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March 17, 2010
By Kory31 BRONZE, New City, New York
Kory31 BRONZE, New City, New York
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It felt as if a volcano had just erupted behind me. The vibrations that were sent through my strings were unbearable. The next thing I heard was a piercing screech that sounded like a light roar penetrating through my tangled core. With just two more thunderous booms I could sense that this creature was breathing down my neck giving me an instant fear and uncertainty of what would happen next. I couldn’t run. As much as my heart and soul wanted to roll out of the doggy-door and down the street to freedom, I was physically unable to move. Trapped is a better word. All I heard was the wind getting stronger and stronger until I was swept up to soar through the air. I landed with a thud, toppled over a few times, and began to roll across the wooden floor in the next room as the end of my string unraveled behind me. My head was spinning. I was so afraid and unaware of what was happening to me. I just wanted to keep rolling away from whatever was on my tail. Abruptly, I came to a dead stop and flew back a few feet. As I flipped backwards I caught a quick glimpse of the end of my string caught beneath what appeared to be a paw of some sort. I was now slowly moving towards this creature as it reeled me in from my string. A head came finer into view and pushed me forward by its nose. I was rolling again, and again I was stopped, but this time it was by a paw that pushed me in the other direction. Then another paw pushed me back, then another, and another. I was just a ball of yarn placed on a counter for elegant design. What kind of heartless ferocious creature would imprison and taunt another like that? I was lucky to be picked up by a nicer being and replaced on the counter, but even back on my usually spot, I would never be the same.

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