Bloodlust chapter one

March 23, 2010
By hisbabyjuggalette GOLD, Howell, Michigan
hisbabyjuggalette GOLD, Howell, Michigan
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I woke up to a dark room, and my fangs elongated. I gained a sudden hunger. I ran through what seemed to be a kitchen, the house wasn't familiar. I ran to a broken window, blood. The deep red substance rolled down the wall from the bottom of the square window. I stuck my tongue out and licked the wall until nothing was left but a faded red stain. I didn't know what I was doing but I loved it! The blood tasted so good, and it satisfied my dyer need. I continued to suck the wall although I couldn't taste a thing. I gave up after awhile. I heard a scream pierce through the darkness. I leaped out the broken glass and sprinted towards the sound. Blood! More blood, I could smell it. I still had no clue why I had this awful blood lust but I just kept running, I couldn't stop. I came to an abrupt halt when I found the scent to my left. I turned, there was a girl, tears rolling down her round cheeks, past the corner of her full, quivering lips. I felt as if I knew the girl, but I didn't care, I just wanted the blood.
"Y-you stay aw-way from me you m-monster!" Her lips shook with every word making her stutter.
"I'm no monster." I whispered in her ear. I don't remember how I got to her from the broken kitchen window but I really couldn't care any less. I wrapped my arms around her head and brushed her hair away. She tried to pull away from me but couldn't manage. I chuckled at her pitiful attempt to escape from my powerful grasp.
"Take pleasure in the knowledge that I shall weep over your dead body!" I broke the skin on her neck as she pleaded for her life and for me to "spare her", but I drained the life out of her.

~217 years later~

I licked my teeth with my mouth shut, nope. My fangs hadn't deceived me. I pulled my human wife's body into mine for a passionate kiss that lasted only a few seconds or so.
"Oh! Ha-ha-ha. I love you too baby!" She had a sweet voice that rang in my ears, "Umm. . . Carlisle? Honey, shouldn't you be going to work now?" My upper body dropped down so that my body was making a 90* angle.I almost spit out the coffee in my mouth. Not that I wanted it at all. Denise didn't know I was a vampire and I was afraid that she would be to a frightened to love me ever again. I truly did love her. Which was SO against vampire regulations. I coughed a few times after almost choking.
"I'll be late!" I yelped.
"Don't worry baby, it's okay! Don't forget your-" she tried to finish but I was already out the door.
I didn't actually have a good job, I just went out for seven hours and worked for six-and-a-half-hours and then ate for about twenty a day, I mean, when you only get to eat once a day, it takes a while. I didn't want anyone to see me killing, so I usually did it in alleys or cars. For the money I went to work at the local gas station, Blaire's. There was not another Blaire's out there, it was truly original.

A woman walked up to me, she had long, wavy, black hair, with big blue eyes and light colored lips. As all Vampires, I was irresistible.
"Hey," my stomach growled. I was so hungry, the girl smelt to me like fresh baked goods to a typical human. O-negative, my favorite. I came closer, little by little to the woman. "Don't be afraid, you have nothing to be worried about." My irresistible charm dazzled the woman into belief that what I had just said was true. When I had finally reached her, her tears had dried and her eyes had gone blank, turned completely black, the only down side to hypnotizing a human. The eyes were always very obvious.
"My name is Carlisle, and I am here to help you." that was my favorite line, I only used it on the prettiest, most innocent girls I found. I preferred women over men most of the time, woman's' blood was always, sweeter. I closed my eyes and slowly, my fangs grew as I opened my eyes back up to reveal the change of the iris color from my "human color", a dark brown, to a rusty golden color. My human color could be anything I wanted it to be, but my wife had always loved brown eyes, and I loved to make her happy. It makes me wish I weren't a monster, and I would live a long happy life with the woman I enjoyed being with, but it was to late for that now, I was a vampire, and I would stay a vampire for the rest of eternity, unless I was, or am to be murdered.
"You will," she paused and swallowed, her eyes were never torn off of me as they were still black and hypnotized. "help me? Why do I need help?" I paused trying to come up with a reasonable excuse, I did want her last moments to be of an honorable nature, a good death, not something to be ashamed of.
"You are sick, I will make it all better. Do you believe in GOD? You will be closer to him." I answered. She paused in awe and ripped her gaze away from me. I was shocked as no human should be able to resist glamor.
"You're going to kill me," she spoke with her face in her hands trying o resist looking at me for if she avoided my glamor once she surely couldn't do it twice, could she? "You're a vampire and you are going to kill me now, aren't you?" I didn't want to lie to her,
"It's more complicated than that, I need to eat, just like you, and you kill animals. It's basically the same for vampires, but instead of cows, we eat you." I didn't see the harm in telling her seeing as she knew and I was about to kill her anyway.
"Please don't kill me, I have done nothing wrong." I came closer to her, her head still in her arm avoiding my stare. i touched her chin and pulled her face up to the little light there was in the alley to see her face. I kissed her lips softly and sweetly, no glamor. While her face was up and I could see her face, I took a mental picture of the girl, although I wasn't sure why.The other thing I did because of the coincidence her lifted head was sink my grown vampire teeth into her neck and broke her soft skin and tasted her sweet blood as she pleaded for mercy. Her screams sounded familiar, her blood tasted similar, everything about her was the same. It was kind of intimidating.
I traveled home quietly trying to think of who that girl reminded me of. I was stumped.
"Hey honey. How was work?" My Denise wrapped her arms around my waist and leaned back, letting me support her wait. She flipped the hair out of her face and smiled brightly and stared into my eyes.
"Fine," I replied with the same look on my face I had made while draining the dark haired woman in the alley. My fangs grew and I clamped my mouth shut to hide them from Denise.
"of coarse it could have been much better seeing as though you weren't there." I pulled Denise into my body for a tender kiss. I chuckled when she bit my lower lip, it had always kind of turned me on. She blushed in response to my comment made before the luscious kiss. My beautiful wife looked up at me with a look of worry.
"Honey? Since when were your eyes that color?" she wrinkled her brow in confusion.
"What color?" I rushed into the bathroom only to see in the mirror that i had left my eyes in the glamor stage. What amazed me was that Denise was not glamored, like the girl in the alley. I was shocked. Her again, she kept sweeping over my thoughts like a mind tidal wave. I was scared, For the first time in 217 years, I was scared.

