The Land of Decisions

March 20, 2010
By vegerain BRONZE, Poolesville, Maryland
vegerain BRONZE, Poolesville, Maryland
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When a person dies, as everyone will, they arrive in the land of decisions. A land that lacks color, for it is a place where you will spend very little time, yet you feel as if you have been there before. In the center of this white land there is a man in a white robe, whose face is white, and whose skin is stretched transparently over his white skull. It is not the whiteness of bright snow, but of milk, fresh and comforting. You walk up to this white man in this white world and he gives you two options in a voice is like the scratching of a quill on parchment, hardly above a whisper, but seems loud in this empty, lonely place. He first says,

“You are dead, and you accept that you are dead. If you did not accept that you are dead you wouldn’t be here.”

Then he says, ”You have two options of what you can do with you being. You can return to the mortal world and forget your past life so you can start one anew, or you could go to another realm, a realm where people do not kill each other and you never have to go through the pain of death and loss ever again. But be warned, if you go with me to this peaceful realm you can never go back to a mortal life, but if you chose to live again in the mortal world every time you die you will be faced with this decision.”

At first you think of how wonderful it would be to not have to have to go through the pain and sorrow of living again, being able to live a life of no troubles or worries, but then you think of your family. The family that is still in that world without you. “ Your father and your mother, your aunts and your uncles, your cousins, your grandparents, your friends and your relatives. Then you think of other things. The birds and the trees, the rivers and the deserts, the animals and the ground beneath your feet. The wind rustling the leaves in the crisp fall air, or the smell of the breeze when spring is coming. The gurgling of the brook and the quack of the geese. You think of these things and in your heart you just know that no matter how easy and painless the other realm would be, you know that the peace of humans in another realm will never compare to the beauty of nature in the mortal world.

The author's comments:
I hope that people will think of the things around them as if in the future they arent going to be there, and how you would miss them, even if they are little things.I hope that after you read this you will appreciate nature around you.

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