The End of the Road

March 3, 2010
By 1956skipo1956 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
1956skipo1956 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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I felt wind blowing in my face, but I felt no ground. It was like skydiving in the pitch black sky. You know how you can tell if it is light out or not when you have your eyes closed? Well mine was black. I opened my eyes to find more black. This black was blacker then black, it took black to a whole new level. Were my eyes really open? The strangest thing of all is that is that even though I was, what felt like, falling I could hear nothing but the giggles of six year olds. No wind, no nothing.
A bright light flashed in my eyes. I did have my eyes open, big mistake. It was blinding. I will never see again! I put my hand to my face. I was over exaggerating but when you go from a dark sky to light like the surface of the sun it burns. When I actually looked around, despite the stinging in my eyes, I could see little droplets of water appear slowly gathering around me. Soon it was like I was in a body of water. I was soon floating in it.
I held my breath for what seemed like forever, not sure what had happened. I tried to swim up once my lungs started to burn. I couldn’t move. I was stuck. My mind was disconnected from my body. I sank, I sank to the pale sand and deep brown rocks. It was beautiful. My feet touched the ground, followed by the rest of my limp body.

I tried to inhale, I couldn’t take it! My lungs were stinging like one billion bee stings. I could feel the chill of the water crawling down into my lungs. The giggling still magically filled my ears. My eyes blurred and then faded to black. My face drifted to the sand. It all slipped away, I slipped away. Everyone has to leave the world at some point but going without a clue isn’t the way.

I woke up. How? I sat up. Why was there gravity under water? How did I get here? Am I alive? Thousands of questions raced through my head. I felt something slimy touch my cheek. I screamed, but all that came out was bubbles. Wait! I thought to myself. How am I breathing under water? Great, another mystery. Now it touched my hand. I looked down to see this weird creature resting on my hand. It had bright googley blue eyes and a body like an eel but it looked furry. It stared at me. It swam away, but stopped when it noticed I wasn’t following him. He came back and tangled himself in my fingers and swam towards the direction he was going in the first place. I got up with no problem. Now the gravity was turned back on?
He took me into a cave. It had a multitude of glowing gems. All of them were blue, every single one and there wasn’t an inch where there wasn’t one. What the??? We swam for seconds, those seconds turned into minutes, and those minutes turned into hours. The cave was dark but the gems glowed enough to give a path. Then it all stopped. The gems spelled out Aquamarine! That was my birthstone and the prettiest stone in my opinion, but it was a dead end. “Why did you take me here? Hmm… you need a name. How about McRae?!”
“Oops got off topic there but now what? Can you answer any of my questions?” He simply looked up and then borrowed under the sand. “McRae?” The gravity magically turned on again and I smacked the ground hard, landing on my stomach I immediately curled up into a ball. I rolled over on to my back and my head began throbbing. Then it all hit me, almost as hard as I hit the ground, Where am I? The question I had no answer to. At the moment I might not ever see my family, friends, or anyone ever again. I began to cry. I cried for hours. I looked up to where McRae looked and I saw a thin ray of light. It was like a pathway I had to take. It was calling me, calling my heart. I fell asleep staring at the ray of gold light.
I woke up and there was no water, but I was still in the same spot. I looked up and the little ray of light still shone through. I followed it down and it touched one tiny baby blue aquamarine. I walked over to it and stroked it with my fingertips. It was so smooth and looked much prettier than the other gems around it. I came loose and fell into my hand. As it did the opening to the cave collapsed. I ran over and tried digging through the rocks and rubble but they weighed a billion pounds! That little ray of light was my
only way out.

I climbed the rocks but they kept pulling me down. They stuck to my feet. Every step I took it added another pound. I had to stop often and scrape them off my feet. I eventually made it but the whole was only about two inches wide. My arms were growing weak and the rocks were now leaping on to my feet, wanting me to fall to my death, that is if I was still alive.

I picked and picked at the little whole. Slowly it started growing, but my arms started shaking. It finally got big enough for me to fit through, but I didn’t have the strength to pull myself up. My hand slipped and my heart skipped a beat. One by one my fingers lost their grip until the ledge of the rock started to crumble under my weight. Scream! It old myself but what good would it do. Scream!! Oh just please scream!! Tears Were pouring down my cheeks and it all fell. I love my family, my friends, everyone, everything!
Rocks smashed onto my head and rolled down my shirt and I was hanging there, crying, dying, or redying. I then realized I wasn’t falling. I looked up and the sea weed was holding on to me and now it was slowly pulling me up. I closed my eyes and let it lay me down. Opening my eyes was hard. I was afraid of what I would find. When I finally did I could see the sun shine down on me and I was laying next to a TV. When I looked at it turned on and it started playing all of my best memories. By then end of the tape, or whatever was playing, I was balling. What did I do to get here! It answered me. The next thing that appeared was a black night. I was sleeping in my bed and the candle in my room tipped over. It lit everything. I watched myself burn and cry. My dog was whimpering but eventually left. I was laying there, asleep! How could I have done that?
“Rianna, I know this is all very confusing for you but you made it through and now it is time you come with me.” It was a soft voice, the voice of an angel. I looked up at her and she was glowing a soft blue like the aquamarine. I took her hand and we floated of into sky but not to the clouds.
I waited in the blue, she left, but I didn’t notice. I was watching my family and friends be happy. I stayed there for years watching and slowly one by one they all went through the same journey I went through, some much easier, some much harder. Life is important and a little mistake can change it in a matter of seconds.

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