The Lost Town

March 15, 2010
By Kmhcbmc BRONZE, Hutchinson, Kansas
Kmhcbmc BRONZE, Hutchinson, Kansas
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Chapter 1
“OMG, where am I”

As she heads into the darkness, the trees seem to close behind her. As she looks on, she sees two figures and tries to run but her legs feel like they are bolted to the ground. As the figures come closer she decides to scream, and can’t find the courage to. They approach her and ask her name. “My name is Alexis Miller. Alex for short,” she said with confidence. “Who are you and what are you doing in the middle of the forest?”

The taller figure tells her coolly, “We are from the town of Ridgeway, and we were just out hunting and we stumbled across you by mistake.” “Where am I?” Alex asks starting to panic. “You are in the forest of stars.” “I don’t see any stars.” Alex says grimly, making a point. “You can on see them on clear nights and its very cloudy.” the short one blurted out. “How would you know, you can’t even see the sky.” “When you are in town you can see the stars very clearly.” the tall one was talking now. “Why don’t you come back with us? The town is only a couple miles away and we can take you to a hotel to rest for the night.” “I don’t know, but I am very sleepy so maybe I could stay just for the night.” Alex said yawning as she did.

On the way back to town, Alex fell into a deep sleep. In her dream were visions of her parents worrying about her at home. Suddenly, she bolted upright. She never remembered being brought to a car but didn’t question or panic. Up ahead she saw bright lights and figured it must be the city, but what was it called. She was trying to remember the conversation she had with the two men. Then it hit her, it was the little, almost invisible town of Ridgeway.

You could drive right past and even if you looked in some other direction for even half a second you would miss the whole thing. As they drove up to the town, Alex noticed a bunch of cute little houses built on the side of every road. In the town center there was some little stores on called “Mick’s Deli” written in bright neon letters. There were some other stores but she couldn’t make them out because it was pitch black outside. When the car stopped, Alex jumped a little in her seat. When she looked outside, she couldn’t make out the sign on the little building. She stepped out of the car and followed the two strangers to the building and through the front doors. Once inside she found a chair and sat down.

She noticed the two figures go up to a desk and get a key that looked like it should have belonged to one of the houses on the main street.

As the two figures stalked toward her, she started to think of the possibilities of what could happen now. As they approached her, the short one spoke up.

“Here is your room key. Your room is on the second floor. Hope you like it.” “Thanks, I could really use a good night’s sleep.” she replied. “I almost forgot to ask,” she said “But what are your names?” This time the tall one answered. “My name is Luke and my friends name is Troy.” pointing to the little one when he said it. “Oh, thank you.” Alex said then went to look for her room.

The hall on the second floor had green carpet and weird pictures hanging on the wall. Alex stopped to look at one and under it. There was a card that read “43 Mayor of Ridgeway 2001.” Down the hall, she stopped at a door that said “215” in the middle of the door in big bold print.

As she turned the door handle and opened the door, she walked into a master suite. “Wow. This is huge,” she thought to herself. In the room was a queen size bed, a huge vanity, a plasma screen TV, and a double door entrance to the back patio. “This is the biggest hotel suite I’ve ever been in.,” she said to herself. “Is there anything I can get for you?” said a voice from the door.

Startled, she swung around frightened. “Uh… No thanks.” Alex said calming down. As it got later, Alex was dreaming about how she might like to move to this little town, but would have checked it out some more.


In the morning Alex woke to the smell of bacon. She sat up and looked to see what time it was. “It’s already 9:30, how could I have stayed asleep that long,” she said. While walking to the bathroom to fix her hair and take a shower, Allie walked over to the double doors and opened them, wide! A rush of fresh air took her by surprise. “This feels good, I wish the air was this good back in Montgomery.” she said to herself.

As she walked to the lobby she noticed the small breakfast area set up. She went to sit down and eat some bacon and eggs. When she finished she decided to look around town. Walking down Main Street she noticed little shops. One read, “Awesome Flowers.” She walked in and took in all the fragrances.

She bought two roses and left. The next shop she went in was a small grocery store. There she bought a loaf of bread, some lunch meat, and some chips, then headed back to the hotel.

