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March 4, 2010
By rocker213 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
rocker213 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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"Luke I am your father" Darth vador starwars empier strikes back

“Five years ago this island was a happy-go-lucky. It was a vacation island for many people. Until the fateful night when a tour group stumbled on a holly relic, they picked it up, as they did a horrible earth quake erupted. From the crumbling rock a horrible monster called the reaper was born, the tourists ran as fast as they could, they made it to the helicopter they loaded the relic on but the pilot flew away before they got on except one boy. The rest were massacred.” The hunting leader explained to the hunters.
I was trying not to laugh, my best friend Joe was hiding behind me. My friend Jon had a stern look on his face.
“You think that is funny?!” Cried Joe.
“Yes I actually do. You brought me on this stupid monster hunting trip so I am going to annoy you so much.” I Mocked.
‘Well I for one am going to the food court to get some food.” I announced.
“I Guess I’ll come to.” Jon added.
“Me too!” Joe said while running after us.
We entered the food court
“Man I hate monster stories!” Joe complained.
“Do you really believe it?” I asked. Wile grabbing my lunch.
“Yes I do!” Joe said with a hint of anger in his voice.
We sat down and started eating, Joe was blabbering about bringing our guns and the electric fence.
“O.K. we will bring the guns and fence will you just shut up and eat so we can go.” Jon yelled in a loud menacing voice.
We ate in silence. I went to my jeep, loaded it with 2 shotguns 1 22rifle 1 crossbow and my camping gear. I checked my Saturday night special pistol.

Joe pulled up in his pickup truck, along side Jon’s red hummer.

“Ready yet?” he asked.

“Lets go, to the cave were they made the monster.” Jon said.

We drove off into the forest, we found a small cave just pass a nice fresh water spring. We set up the fence, tents and radio system.

Jon grabbed my crossbow from the “Armory” Joe grabbed the 22. I went into my tent and pulled out a gun case. My long majestic sniper rifle, Black and red barrel, it was a thing to fear. I left my tent, Joe was making diner. Jon was practicing his crossbow aim. Suddenly an earth shacking roar rose over the hill.

“That’s not good, is it?” Joe asked slowly getting his gun ready.

“No it’s not good Joe.” I said while walking to the radio.

“All hunters come foot hill a2d4f1” I said into the microphone.

‘Roger that, have you seen the monster?” a voice said over the radio.

“No but we heard him please hurry.” I begged.

In about 2 hours 50 hunters had arrived. A giant base camp was set up a great tree was in the middle, wooden spikes were put up around the border and the electric fence. We set up a sniper and radio post in the tree, and the food was up there.

I went up to the sniper post and went to sleep, I had put my tent up there just incase it rained. I looked over the camp and saw men with shotguns, rifles, brens form ww2, ak-47s and bow and arrows. I fell asleep.

“Percy wake up!” Joes voice range.

I woke up to the sound of gun shots. I grabbed my sniper and hunted down the intruder. I saw a huge black monster attacking men. I aimed my powerful gun and shot. The bullet just made it way madder than it was. It charged at me. Jon sprang out of nowhere with a 3foot long sword. The beast reared up roared and swung Jon slashed but wised and was hurled 20 ft back. Joe got on a 30call and fired a chain of lead at it. The monster picked up a tree and chucked it at him, my paranoid friend was smashed. Jon got up and charged.

“This is for Joe!!!” he yelled as he stabbed the reaper. The monster picked him up and ripped him in to half.

“NO!!!” I cried at the top of my lungs, I shot the thing 20 more times until it reached the tree. I jumped down and ran to my car. I grabbed a shot gun and started firing rounds at it. All the men that were alive came over to me and began shooting it. It didn’t stop, I threw a grenade at it that I found. It was lurched to it’s side. Suddenly a volley of spikes came crashing into the hunters. My left leg was impaled. The beast stood over me, ready to kill. Just as it’s hand came down it stopped staggered back and fell down, Joe was standing behind it with a broken sword.

“Lets get out of here!’ He said.

We got in a car and drove to a helicopter pad the pilot was hiding under the seat.

“Get us off this island!” I ordered.
As we flew away a roar was yelled from the monster, I opened Jon’s case that was in the chopper, the relic was in there I threw it out the window. Now the beast could have it. He had his revenge, the Reapers revenge.

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