March 20, 2010
By welshkidjosh BRONZE, Cwmbran, Other
welshkidjosh BRONZE, Cwmbran, Other
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The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. ~Anaïs Nin

We are rebels, a group of teenagers in hiding. In hiding of a world controlled by terrorists, heartless men who want to cause death and misery. We are against these people who control our communities lives, our friends and our families. We sneak in the shadows, training for the moment where we strike back, where we tower over our enemies and free our community of pain and sorrow. Training hasn’t been easy, we are being hunted and trailed, they look for us to destroy what ever could stand in their way. The terrorists are a group of illegal aliens who attacked our town with threats and shootings. They have controlled the area and are asking for a large amount of money and nuclear devices from the government or they will destroy the whole town and move on the another. My group managed to escape before the town became totally controlled. There are six of us in all, Nikki, Alexa, Taylor, Peter, Kellen, and myself. We are orphans who have developed a strong bond of friendship over the nine years we have spent together. Our orphanage was burnt to the ground after we left and entered into hiding.

We have made many plans to attack the warehouse where the terrorists have set up their camps. All have failed. In our last attempt we found something that surprised us. We knew they wanted money and equipment but I was concerned about the practices that they are experimenting with. Once we entered the warehouse, we found a room. It was full of scientists and chambers with locals inside. They were experimenting on them like guinea pigs. Injecting them with a light blue liquid, that from their expressions, wasn’t pleasant. We attempted to set some of the captured experiments free but we only left with a few of the tubes of liquid we managed to obtain. We have no idea what they are trying to do to these people, but we plan to find out.

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