Back in her room she thought about how she would get home. She didn’t even know which direction to start back in. Then she remembered that she had her cell phone with her. She dialed her home phone number by it was busy. After a while she tried again and someone finally picked up. It was her mom.
“Alex where are you?” her mom said frantically.
“I don’t know yet mom?”
“Well when you do call back right away!” Then the phone went dead.

Alex hung up the phone and started walking outside. The town seemed smaller to her in the day time opposed to night. She started to walk in the flower shop again, but was startled by the loud commotion that was going on down the street, at what appeared to be town hall. There were protesters and lots of them.

The signs they were carrying read, “LET THEM GO!!! THERE JUST PEOPLE!!!” and another that said, “ STOP BEING SUCH MEANY HEADS!!!” This sign was held by a little girl that was about five years old. She had on a Hannah Montana t-shirt, with bright pink pants. She had braided hair and cute little dimples.

“What’s going on here??” Alex asked the girl. “They’re taking the people away to some camp.” “Oh, thanks.” She walked off just as the mayor came out. He was a short, pudgy man and was no older then fifty. “Excuse me miss.” “Oh are you talking to me?, What do you need?” “ I was just talking to this little girl and she was talking about these people they were taking away.” “ Oh, she was just talking about the Vampires they found hid out in some alley the other night.” “Vampires??” Alex had only herd of such creatures in story books. “The thing the mayor doesn’t know is that most of us here in town are some kind of freaky creature in a storybook but are hidden with very lifelike masks. “

Alex turned and ran back down the street towards the hotel when the two guys that had brought her there appeared out of no where. “Where do you think your going?” The tall one said. Alex swiftly got around the two men in trench coats and up to her hotel room and locked all doors. All of a sudden she a hear a thump and spun around. Standing on the balcony was a boy about Alex’s age. He had blue eyes and a very dark brown hair.

She stared at him with wide eyes until he turned to stare at her. In a “trance” like state she walked over and opened the double doors.
“Who are you?” she asked.
“I’m Taylor Powers. Who are you?” he answered.
“I’m Alex Miller.” she stated.
“Why are you here?” Taylor asked.
“I got lost in the woods and two guys brought me here yesterday night.” she explained. “ “Then when I came back here this afternoon you showed up on my balcony.”
“ My apology’s but I was sent here to protect you. By the mayor himself. He told me that you were not one of our kind. I can see that is true because you don’t have red eyes like the rest of us.”

That’s when Alex noticed that he was right. Back at town hall almost everyone there had had red eyes that looked almost blood-shot. “This woman was telling me that you were all creatures out of horror stories, so I have to ask, which one are you??”
“They decided that when I was born I would be a vampire that could shape shift into anything of my choosing.”

“That sounds so cool!!” Alex said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.
After the strange boy left, Alex decided that she would investigate the hotel a little more before going home the next day. When she walked into the lobby she had to so a double-take. There, standing in front of her, was the hottest man on earth! Dimitri Schaffer was one of the youngest superstars in the world. He was only 15 and was a brown hair, blue eyed boy. As he was standing there he noticed Alex speechless on the stairs. “OMG, IT’S YOU!!” she practically screamed. Before he had a chance to see who had said that Alex was already flying up the stairs at lightning speed back to her suite.

She didn’t know it but Dimitri was right behind her. He stopped the door before it could slam shut. Alex spun around to see why the door hadn’t shut and almost had a heart attack. Standing there was probably the most handsome and talented guy in America! She fell on the bed and was hyperventilating. Dimitri walked up to help her. Before he went to do that he went and got a cold ice filled cup of water and set it by Alex’s side. He went and sat down beside her and almost instantly Alex bolted upright.

“Um… hi.” he said ever so gently that she could just barely hear.

“ O my gosh… you’re you’re your DIMITRI SCHAFFER!” she practically shrieked at the top of her lungs.

“ Ya, that’s me,” he said, “ So what’s your name and how did you end up in this rinky-dink little town all alone?” “Well I kind of got lost somewhere out in the woods,” she admitted sheepishly, “ My name is Alexis Miller and I’m from Seattle where I live.” This was what she always had wanted to happen. Meeting the guy of her dreams. Sitting there she felt like such a dork for not acting more mature. To be continued…

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece by all the fantasy writers there are.

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