The Endless

March 24, 2010
By AlexanderMusic BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AlexanderMusic BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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It was cold that night... But what was cold? Was cold an emotion? The humans knew-surely they understood the things my father created for them... and even the things I created for myself. Did they-the humans-take pleasure in knowing?
I thought I would never know the answers to those questions,but the coming days had a surprise for me. Something an Immortal shouldn't have ever been allowed to commit...

*They were haunting me again. The same dream every time. They wanted me to join them in their newly found home-the Lingering Shadow-,which they called, "Under-Origin". I couldn't do that, it was too late for me. I was no better than my brothers who abandoned their job, as I had abandoned it as well. My mission was clear. There was another Watcher I had to seek out, but I did not care, I did not watch.... I lived. Lived as the humans did, under the moon, under the sun, and under their gods.
"Tonight will be the last night they haunt me. Please, let tonight be the last night they haunt me. Goodbye brothers. Goodnight Immortality."  I prayed.


Human prayers did me no good the next morning,they never did work for me anyway. "Who was I praying to in the first place?" I laughed to myself. I didn't sleep in my house the night before,but rather in the forest right off the road.

I wandered into my house aimlessly. I opened doors and shut windows as a temporary outlet for my boredom. "Boredom"....What a human thing to feel.....
I did some more "exciting" things, such as cooking and not eating, remaking my bed, and staring at the blank television,rather than actually turning it on it for entertainment.
If my brothers hadn't left, we would've had an enormous amount of immortal fun..... Joking about the fantasies humans created; Greek; Roman; Science; and best of all, the tales about us- the immortals. Vampires and the sun- yeah, it's true, but not because they'd burn to ash, but because they'd die laughing at the reactions of humans.
Immortals had a sense of humor,too!

I walked pass rooms that belonged to my brothers and I. First, Kain's room: Nothing but instruments- a grand piano, a set of drums, a classical guitar, a trumpet ,a harp ,a violin, and a cello!-, paintings of immortals and his vision of Origin, and his castle-like patio. Kain was definitely the Renaissance Man.
Second was Marcus' room: He loved to see himself,so the room consisted of mirrors held everywhere, with the exception of his throwing dart equipment and pillow.
(By the way, we all loved throwing darts.)
Third, my room: I kept a bed, an awesome entertainment setup- a laptop,multiple gaming systems,a record player, a stereo system,a TV,and a DVD player-, two full bookshelf's, and clothes plastered everywhere.
Next on the list was my brother,Edward's room: Edward liked to write a lot, and had multiple typewriters. He was in love with the classics of Earth, and more so, the woman. My brother was a fabulous flirt,and had been at it since his time in France in the 1700's.
All of our rooms went in a linear sequence-one right next to the other-, up until Xavier's room. The remainder of the wall held various weapons, all along to the dead end of the hallway.
Xavier's room was diagonal to Edwards, and looked a lot like mine except, for the clothes everywhere. He decided to leave his room fresh and neat, but that's only because most of his time was spent driving his Silver Noble M15. He was the only brother who had a fierce love for cars, the rest of us preferred to be packed inside Marcus' Black Jeep Rubicon during our rides.
Next to Xavier was at last Nicholas' room. Nicholas' room held a nice view of the lush forest surrounding our house. Nicholas Crafted himself to be the youngest at the start of the 21st century-he looked like a fourteen year old to everyone-, so to be fair to the world, he portrayed a rebel. His room contained evidence of our Immortal condition, he held paintings of us from every century since our creation and lockets that contained some of our temporary abilities.

Every century we were to re-craft ourselves and take a piece from the locket, to replenish our abilities. We, of course, had the decision to keep the image we held prior to the re-craft, but we were always instructed to erase the memory of us in others mind's. It may sound like we had everything under our rule, but it required an immense amount of strength to erase the memory of something.

After my quick tour of the house, I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a banana. I also managed to glance at the time for the first time. The kitchen clock read: 10:40 am. I felt like going to school. I figured that would spare me some boredom. School was boring too, though..Oh so boring... I'd been going to school since the 1600's and not much has changed besides the technology. The cities however, changed in a marvelous way. Philadelphia was among my favorites. I visited Philly whenever I needed to feel vibrant and alive. Aside from my house, Philadelphia was indeed my place of sanity. I'd been with Philly all along. I watched founding fathers do their part for the nation, and as much as I wanted to make decisions I knew would work, I couldn't.
If only I was allowed to come out and open about myself in school. Maybe a class like Biology or World History would be suitable for such a discussion... Would they believe me anyway? Humans believed in some very strange things,but they can't spot lies from the truth. I am a piece of truth. So I was going to tell everything.
I rushed out the kitchen door and into Marcus' Black Jeep Rubicon,leaving my banana behind to rot..Just like my sanity.

The author's comments:
I'd like to thank Greek mythology! Forever Zeus!

I hope everyone who reads this will enjoy it.... Comment and feedback is much appreciated!

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