March 22, 2010
By grimmoure BRONZE, Leander, Texas
grimmoure BRONZE, Leander, Texas
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ah shit the mummy's after us let's walk a little faster.

The shadows have spoken. A great one is here. The shadows follow me every moment of every day. Invisible to the human eye, this form covering my soul has blinded my power. Deadly flames of shadow licked at my feet. The chakras glowed in their iridescent lights. They spiraled around my chest in a deadly dance. The dark fire rose and enveloped my figure. The runes around me glowed and morphed beneath the flame. A hole ripped in the fabric of time and space above me. Dark demonic figures surrounded me. They ate away the flesh of my being. My body was disinagrated into the shadow that ate it. My soul floated in the middle of the dark, true light in pure darkness. The glowing of the runes and chakras and soul penetrated the shadows. The lights morphed into one figure. The shadows created a skin of darkness around me. I was reborn on the day of birth. Alkunavitsronlo. Entrailakamufatro. I chanted these words over and over until the words blended into a mush. The candles burst into flames in the northern point of the rune compass. The glass of water in the south shattered, but the water floated into the air as a figure of a water nymph. The mud in the west point molded into a tree and became stone. The feather in the east point rose and spun in the light breeze in the air. A great figure of light formed above me. Sardidium, the great lord of all. The one existing deity. Alkunavitsronlo Entrailakamufatro. Bless upon me the power of Elsmerealm and your being. Sardidium my lord my father my god! May your soul be mine, may your will be all! I am your last hope so be my guide!

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