Fiction Wars part one

March 18, 2010
By Kendra Morrison BRONZE, Albion, New York
Kendra Morrison BRONZE, Albion, New York
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Chapter One: The Laptop, Weasel, and the Journey

So, it started out like a completely normal day. It was the last Friday before spring break, and we were waiting for the bell to ring. No, we were really begging it to ring. Mr. Mason was making a point of summarizing that day’s lesson in the last forty seconds of school, but us kids weren’t having it. I stared at the little red second hand hit twelve, and then the black.


The entire class is out of their seats and out the door before Mr. Mason even knows it. He’ll get back at us for leaving in the middle of his lecture, but we won’t have to worry about that until next week. I’m only focused on my nine days of R and R. And I need it. Middle School is tough. I’ve gotta believe High School won’t be as bad.

As I shut my locker door, I nearly jump out of my shoes as my friend Ben’s head appears where the door was half a second to go. I really shouldn’t be startled. He only does this every day.

“Hey Logan, We’re all going to Tristan’s house after school,” he says.

Translation: “I want you to come to Tristan’s with me, and if you don’t, I’ll bug you until you do.”

I sigh. “Okay, I’ll come. I just need to pick up my Laptop from home first.”

“You always gotta do something with that Laptop.” Ben says.

I ignore him and walk out of the school with Ben at my heels, babbling about something or another. I wish he would just shut up. I don’t care about the cartoon he saw about the kids that ‘went on an adventure through all these cool places.’ He always does this to me. I usually ignore him, but today he’s being extra loud. Or maybe I’m getting a migraine. No, I’m too young for that.

He keeps chatting with me until we pass his bus. Then he finally leaves. “See you at Tristan’s place!” He calls out the window.

“Alright!” I call back, but I’ve already tuned him out.

Ben’s a good friend, but he’s the kind of guy you just want to gag, tie to a chair, and leave him there. But you just can’t, you know? When ever you tell him to be quiet, he gives you these big puppy-dog eyes that you just can’t say no to. You seriously can’t, It isn’t humanly possible.

“Hey, Lo! Wait for me!”

Although, some people aren’t what I’d classify as “human.”

“Do you need something, Melanie?” I ask, turning around.

“I just wanted to see if Ben had told you,” she replies.

“Ben told me a lot of things,” I mumble, “But I assume you’re talking about the part involving Tristan’s place.”

“That’d be it,” she says.

“Yeah.” I say “I’ll be there, I just have to get my computer,”

“Okay.” she says. “Enjoy your five-minute walk home. And try not to go all Geek on something and forget to come!”

“I won’t” I mumble as if I’m really promising something.


I’m not exactly sure why we’re all grouping up at Trist’s house, But it becomes evident that Tristan attempted to throw a Spring break party. It blew up in his face. Poor guy. He always has these great ideas, but nothing ever happens afterwards. As opposed to myself, who never has ideas, but always finds himself doing other people’s work.

In an effort to not let that happen for the time being, I’m messing with my Email settings. Not really doing anything, but making it look like I’m doing something complicated so no one bothers be. Sometimes it pays to be the nerd.

But my procrastinating only works for so long.

“Logan, how do I get the DVD player to play CDs?” Tristan calls to me from the opposite end of the room.

I sigh, put the Laptop on a couch pillow, and walk over.

“Well, first,” I say, “You have to switch the settings from Video to DVD.” I press the button and practically get thrown across the room by a blast of music that’s been turned up as high as it will go. It immediately gets turned down to a reasonable volume.

“I thought it might’ve been on mute,” Tristan says with a shrug.

I’m about to come up with some comment when a voice from back on the other side of the room says, “Hey, uh...Logan?”

I look over and see Ben holding – You guessed it – my Laptop. I pray to anyone who will listen that I’m only imagining the half detached and static screen I can see.

“What did you do?” I almost cry.

“I didn’t see it!” he says, “It was just sitting there!”

“He sat on it.” Melanie says matter-of-factly.

I rush over and take the now ruined device from Ben. And basically melt onto the floor. “Now I can’t do any of my online stuff,” I say. “I can’t afford a new one.”

“Dude, there are computers at the library, just use those,” Tristan says.

“Don’t tell him that,” Melanie says. “I’d cry too if my Laptop got broken,”

“No you wouldn’t!” I exclaim, “And I’m not crying!”

“Yeah sure,”

“Hey guys...What’s that ?”

We all turn around, myself rather halfheartedly, to where Ben’s looking. And I can see what looks like a weasel with fairy wings. At this point, I don’t even care because I already decided that I’m losing my mind.

“Dude, what’s up with the flying ferret?”

Okay, so apparently I haven’t lost my marbles.

“You guys are seeing this too, right?” That was Melanie.

The fairy ferret-weasel-martin-whatever thing looks us over, and next thing I know, it goes off on this speech.

“I am Leiha the god of fiction. And I have been imprisoned in this device for as long as I can remember. I have been waiting for some kind heart to release me. And you four have released me. And as reward for your act, I shall take you on a journey. A journey through the deepest depths of the stories.”

He – I think it’s a he. It did say god and not goddess – seemed to be done. So I say, “What were you doing in my Laptop?”

Leiha looks at me curiously for a moment, then says, “I have been imprisoned in this device for as long as I can remember. I have been waiting for some kind he- ”

“Okay, never mind! I get it.”

“Did you say journey?” Ben asks, “Like a real life adventure?”

“Yes, young human. An adventure.” Leiha says.

“I don’t believe it,” Melanie says.

“Dudette,” Tristan says, “It’s a flippin’ flying fairy that come out of Logan’s computer. What’s not to believe?”

The two have a bit of a staring contest before Mel gives in. “Alright, fine.”

“Would you tell me your names,” Leiha asks suddenly.

“Sure,” Tristan speaks up. “My name’s Tristan.”

“Ah,” Leiha comments, “‘Son of Sadness,’ a very distinguished name.”

“Okay...I’m Melanie,” Mel says.

“The Greek name,” Leiha says. I have a feeling he’s going to comment on all of our names. “Pleasure to meet you,”

“I’m Ben!” Ben pipes.

“Shortened form of ‘Benjamin,’ am I correct?” Ben nods and Leiha seems pleased with himself. Then he looks at me expectantly.

“I’m Logan,” I say after sitting up.

“Like the berry? How exciting.”

And I’m on the floor again.

“My, you’re friend certainly likes the floor.”

“Yeah, he sure does,” Ben says dismissively “What about the journey?”

“Ah, yes,” Leiha says, “Tristan, Melanie, Benjamin, and Logan, come with me.”

And there is a possibility that my lost-marbles self is just imagining this, but I’m pretty sure we just walked through a portal to Saudi Arabia.

The author's comments:
The title of this may change. I'm so bad at titles. But hopfully the story will make up for that.

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