I woke up beside my precious wife and smiled, because I remembered who I was married to. She blinked her eyes open to find me staring at her beautiful face with a huge smile spread across my face.
"Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?" she smiled almost as wide as me. I loved to watch Denise sleep. She was so beautiful, so innocent, so, pure. I took my hand out from beneath the covers and caressed her soft skin.
"It was wonderful with you right here beside me." I smiled and she giggled like a frightened little school girl, but that's what I loved about her. She was so down to earth, she was funny, smart, and just so gorgeous. I touched her smooth face softly.
"You know, the only thing I regret about marrying you, is that I won't have the pleasure of asking you to be my wife again." Denise started to cry. Her tears were clearer than a crystal wine glass, her eyes sparkled like stars, and her face, her face was always so breath taking. She had long dark hair with light blue eyes the size of the moon, and I loved her with all of my cold, black, vampire heart.
"I love you so much Carlisle." the only thing was, I wished so deeply that I could feel the same love for her that she did for me. Everyone thinks that vampires are incapable of love, I think differently. I love my wife. I really, really do
"Words can't explain what I feel for you Denise. But the closest anyone will ever get to saying what I feel is, I love you. So we are just going to have to live with that for now." I smiled and looked lovingly into Denise's eyes.They were so pretty. I could stare into them for the rest of eternity if she could live that long. I had thought seriously of turning her a few times, but I always come to the same conclusion, is it not enough to live a long, happy life with her? And it is, maybe. . . .
"You know what honey?" I sat up a bit to the lounge position, and Denise did the same. "Have we ever just spent all day in bed?" I placed my hands on her face and pulled it into mine and gave my wife a quick peck, "Well I am going to go fix you a breakfast in bed, bring it in, then we wont get out of our warm, cozy bed till tomorrow." I twirled her long, dark hair in my fingers. "I'll call in sick for work." Then I got up and did exactly what i told Denise I would.

Denise and I sat on the bed and ate while "watching T.V." for hours on end, and I enjoyed every second of it. I never knew how much fun it could be just to sit down, and talk to my wife all day in my boxers, without a care in the world. Denise makes me feel like all my worries are just gone, just looking at her makes the worst day ever better by far. She makes me smile, she makes living for eternity, worth the wait.

The next day I went into work as usual, but when I went out to eat, I couldn't get the dark haired girl from yesterday out of my head, it made me mad. The more I tried pushing her out of my thoughts, the more space she took up. It was frustrating. I tried to think about Denise and the day before but I just couldn't stop thinking about her, and I didn't even know her name. I knew her for 10 min but it seemed like I knew her since before i was turned, even though I have no memories of mortal life. But because of that, humans were even more intriguing. So, I started my search for her body.
Nothing. Three weeks without finding one trace of evidence that the dark haired girl from the alley even existed. Absolutely nothing, and I was a vampire, an excellent tracker, and I was intelligent, anything that would've led me to her, I tried. I tried the alley just to find a trail of deep red blood that led to an empty apartment. But the blood couldn't be hers, I had drained all the blood from her. . . . I searched the apartment up and down for days trying to find the source of all this chaos. I needed to find that girl because she was the only thing keeping me from loving my wife, and it made me angry. I just wanted my life back. And I was going to get it, no matter what it was going to take.

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