From Your World, To Mine

March 15, 2010
By Morphius BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Morphius BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Your mind is too simple to comprehend why, but there is an entire universe that is right next to you at this very moment. To describe this phenomenon would take hours of explanation and hundreds of pages. I can tell you this, only a few people have ever made it into this realm from yours, and even fewer have made it back alive. How do I know this? That is because I was born there.
I still don’t understand it, one day I just opened my eyes and realized I was floating, surrounded by nothing. There wasn’t even gravity or light other than the unperceivable amount given from my body. I realized that I could do whatever I want when I was hungry and was suddenly satisfied when I had wanted food. I wanted a place to walk upon and that was when my universe first began.
It took thousands of your Earth years to build my world because I was very peculiar in everything. I was always fascinated with light so I paid particular attention to colors and the designs of everything I did. My universe follows the same basic physical properties of yours except that I can conjure anything from nothing.
My land was made of a fine gold sand, more soft than fleece. I designed the land in mind of future people that I may bring to inhabit it so everything that one would need to survive was within a 50 meter walking distance. If you were to walk in any direction, the land would turn from the gentle sand, to streams of water so clear and calm they appear as mirrors. From these streams the land would turn to land fertile with the freshest fruits and vegetables. Beyond the flowering plants would be woods filled with the strongest trees yet lighter than 10 men.
I made one man who lived on my world in peace and harmony. It was a joy to watch him in his content, but I couldn’t help but notice his sorrow.
“Why is it that you have everything you need to live in peace and you remain unhappy?” I asked.
“I am truly grateful that you have brought me here, but I am afraid that I feel like I am missing something.”
I thought on this and then created a hundred men. Together they lived in harmony on this beautiful land I created. Sometimes they would ask for something and I would oblige because there is nothing like seeing the face of joy amongst my men. They grew intelligent in math and knew even more than me. All I could do was help them prove their theories.
The first man I created, who is looked to as the leader of the tribe, came to me one day and proposed an idea which I was very hesitant. In their theological advancement, they had predicted there to be a parallel universe, your universe. They asked that I bring in a person from this place.
I was uncertain at first I eventually agreed to let one and only one person in. I opened a door from my world to yours, and after several years, one of your people stumbled upon it. It was a woman.
I had been the first to notice her. She was more beautiful than any man I had ever created. She was thin and had gentle blue eyes. She wandered among the many fruits and flowers of our gardens. I came to her and held to her a small green melon covered in an array of yellows, reds, and lavenders. She smiled and took the fruit from me.
“Where am I?” She asked
“From what I have been told, you are where you were already at, except now you’re here.”
Somehow, she seemed to understand even though it wouldn’t make sense to a normal person. I let her wander and observe the beauty of the streams and grass. She had found a mountain and decided to hike it.
“This land is beautiful,” she told me. “I have never seen anything like it, but I am afraid I must go. It was a mistake to come here.”
“Why must you leave?” I asked.
“Back home, there is a man that I love, and I need to be with him.”
I didn’t understand this emotion, but I could see there was no changing her mind. So I offered to let her bring this man into our world. So she left and came back the next day. The man had the same reaction as she had, and they enjoyed the sights from top of the same mountain.
I introduced them to my people, but the man had a different opinion of life. He couldn’t understand how they could do the same things everyday, only doing what they were told. He encouraged them to have fun, he encouraged them to do wrong on occasion. With this, the people began to disobey and they began to do horrible things that I can’t even describe.
“How could you do this? My land, my people, you’ve destroyed all of it.” I said to him. I cut him off before he could speak and I prepared to create my world from new, but the girl came to me with tears in her crystal eyes.
“Please, don’t kill your people, we didn’t mean to destroy your paradise, but without sin, then these men had no purpose. Without necessary evils, there can be no love.”
I looked into her eyes, and somehow my anger had drained from my body. I watched as my utopia began to crumble and fall apart, but I something caught my eye. My people had begun to care about each other, and they would protect each other against others.
“Can you see it now? It’s called love. Before they were only men growing closer to death, now they are men growing closer together.”
I could see it, and I let my people live. The man, I decided to kill.

The author's comments:
Ya so my creative writing teacher made me write something... This is what I came up with.

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