Dragon slayer

March 3, 2010
By Jordan Falk BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Jordan Falk BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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“BOOM!” I heard as Jason opened and closed the door.
“What’s up.” I said excitedly.
“I just saw a dragon!” Jason responded in fright.
“No you didn’t.” I said back.
“Really, I did!” Jason yelped.
“Where?” I Questioned.
“At the Pillsbury castle!” Jason tried to say calmly. He ran up the stairs to hide in his room, while I thought about how I always wanted to slay a dragon. A smile came upon my face as I walked upstairs to think of way to sneak out.
That night at midnight I snuck out and walked up the street to the Pillsbury castle. It took me about Ten minutes to get up to Pillsbury castle. I walked around to the back of the Mansion / Castle to find a Dog on a Huge Fluffy Mattress. I was disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing a dragon. I ran back home before someone knew I was gone. It took me about Five minutes to get home because it was downhill. I walked through the front door and creped up the stairs to my bed.
“Gasp…Gasp…Gasp….I…Gasp…Saw…Gasp…Another….Gasp…DRAGON!!” Jason Said Exhaustedly.
“NO, You Didn’t!” I screamed “I went up there last night and there was NO dragon!”
“I mean it I Just saw it in front of the castle!” Jason responded gasping. I thought about going up there again tonight.
That night when I went to sleep, I got up at about 10:30.I walked up to the castle and started to walk around when I heard a snoring in the garage. I Looked in and saw the dragon in the back corner. I opened the garage and cut off the dragons head. I walked home proud and ashamed.

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