Black Fire

March 18, 2010
By TexMex45 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
TexMex45 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Hi. My name is Mercury. I’m 18. I have 6 best friends Pearl, Oakley, Indy, Elodey, Ivy, and Ebony. We are all very special. Our story starts out bad, but then again whose doesn’t? Pearl had forgotten her car at home, so we walked home from Brendan’s party. We were laughing our heads off at what Laura Moote had been doing at the party when an eerie silence gripped us. Oakley, the oldest of us all, let out a blood curdling scream, and then fell to the ground withering in pain. We tried to help but it seemed to contaminate us all. When I woke up I knew I wasn’t at home. The walls around us were cream colored and obviously no one cared. There were coffee stains and graffiti lining the walls. I sat up. After glancing around at the setting I finally concluded we were at a police station. I noticed Oakley, Ivy, and I were the only one’s up.

A quick glance at my other friends told me they were still asleep. I saw the old door open. A woman with her black hair in a tight bun at the top of her head came in with a Hello Kitty clipboard that obviously belonged to her daughter. She sat in a chair opposite me. The lady drunk some coffee and continued to scribble notes.
“Who are you?” I heard Pearl’s voice ring out. I hadn’t known she was awake.

“I am officer Sainz and I was asked to interrogate you seven.” I felt brave and responded quite rude.

“Then ask away.”
The lady looked down at her clipboard where she had obviously had written questions to ask us.
“Who are you?” she asked.
“I’m Mercury and these are my frien…..sisters.” I quickly stuttered over my words. It would be safer to pretend to be sisters.
“Where were you all on the night of July 16th?”
I answered
“At our friend Brendan Black’s house.” She looked down at her clipboard.
“He was killed last night.”
I heard Pearl take in a sharp breath. She had liked him. The officer spoke again.
“We found you all twenty minutes after the murder in the middle of Baker St. Screaming.”
I knew what had happened. She wrote notes and then stood up.
“I’ll need to speak to each of you privately.” She grabbed Pearl’s wrist. Storm clouds began to brew in the small room which was odd. Lighting struck her on the head. I looked over at Ivy. She looked angry. I grabbed her arm and shook her.
“Ivys! Ivy!” I said.
As soon as her focus regained, the clouds vanished. Taking the chance now that the lady was knocked out we woke up the others. It was time to go home. Indy complained that her head hurt and her ears were buzzing. Ebony told her to take an aspirin when she got home. However when she got home she didn’t get an aspirin. A young girl with brown hair and blue eyes was sitting in my living room.
Indy said, “I’m going to get the aspirin.” The lady stood up.
“You are most certainly not!” The lady bustled over and put an orange candy in her hand.
“Eat it Indiana, understood?” Indy looked shocked but ate the candy. The lady smiled and said,
“My name is Pandora. And I will be your teacher into your divine gifts.”
She dug around in her bag and came back up with a tin of the orange candies.
“Indiana, take one once a day which should reduce head overfill.” She dug in her purse again and got a flower that was purple with white dots.
“Elodey”, she said “This is for bone pain.”
After that she pulled out a crescent moon necklace for Ivy for “control”, purple candies so she could see better, a heat pad for Oakley so she could travel warmer, a water bottle for storage is what I got, and Pearl got a sponge to absorb. Before she left though I asked her a question.
“Miss, not that we don’t appreciate these gifts but who are you? And what are you talking about?”
She looked at me and laughed. “You don’t know? None of you?”
We all shook our heads. “My dears, “she said in a laughing tone. “Surely you must all know you are all witches?”

The author's comments:
This piece came to me one day in Spanish class.

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