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March 18, 2010
By Ian Doan SILVER, Daytona Beach, Florida
Ian Doan SILVER, Daytona Beach, Florida
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A long time ago in the distant lands of Iania, there lived two dragons of very opposite natures. The first was very scholarly, always focused on the future and the tasks put forth ahead of him. He was long and slender; with large black scales abound his slithering body. He went by the name of Sirius, and his achievements had earned him leadership of the land. He was never one for much conversation, although he did not mind the company of humans.

The second dragon earned his title, not by effort but by lack of it. Lazirus the Lazy, as he was known, appeared as the polar opposite of his brother Sirius. Bleach white and chubby, this dragon rarely ever left his cave. His priorities lied neither with education nor work, but rather with sleeping and eating. Constantly pestering Sirius, his persuasive nature occasionally distracted Sirius from his work. Sirius could only wish that he could tame Lazirus.

Ruling his kingdom required much work from Sirius. He followed a strict schedule on a weekly basis, but it was very taxing on him just to keep up. One day after returning to his cave from running the kingdom, Sirius cried out in stress over all of the work he had before him.

Hearing his brother’s scream of frustration, Lazirus took this opportunity to apply his corruptive persuasion. “What’s up, Sirius?” Lazirus said with a toothy grin as he slithered into Sirius’s cave. “Sounds like you’re struggling with all of that work yet again.”

“I am, and you aren’t helping by being here! Leave me be so I can study and finish all of my work!” Sirius shot back.

“Come now Sirius… you know you would rather just give up and relax, like me!”

“You won’t tempt me, Lazirus! I’ve spent my whole life resisting your influence! This kingdom is my life, and I can’t just abandon it as you have.”

“You have before, and I can break you again. Consider this: you could follow your true desires to relax and fish all day, or you could stay cooped up here all day without even getting a breath of fresh air! Iania will be a peaceful and easy-going land with a ruler like me in charge. After all, why should you be forced to bear the burden of the entire land?”

“Lazirus, you…your ways tempt me so. I remember earlier times, times of simplicity, of roaming without a care in the world. I want to reclaim those moments as my own!”

“Brother, hand me your crown. Freedom is yours, just walk out of this place.”

With Lazirus’s final comment, Sirius lifted the crown, and with it all of his responsibilities, from his head. He stretched his arms out, planting the crown on his brother’s head and leaving the land of Iania to Lazirus the Lazy.

Lazirus stood triumphantly, bellowing a laughing roar. He assumed responsibility over the kingdom yet continued his habitual neglect of all thins. The land quickly declined, losing popularity and reputation. The vegetation died, the civilians left, and those who remained shirked off duties just as their new leader did.

Lazirus observed the land, aware of the desolate land that was made way by his failure. Nothing remained, and yet, Lazirus did not care.

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