to do. If you were ordered to jump off the bridge… would you?”
The man was silent as he stood behind the tree’s trunk.
“You know it’s wrong, yet you still commence to kill me. Why are you doing this?”
“Because one your members… they killed my brother. I will never forgive any of the members of your clan not even you.”
“I tried to stop that as best I could, but I didn’t make it in time. Please don’t kill me sir. I want to be able to see Yoru again. I want to see him always!”
“Him? Why do you like a guy?”
“I don’t know I just do… is that a problem it’s not like it should bother you.”
“Fine I was just wondering because most clans don’t accept same sex relationships. So don’t just rush into a relationship without asking him if he’s okay with disobeying his clan.”
“I didn’t think of it that way…” Sori stares at the wall and thinks, “what do you think?”
“An assassin like me can’t afford to think about things like that. We don’t feel we just do what we are assigned to do.”
“But in the end is it really worth killing over something that will make you regret your actions?”
“Some assassins endure regrets by growing heartless craving for more assignments to kill. That’s why we were given the nickname ‘Angel of Death’.”
“What about you? Are you like the other assassins?”
“Why do you care? It’s not like I’m a person you would save. This has gone on long enough! I’m going to finish the job rather you like it or not.”
“You have to understand something here. Put into a situation… would you kill a person’s loved one? You know how the saying goes, what goes around comes around.” Sori said as he stepped out onto the balcony.
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“I am beginning to understand I have developed a sort of emotion to a person I just met today. I want to… get to know him better.”
“Enough! I will silence you once and for all by killing you. Die Sori Tenshi!”
The man quickly threw a sword toward Sori as he gasped looking around for anything to help him deflect it away from himself. He quickly picked up a metal tray hitting the sword back at the man. The sword’s blade went through the trunk of the tree piercing into the man’s back. Grunting the man pulled the blade out as the blood quickly oozed out while he panted.
“I… I will return… to kill you Sori. Once I recover from this wound… I will have your head on a platter to serve the wolves.” The man exclaimed before disappearing.
Sori sighed as he collapsed to his knees slightly relieved. Though he knew he wasn’t free just yet, knowing that the assassin will return to finish his assignment.
“Curses! Once more my clan is putting me into a life and death situation- even though I’m not part of the clan anymore. How annoying,” Sori sighed.

It was a beautiful next day, clear blue sky and the warm shining sun. Sori sat there in class unable to keep his mind off the night before. He was waiting for class to start as the school bell rang throughout the building.

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