Being a Butterfly

March 16, 2010
By Annaleigh12 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Annaleigh12 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"Life is a comedy you can either laugh at it or frown at it."

Being a butterfly is so many things. Every emotion describable on earth I can promise you I have seen people feel. I start out in the morning in a beautiful park. There is the crisp cut green grass and the multicolored spring flowers.This time I land on a tree that is on a path. It's beautiful here. Everything is alive. I see a couple about 17 (years in age) walking around holding hands. It's one of the best things, young love. They look so naive. It's so sweet and so right. And right now I see that the human life is beautiful. Then I fly over to a giant pile of flowers. I look around and I see an amazing sight. There are everywhere. Then there are beautiful people all dressed up in their shiny attire. It looks like a wedding. These people look so happy its weird to think that they are destined to be together forever. I go on to a giant building and sit on the window sill. Its a hospital. I have always heard people in hospitals are bad places to be . I look in the window and I see a bunch of doctors huddled around someone. It looks like two doctors are yelling at each other and I can tell something is going wrong .I fly to the next place I see and it turns out to be a graveyard. I see lots of people, maybe 100. They are all crying. Someone has died and everyone is waiting to say their final goodbye. I never knew there could be so much sadness in one place. I can't take it anymore, so I fly away to another place. I fly to the prettiest tree I can find. I lay down and I think of all I've seen today. And I brace myself for the truth that I must now face. That I will never get to feel the feelings of all those people felt. I will never get to see more of the world. I only live 24 hours. But in a lot of ways my life is a lot like yours. Only shorter...

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