Memories Of A Time Traveler

March 16, 2010
By Anonymous

To Say the least there wasn’t anything special on that day I could remember. School went on every day, my grades never went down, and my boyfriend was sweet and cute making him the perfect boyfriend in everyone’s eyes. However it’s the year 3,000 and even if everything seems like it is for you trust me it’s not. If you lived an ordinary life you would never notice the automatic dials that controlled just how tall the grass should be. Or the brain chips inside the minds of our pets making it easier to train them, make them obedient, and avoid animal attacks. What they don’t tell us is that we have them inside us to. They monitor our thoughts like computer screens and erase our memories that they deem harmful to the goal of ultimate peace. It’s a frightening world to live in if you remember how it is back then. Although I’m one of the lucky ones in this point of time where everything is controlled, from who we could be with to when we die. Let me begin by telling you my story first.

My name is Christina Glories of California, one of the most unpredictable states to be in for weather patterns. However that was back then more than here now. Now we live in invisible glass domes and don’t realize that we could actually touch them if we weren’t stopped from swimming out so far into the ocean. I first thought that was just because of safety warnings for cramps, even though our bodies are controlled by the chips connected to our nerves. I am 17 and am on my way out of high school in a bit and headed for a university if I could survive not going crazy for long. Sooner or later they will find me like they did the others and the last remnants of the past will disappear. After you are born and are about one year old the governments send all babies into a surgery to install the chips. The parents see nothing wrong with this because ideas of a healthy, happy child are put in their heads. It eventually grows into place with our nerves and everything else in our growing body it becomes too permanent too remove when you are older, unless you prefer amputating you head, arms, heart, legs, organs, and about everything else. It was supposed to happen to me too but somehow I avoided it. From the diary of my mother’s that I hide so no one finds out I learned the truth. I learned the truth of what was going on, who I really was, why my family had to survive. The big secret I learned is that I’m a time traveler.

