Iron Man Wimpy Girl

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

With a recap of the last book Dr. Hipenlupermany captured Iron man’s parents.

He said I

will give your parents back if you give me your powers wimpy girl powers and yes of

course I want Bobos powers.

1 month later Wimpy girl/ Iron /Man are at Al’s Doughnut shop in Downtown Noseville,


What would you like to eat madam I will have the pink doughnut with pink sprinkles and pink pudding in the middle please. And for you sir the same but make mine a double with some orange juice shaken not stirred. And for you monkey just give him the banana banana usual. Ok coming right up.
5 min later… Um this food is delicious said wimpy girl I agree said Iron Man. Wait a minuet isn’t that Dr. Hipenlupermany’s assistant and he is holding a bottle of poison. The assistant says give me your powers in a day or you will lose your favorite little buddy Bobo that’s right I put poison in his food. Well guess what dummy Bobo hasn’t ate his food yet. Bbbbbbbaaaaaaannnnngggg the assistant went soaring through the sky. The antidote flew right into Iron Mans hands here wimpy girl. Here wimp y girl this antidote is for you not to be wimpy girl but to be Stone girl. Stone girl drank the poison. The bottle said on the bottom if lost please return to 6974 Westing St. In Downtown Denver. I know where were going next said Iron Man. Let’s go to N.I.A. Nosville National Airport. Were on the plane 5 hours later… I’m looking on map quest on my Google Berry (the phone you can eat). Oh said wimpy girl I see that it is only 70 miles away in Downtown Fort Collins.
Ugh that was the longest 30 min of my life said Iron Man. There is my mom and Dad right by C.S.U. I’m going to get you Dr. Hipenlupermany.

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