Unknown Blood

March 11, 2010
By A____S GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
A____S GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
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Opening my eyes to see an empty bed and the closed bathroom door, I pried myself from the old chair and crossed to the door, trying not to make a sound.

“Who is their?” a young girls voice came from the other side of the door along with the sound of the wind silently filling the room.

“Annabeth? I smell blood. Do you need help?” I said just so that she could hear me.

“No!” she cried out the word as the smell of blood thickened. “I mean, No thank you; I just need to be alone right now.”

“As you wish. Come along Axle. Let her be for tonight.” I said opening the door to see him glairing at me.

“Shut your mouth human. She was speaking to you not me.” he said with a snarl. “How did you know I was here?”

“Well the air is full of your smell, the blood is from both of you. Need I go on?” I said sighing a little bit. “Besides it’s your shift for rounds. You know her father will have your head if you’re late again.”

“What time is it?” he didn’t even finish his words before the clock sounded the midnight bell.

“Midnight now. You have about two seconds before you have to run down their.” I said holding the door for him.

“Right. Well I can be late for her.” he said kissing Annabeth on her neck. “She is worth my life.” he gently bit into her neck drawing more blood.

Annabeth softly moaned and bit her lower lip. “Don’t. Not right now.” Her voice was a hiss as she pulled away from him slowly.

“Axle you need to go before the guardians come to find you. Eat an apple before you sign in for patrol to hide the smell.” I said holding one out to him. “And you Annabeth, you need to drink a little of my blood if your going to keep this little game up.” I said pulling me sleeve up, past the mark of the slave and holding my arm out to her.

“Yes my guardian.” She said sinking her fangs deep into the flesh of my arm and drinking the waves of blood quickly.

“Go Axle. She is in my care.” I said watching him jump out the open window and running off to find his group as the feel of my blood running into another being finaly brought my sight to the darkness of sleep.

The author's comments:
this is the copy of "_name to come at a later time_" just named. Enjoy.

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