When you believe in an idea like how I am saying you probably think of someone who physically goes through time or uses a big complicated device like in the movies, or the movies back then anyways. The ways my abilities work are through my memories. My memories without knowing it pass through to the next members in the family; even if they live halfway across the world they will receive my memories. Another thing I can do is warn the past but not by going there physically and talking to my ancestors. I have to concentrate on going back into my memories and looking for myself. I don’t know about average human souls reincarnating but we time travelers could prove it. You see even if there were thousands of ancestor names under my blood line with different birth years and in different periods of time there are only 22 in my traveler memories that I can connect with and give my memories too as inheritance. I can no longer say how many time travelers have been deleted from birth. Seeing as the chip will not allow the memories too manifest like they are supposed to. From what my mother’s diary said we had lost physical contact with the others in our line, meaning they have already been erased or are being blocked out by the technology of this century from contacting us. There is no way to avoid the governments grasp; they had cameras, spies, recorders everywhere. They knew I was coming even before my mom learned she was pregnant. They even sent her a letter of congratulations the day afterwards with pastries and fruits modified to have nutrients that will allow me to develop correctly and have brain function necessary for the chip. My mom wrote that their entire lives her mother had forced them to fake having the chip. You see we had moved from Europe, to Asia, and then here the Americas. It was getting harder to hide even for just a few years. Soon they would come pick my mother up calmly in there pale white ambulance and carry her to the hospital too have me and doom me. Then my mother did one thing I would have never expected she had killed my father only when I had a day to come. My father’s soul which was a time traveler did not regret this I know because he has been talking to me recently through the mind of his new body wherever he is. I’m glad he hasn’t been given the chip, I’m glad that side of the family is still safe. She killed me to cause a distraction because in those precious minutes she had also killed herself by cutting into her own stomach and ripping a baby me out. She bled only seconds later without stop I know from the memories through her eyes and my grandmothers. Although I haven’t heard from either one of them from their new forms, unless they had already been eliminated when born. When the government doctors and police came they only found both my parents dead and the room bloody but my grandmother and I were nowhere to be found.
That is where this government has a fault they add so many ideas of social peace that they never expected any foul play. They ended up having the true governments officials sort this out so everything stayed quiet. The entire scene and event was erased from their minds, even the memory of my family. My grandmother’s idea was to get out of Connecticut as fast as possible and far away enough that we could start new lives as immigrants from someplace. It had worked perfectly and I had grown up under this name and life unknowing of the major details until I was 12. My grandmother would secretly tell me the little secrets when she could but until later they would register as facts and such. I was already beginning to receive tidbits of the memories in full and knew to keep them to myself. The chip even though those that know what it does hate it, had its positives. For example you would see eighty year olds driving like teenagers without a dingle problem because it kept reflexes and sight fresh without need of glasses and such. However living without the chip, not being able to say or get help because of blindness or arthritis was a problem for her. I grew up keeping the little secrets to myself but having the overall idea that both of us had the chip inside of us, that my parents were accidently in a malfunctioning car and had been hurt in ways irreversible. I was as surprised as everyone else when she crashed into the neighbor’s tree to quickly and had exploded with the car.
After that I became an orphan. Through my years of puberty as a pre-teen my memories came more quickly and sometimes violently. If I could I would wake up screaming but the internal me that had experienced this before continued to stop me. However I still would wake up sweating that I would pass of as being new to puberty or night sweats and such. By the time I was 15 I would only receive new memories from events that caused them to come up. When I went to Niagara Falls for instance I was reminded of the hurricane that had struck the state f New Orleans in the 20th century. Other events were small like when I was eating a meal at the orphanage a memory of people affected by Mad Cow Disease appeared in my memories or I am reminded by the celebratory party held after the creation of the first nuclear bomb. I was able to hide my secret for a while but one day when I was 15 going 16 in two months I was adopted by a couple who felt they were doing me a favor by taking me into their family. They already had a 18 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. They all had the same blond hair and blue eyes and I stood out with my dark hair and green eyes awkwardly in family photos. About that age I discovered another of my abilities that I was given. This usually woudn’t affect me in the past but now everyone is changed unnoticed by the chip. When I was first unpacking I had tripped over a wire hidden under a carpet in their houses hallway. Their older son whose name I’d rather not say so history remains unchanged. When he caught me I didn’t notice anything until I was being helped bring my stuff back into my room. He left the room to get what else was left in the room when it came to me. Memories of dark allies and smoke filled clubs filled my mind. Memories of drug users and guys going over to women or vice-versa were what came up. I couldn’t say what it signified though, it could mean his previous life had to do with that, or perhaps that’s what he would’ve become if he wasn’t changed by the chip. After that I wasn’t sure how to react, he was a nice guy altogether friendly and smart. However how many people could be said of that without being tested in the real world?
I was beginning to wonder if there was any way to know where I was headed to be right or not. I knew I didn’t want the chip but I stood out like an outcast in my family of perfects. Sometimes I wondered that if I died now maybe, just maybe I’d wake up in the arms of a family of time travelers like me someplace where I can live peacefully without worrying of being eliminated. I went to school with my siblings, lived with them, as I said in the beginning I got a boyfriend, and learned how to live in a society of perfect individuals. A year passed, my seventeenth birthday came and went. I ran out of pages to read and reread in my mother’s journal. I suppose from that point my grandmother died my life continued to spiral down. There was no parents to confess and confide in, or a best friend to talk with, when I had moved too this house I had lost connection with my father’s reincarnation, wherever he was now. I wondered how long would I live in this society. Would someday they realize there was something wrong with me because I didn’t smile with my full joy like they did, or cry whenever something tragic happened with them, or even talk excitedly when a 18 year old goes to renew his chip from a adolescent chip to an adult chip.
Days ticked by and my 18th birthday was around the horizon. My step-brother was in college and my step-sister and I never talked much. Sometimes I wondered why I even decided to have a boyfriend when he was just the same as the rest. Another problem I faced was when they sent me out to change my chip. Would they realize I never had one in the first place, erase me from everyone’s memory and eliminate me, check my memories and find the rest of my family o get rid of them too. At that moment I knew I had to escape in some way, out of that society. I wished I could contact my grandmother, mother, or father, or anyone to see if they had a way out. I was stuck alone here with the only back up being memories that could only be helpful in past times.
Suicide came to mind a lot everyday as only a month was left to my birthday. If I killed myself they would never know and I might hopefully have a family as backup this time. The only thing that stopped me was my ever too perfect boyfriend whom I soon found out wasn’t so perfect after all. We, or he, were driving me from school to an ice-cream parlor. His car looked exactly like everyone else’s so there was no competition and parts could be fixed anywhere they fixed these eco-friendly solar-panel cars. Now I come to say that since I know the truth it would be safe enough for you of the past to know my boyfriends name. His name was Kyle Sampson who had been adopted by a couple here in California. He was a straight 4.3 GPA every time and was on his way to college. We first hooked up when we had bumped into each other while entering out art electives. Just to say art electives where art in unwanted is very boring. When I wanted to paint the replica of Mona Lisa I kept myself down to painting prairies filled with colorful little flowers. Ever since then we had met more and more often until that instant connection became so welcome in my solitary life I couldn’t help myself. However back to that day, It surprised me when he told me his car radio, where the recorder was held, had accidently broken when he dropped take-out on him a few days before. Woudn’t someone like him go and fix it as soon as possible? We were still in the car and the conversation was going on everyday things you get used to repeating until I noticed we had been talking for over five minutes on competitive football history. Seeing I was even if only internally a major sports fan it didn’t dawn on me that I was speaking out loud to someone who woudn’t, shouldn’t know about any of that. Our conversation went like this:
Kyle: So do you have any homework for Lopez’s class due.
Me: No not really she’s been rather calm lately.
Kyle: I know what you mean I guess she’s just a bit out of it lately.
Me: I suppose, you hardly see it now a days. The chip helping the brain and all

