March 13, 2010
By SirWolfgang SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
SirWolfgang SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"The person you love and the person who loves you are never, ever the same person."

It's been two hundred years since the Ultimate War took place.

My great-grandfather says the UW occurred because people of each
religion stood up for what they believed in. Half of each religion
stood up and said, "F*** it, let's combine our religions and make zen."

The Muslims bombed the people of their religion that agreed with this
nonsense. Peace parades crowded streets, and some b**tard would rip
his shirt off and press the big red button.

A civil war rose again in the US because the north said, "Yeah, let's
make peace!" while the south said, "F*** that idea, let's kill all the

The Buddhists stopped floating for a minute and said, "Yeah, that's a
great idea!" and were brutally murdered by the south US. A person
killing a person killing a person killing a person. That sounds like
justification, does it not?

That's where my great grandparents came in. They lived in the north of
the US Their parents were killed while they hid in basements. An
escape tunnel was built while their town was burned to the ground.

My grandparents were born fine. By then the war ended.

The entire earth did, however, stick to one belief. That belief was no
beliefs. Now, two hundred years after the UW was finished, everyone is
an athiest. Stand up to a crowd and preach about Jesus Christ, and you
were shot down. A Quarantine of Christians, they called it. The QUAC.

My name is Leeah, and I am now 21 years old. The drinking age
increased to 25 to stop from car crashes. My great grandparents tell
me it was easy to get alcohol for teens. It's not like that anymore.
Everything is tracked. You make a fake I.D., and you are gone for ten

I am pregnant with a baby boy. He is due in about a week now. The day
after me and my boyfriend found out I was with child, he ran out of
the building and yelled, "THANK GOD! I'm gonna be a daddy!" and what
do you think happened? My boyfriend, my love, was killed.

He was left there to die. The athiests at the top of the buildings
made it clear that anyone who touches him, dies as well. My boyfriend
reached his hand out for me, and closed his eyes. Even ants aren't
treated this bad by their own kind.

Before I go too far into details, let me tell you about the Trinity
group. Trinity is a group of 500 Christians left in the north of the
US. It would be 600, but the other one hundred were either put in the
QUAC, or killed for public speaking.

The Trinity group leader, my grandfather, is a farmer. A half-mile
into his farm, you will find a wheel from a tractor. If you remove the
wheel, and dig a little bit, you will find bibles and crosses. The
last the world has. Trinity meets up once a year when they know that
they will not get caught, and they have a bible study.

In a little over a week, the vice president will be visiting our city,
and giving us new rules that we must follow. The meeting will be held
outside. The Trinity organization has reserved the whole floor.
Halfway through the speech, Trinity will open their trench coats to
reveal crosses, and our other leader, my father, will hold a knife to
the vice president's throat.

After that is achieved, we will tell the audience of a thousand not to
move anywhere until they hear what we have to say. As we are throwing
crosses into the crowd, my father, grandfather, and my mother will all
read verses from the bible, and bring chaos and Christianity into this

No one in the audience will be searched, so getting bibles and crosses
in there should be easy.

We have four days until the Christianity uprising. In my journal, I am
writing the entire plan out. On the pages left of my journal, I write
names for my boy. Ezekiel. Loki. Zeus. Rufus.

I sit in the living room alone, sipping tea, when BANG. My door is
kicked in, and three Athiest Nazis step into my house. No warrant, no
"Ms. Leeah, can we sit down?"
"Well, seeing as you just kicked my door down, do I really have a
The Nazis sit down.
"Leeah, are you aware of a group called the Trinity organization?"
"Aren't they those Christian freaks?"

And mid-conversation with these monsters, and my water breaks. I tell
them, an they call my father, after I gave them the number. Nearly
five minutes later, he is here to pick me up. He doesn't say a word to
the Athiest faggots, and he directs me to the car.

Driving away, I look back, and the Athiests didn't leave my house. In
my hand is a small key, and it is to the lock in my journal. I put the
little key in my mouth, and swallow it.

Nearly six extremely painful hours later, baby Ezekiel is born. I sit
in the hospital bed, and go to sleep for the night.

