Earth's Angels

March 12, 2010
By IngArts BRONZE, Monterey Park, California
IngArts BRONZE, Monterey Park, California
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It was another rescue mission to save Planet Earth. Their moon was falling out of orbit and we were called upon by the humans' President Amal Hashim for emergency help. Apparently, as a new member of the team, I was told how funny the Earth humans always needed fixing like a broken toilet. But it was even more hilarious, how they called us "Angels". Well, I suppose, to them we were indeed angels. With wings and faces that practically radiated heat in comparison to their dull faces, the team and I fully met the criteria.

While Aristide, our leader met with Hashim, we roamed Earth's capital. Damian, the best Shifter in the team, took Evangeline, Griffin and I to the human's greatest prize, their Floating Castle. Suspended above the city, the Castle served as hall of fame for Earth's greatest figures in their history.

I walked through the Hall of Royalty when a young human man approached me. Oddly, his heart-shaped face looked warmer than most humans I had seen. "Fascinating stuff, huh?" The human asked me, standing a few Earth yards away. No, I thought. According to these pictures, your royals are and were a lot of bloated, gluttonous fools.

Before, I could answer, an emergency alarm sounded. The human man cursed something inaudible under the noise just as I heard Aristide's urgent voice shout in my mind, "Team, Office of President Amal, now!" In a liberating beat of my wings, I flew from the Floating Castle and into the open Earth sky where I shifted into a vanishing point.

"The Earth scientists miscalculated and it appears that…" Aristide sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Their moon is falling faster to Earth that previously thought. If we don't act soon, this Earth and their moon will crash in the time of three Earth days." Aristide told us solemnly.

"Ugh, I knew we shouldn't have trusted those stupid Earth scientists! What can they possibly know after letting two Series of Disasters happen! Dumb humans!" Evangeline cried with characteristic haughtiness.

Damian put a calming hand on his partner and said, "We must help them, anyway." Evangeline shook off his hand and folded her wings in annoyance.

I was about to speak when human President Hashim entered. Although, the elderly human was in charge of her planet's failing health, the woman was the only human who seemed to have any intelligence. After all, she was smart enough to contact us.

"Greatest Angels, we are forever in your debt."

The team needed to stop the moon's fall that sunset before the shortening distances caused any more major tsunamis and changes in climate. The moon had traveled a distance of 195, 947 Earth kilometers from its original position. At 7:48 Earth time of the Northern Hemisphere in the Atlantic District, we played a game of Earth baseball. In space, of course.

Aristide and Evangeline approached the propelling moon and struck it with greater force than it had been moving. At 384,403 Earth kilometers away from the planet, Damian, Griffin and I quickly shifted into place. The gray rock appeared before me and in unison, we pulled on its gravitational field, positioning it properly before its planet. As quickly as we came, we vanished.

Meeting at the top of the Floating Castle, the team made our rendezvous point. Waiting at the top of the glass dome, President Hashim congratulated us. "Dear Angels, thank you for preventing a catastrophe here on Earth. We would like to thank you with a sky parade in our Floating Castle. My son and curator of the Castle, Noah will accommodate you." The young man with the heart-shaped face from the Royalty Hall stepped forward from the President's crowd of entourage. For some reason, I was surprised at myself for noticing him among the humans. He led us to be outfitted from our battle suits to celebratory garments.

At the parade, Noah sat behind us, yet I knew he staring intently us, observing us. At the end of the parade, I stood on the edge of the Castle's dome, held aloft by my wings as the rest of team made preparations to go home. Noah approached me like last time.

"Terrae, I can guess what you are thinking."

"What? Like an Angel?"

"No, I don't mean literally." He looked down below the Castle with me. "…You think us, humans are an inferior race because we let our home burn and crash so many times."

I was not able to respond right away because his accuracy was so surprising.
"I-I don't know if that is the correct depiction of my thoughts on humans. But, yes, your people have been irresponsible with your planet over history.

"You're right and you're wrong, Terrae. It's not irresponsibility or carelessness among the people. It's the pain and the oppression that breaks this planet. We don't need you to fix the sky or the oceans. We need hope, again. Angels don't need hope when you have superpowers. If you could help us find…you could work with my mother and I….."

Finally, I found words to speak again. "Noah, I see, you are different from the flat humans I have met. But I cannot stay."

"Why not? Do you hate it that much?"

"No! It's just…" I sighed heavily-the moon fixing had tired more than I thought. "I shouldn't be telling you this, but your gravity here-it weighs down on our powers. If I actually stayed on this island of planets, I would essentially become a mutant human."

His face grew in naked desperation. "You're right; as an angel, you don't belong on Earth."

I looked at Noah's concerned face, then the beautifully glowing moon and finally at the silhouettes of my fellow Angels, discussing matters with world leaders in the center of the Dome. My chest felt grow light and I felt a strange sensation as though my wings had a heartbeat. I'm not sure what the feeling was, but I think Noah called it hope.

"How'd you forget about guardian angels?"

The author's comments:
I always love science fictions and be kind please! Also, if you guys like it I will submit to my school's lit. mag. Thanks :)

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