I didn’t notice anything different at this point until further into the conversation. I would rather skip the unnecessary information and go to where I had begun realizing. Also as a point whenever anything disappeared or was broken up like teams or shows they were erased from everyone to keep people from missing them.
Kyle: I hate it when things you like end up breaking up. Honestly, something’s I just wish they would stay like they used to be.
Me: I understand entirely mean if they aren’t given a chance how you expect them to get any better at anything.
Kyle: Like the Packers team years back. If the Donaldson kid had been given more time in they would’ve scored and ended up staying together over the years.
Me: If only but apparently he had a grudge on him by the coach and instead of helping it just hurt them.
Kyle: I just wish everything was back to the way it was again…with everyone.

That’s when I looked at him genuine shock and curiosity across my features. However what I realized then was he was staring at the road, which wasn’t the road to the parlor, in a trance eyes a bit fogged over. I didn’t know how to react it looked like he was internally concentrating on something. I touched his wrist to see if I could get him to react and pulled back my hand quickly. The memories of a boy playing on a lawn somewhere in the 20th century, a child farmer in Europe growing potatoes, an immigrant teenager with a father coming to the states. The memories that couldn’t have belonged in the average teenager’s head especially with the chip. At the moment I realized where our special connection had come from. It wasn’t that true love stuff they have at your time; it was a connection between two people that shared the same fate when they find someone else like them. At the time I couldn’t enjoy it however. I could tell just by his expression he was having a fight to stay in control. I cannot remember or know how it felt for someone like us forced to use the chip and try to regain your memories that it woudn’t allow. He was fighting a war inside himself since he was born to become what he was supposed to. I felt angry at myself for feeling lonesome. At least I had freedom while he had neither freedom nor the truth. He didn’t have anyone to confide too about the fight inside his head, too continue to force himself to believe that fighting it was wrong. Now I wish that I had told them about the truth and that he wasn’t the only lonely one believing he was crazy. If only I hadn’t focused on myself and noticed the little things sooner. How he wasn’t afraid to kiss me in the parking lot, or criticize movies and books that came out, or even treat animals how they were supposed to be treated instead of being forced to enjoy being treated like, or even how I would space out, show out my emotions, act solitary, act like a crazy person who didn’t belong he still loved me the entire time. I regret that so much right now of all times. I did not regret what happened next but not being able to stop it by helping him and bringing him a form of peace. I wish I had before we fell and continued to fall over the cliff that we had driven over because we were unfocused on our direction or speed. As the electric car touched the freezing ocean water and surged through the open windows. While I grabbed his hand in his trance and unconsciously he had grabbed mine back. As the car sunk like a stone to the bottom taking us with it. While we were frozen numb by the cold and shock and drowned to death under that cliff 100 feet underwater with no one noticing the accident. That is why hopefully if my story reaches you, any of the time travelers in the past somewhere I hope you understand that I will not hold it against you for letting time take its course. Even if it was a futile reincarnation for me and the reincarnation in Kyle I never could recognize in the short time I knew him. I just hope if this does get to you that perhaps something will change and maybe just maybe I would have been given enough time with him to find out and help him before we both left this world one more time. I send this to any of my own reincarnations of the past. Before we...We…were…..separated………..again.

The author's comments:
I honestly don't know what brought me to write this piece of nonfiction. I know it wasn't a spur of the moment idea something like this was already in my head. I suppose they're are so many questions out there nowadays I don't really know what to put here.

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