The next morning I am awaken by the call of my name.
"It's your great-grandmother."

My great gam gam was dead.
"I know you want to go to this protest, but believe me, you must stay
with your newborn child."

I woke up. I'm definitely going to this protest. My great-dead-
grandparents can't hold me back. What do you think I woke up to? Those
stupid athiest Nazis, here to question me.
"Where's the key?"
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"To your journal."
The leader drops the journal on my feet.
"it's at my house."
"No, it isn't."
"Check again."

The Nazi grunts and walks away with my journal. If they can snipe
Street Preachers from a mile away, you would think they could learn to
pick a lock.


Tonight is the night. I'm out of bedrest and I hired a nanny to watch
over my Ezekiel. I am following my grandparents out a half mile to a
tractor wheel, along with 500 other Christians behind me. We dig and
dig, and find our boxes. Everyone is given two crosses and a bible.

"If our plan fails," My Grandfather says, "Then run. Keep running
until you get here at this exact spot."

Skip ahead to nighttime, just before the Vice Presidents speech on new
rules. I sit three rows from the front, and my family sits on either
side. I can't stop thinking about Ezekiel.

We are outside. The stage lies in the middle of the field, not far
from the city. There are no Nazis to be seen, other than the two
behind the vice president as he walks up to the stage. The VP is
holding my journal, and it looks like the lock is completely off.

I tell my Father what I notice. His eyes widen. He tells my
grandfather on my other side, "We must do it now!"

Two minutes fly by as the audience dies down. There is complete
silence, and on the stage, the vice president opens my journal to the
second to last page.

And I can't stop thinking about Ezekiel.

My grandfather puts one hand into the air, while the Vice President
laughs at what he reads. His fingers count one, two, three. The
Trinity organization rises up to their feet, and my father pulls out a

A shot is made into the air, and everyone screams. My grandfather and
father both aim their guns at the two athiest Nazis on stage, and kill

The vice president whimpers when the knife is put to his neck by my

My father screams into the microphone. "WE WILL BE HEARD, OR THE V.P.

And I can't stop thinking about Ezekiel.

"Two hundred years ago, this man's ancestors killed our family, along
with some of your families as well, for what they believed in! This
man and his ancestors believed that killing would rise the Ultimate
Religion, and stop wars, when more people are killed on his streets
than all wars combined!"
My father feels justified by his own speech.

My grandfather pulls up to the microphone.
"I saw my family and friends burn. My mother was killed for screaming
"OH GOD" during intercourse, for heaven's sake! By making the Ultimate
Religion, we searched for peace and happiness, not the QUAC or
execution of believers!"

My mother walks to the microphone, while the Trinity organization
throws crosses and small bibles into the crowd.
"Here's to Jesus Christ, our savior, who we have forgotten about for
too long. It is never too late to join Him again."

We hear marching of soldiers.

And I can't stop thinking of Ezekiel.

My father says, "When you go home tonight, we, the Trinity
organization, will be remembered by what happened here tonight, and
these bible verses."

And just when my Dad opens the bible, the soldiers come to a halt,
right in front of the stage.

Leader Athiest Nazi says, "You have one final chance to let the Vice
President go, and we will not harm you."

The Trinity organization knows what he just said was a lie. We will
die regardless.

My grandfather slits the Vice President's throat,

And the soldiers open fire.

And I can't stop thinking about Ezekiel.

And as I lay dying, I know in my heart that my life is a happy ending.
The crowd will walk away realizing that their government and lack of
religion is corrupt. They will realize that Jesus Christ can and will
save their souls from eternal torture.

My baby, Ezekiel, will someday walk into my old house and discover the
hints that I have left for him. He will find a paper describing the
Trinity organization, and where to find the rest of our bibles and
crosses that were left behind.

Ezekiel, my baby, this is to you. I will see you in heaven someday.

The Trinity shall live on.

The author's comments:
I tried to date a girl soon after my parents divorced. I told her I had lost faith in God since the day my Mother left, and she told me she couldn't date me because we didn't share the same religion.

It was so unfair, we worked just fine before I told her that. I guess that inspired me to write this piece.

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