Artemis: A Beautiful Tragedy

March 25, 2010
By lexi54321 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
lexi54321 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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She lived beneath every suburb, broken and torn-down, not caring to hide. With her blank eyes, she started at you as you drove by, and her fragile, shredded clothes blew within the wind's force. She held no expression, as the woman had a sign to speak for her that was blank. Many cares passed by in utter confusion. No one knew what this woman wanted for half a decade, as she traveled across the large city. Contrary to your average homeless person, she did not care for begging. She held an empty piece of cardboard, with the same facial expression. She let the lack of words speak for her to represent everything to do with her is empty. But she refused to beg, or ask for people to feel sorry for her. Although she always walks and moves, she stays just there and cold, even throughout the long nights. She is Artemis.
Artemis, in this state, has no family, although it is rumored she is a orphan who ran away from her foster parents at the age of 12. No one knows her name, but people often refer to her as "bag lady", or "neighborhood watch", or "statue woman". If you were to say hi to her on the street, she would reply with a very short and formal "hello". She showcased generally good social skills, but refused to talk to you first. One time a group of boys walked by to go to a movie theatre and Artemis stood on the side of the
If someone asked for her name, she got awkward reactions. How could someone so odd have such a beautiful, interesting, alluring name? That's because she was beautiful, interesting, and alluring. Little did these people know in this weak, unimportant body lives a goddess, an enchantress. "Artemis" has been coined into a term for ugly woman very commonly, people forget about the legends of the princess. And although she was famous in her days, the people of today forget about the personality of the true Artemis.
Artemis was originally born in the early 1700s to a wealthy family of many people. She had everything: fortune, beauty, and poise. Her long raven hair was long, curly and shiny. The black ringlets framed her porcelain face perfectly. Her rosy cheeks were the perfect shade of pink complementing the blue tones in her hair. She looked healthy and flawless, every other peasant girl wanted to be with her. Many jealous people walked passed her in awe, staring slyly. Every day she wore a perfectly fitting bodice under a long flowing full gown. The gown swept the floor as she walked swiftly with her head up high. Many times she held her arms up with her hands gathered towards her abdomen. Her walk was imperfect. People ran to hold the door for her, but there was usually her butler, Gerardo to do it for her.
Many days she rebelled. She had it all, but she wanted a thrill. As her father stayed in the mansion, reading with a silk robe she went out in the night alone. Artemis hated many people who weren’t beautiful and rich like she. She thought they were weaker than her. Like her current reincarnated self, there lay an old beggar woman behind her house. The woman stayed quiet, cold, and alone with her shredded clothes. She was polite and often minded her own business. She looked up to Artemis’ family, and considered them royalty, although she never met them.
One day, Artemis, beautiful in the night like a ghost, replaced her fancy bodice with an old gown. She then put her long flowing hair up into a messy bun. Artemis then paid Gerardo to not tell her dad. She hoped to stay incognito, as she would get in trouble for sneaking out. From the back balcony, she saw the old poor woman. She was crying, trying to compose herself from the blistering wind. Artemis laughed in response and threw a freezing drink with ice cubes towards the woman’s nearly bare back. The woman looked back at her, not saying anything.
Little did Artemis know the beggar woman was actually an enchantress. She believed in no evil, but karma had no choice but to exchange their places. Now Artemis lives an ugly life, even if she was beautiful.

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