March 10, 2010
By LILmusicFREAK26 BRONZE, Suisun City, California
LILmusicFREAK26 BRONZE, Suisun City, California
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Chp 1. The Beginning

This is a story about three girls with three very different backgrounds but with one thing in common they all needed friends. Their names are Abby Zero, Catherine Dulce (a.k.a. Cathy), and Sandy Bob. And guess what they all live next door to each other. They have lived next door to each other for about six years now and have never noticed each other! Until one day they all got on the bus but there was no one else on the bus (weird)! So they started talking about school and what pods (groups) they where in and guess what they were all in the same pod too and their lockers were even two apart also!! So they all left their cliques: Abby was a skater, Cathy was with the geeks, and Sandy was with the jocks. Everyone was totally shocked to see three very different girls being the best of friends. On the weekend of that week they decided to spend the night at Abby’s. They started telling each other secrets and all of them told each other their biggest secrets ever Abby was a vampire, Cathy was a lycan, and Sandy was a hybrid! They were all shocked, but they became even better friends, because if a vampire bites a human and a lycan bites the same human then the person becomes a hybrid. They laughed and laughed all night long and they decided that they were going to be such good friends that they said if they were ever in danger to write a note in their secret language and hide it somewhere no one will find it . The next morning Rizzo and Abby went home to talk to there parents about Sandy being a hybrid. Abby started the conversation. “So how long have you guys known Sandy was a hybrid?” Cathy said. “Ya how long?” their parents said. “you guys should probably sit down”. So they all started talking then they hit them with it. “you two are the reason Sandy is a hybrid”
the girls said “no that can’t be right, can it?” “After we all moved here both you guys got really sick of the stuff we were giving you so you snuck out for something else and both of you found Sandy” “WHAT!!!!” The next day Abby and Cathy decided that they were going to tell Cathy everything so they walked to Sandy’s house and knocked on the front door. *Knock Knock* Sandy’s mom answered the door and the girls asked. “Is Sandy here?” Sandy’s mom started sobbing.The girls quickly looked at each other and sat and calmed Sandy’s mom down and asked her to explain what happened. Sandy’s mom began talking. “after you two left Sandy was so happy she was dancing and singing around the house ‘I have friends’ I was so happy for her I went to the grocery store to get her some ice cream I told her ‘I’ll be back in a minute ok?’ she said ‘ok.’” Tears streaming down her face again. She began again “I came back when I noticed something felt weird. ‘Sandy’ I called. I walked up to her room when I saw it!!! There was blood everywhere!” Cathy and Abby began to cry and said “So you don’t know where sandy is?” sandy’s mom began to sob and said. “yes, in the coroner’s office!” she exclaimed.

Chapter 2 The Coroners office

Abby said to the coroner “We’re looking for the body of Sandy Bob.” The coroner looked at the girls weird and said “Who’s Sandy Bob?” The girls looked at each other and said “she was never here?” the coroner and his staff said “No we’ve never heard of anyone with that name.” “So that means Sandy was never here, which means she isn’t dead, which means she alive somewhere!” they exclaimed. “but then where is she?” Abby said thinking aloud. Cathy said “lets try her house again beside her parents are away for the weekend.” “Ok let’s go” Abby said. It was about 9 o’clock at night and they went around the back and under the plastic rock Sandy had told them about was a key to the back door. They went inside and started looking around, finally they reached Sandy’s room. Abby said “ Cathy be careful no one can know that we were here.” Cathy said “ I know I know lets start looking Sandy is smart enough to have left us a note some where lets start looking for it ok?” they were looking and looking for hours and finally got tired and sat on the bed and Cathy saw something slide from under the pillow. She reached a crossed Abby and found that is was a note. Cathy was like “sweet!” it was a note in they secret language it said:

???? ?? ?’?? ???? ????????? ?’?? ????? ??? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??? ? ??? ?


Which translates to:

Help me I’ve been kidnapped I’ll leave messages where we stop ILY U GUYS

The girls began to cry. “Ok we need to get ready, go home and find the lightest weapons and grab some snacks I have a feeling we’ll be out a little late tonight” said Cathy.

Chapter 3 the journey begins

Cathy and Abby met up in the middle of the street. “You’ve got everything, right?” Cathy said. “Yes I do, now let’s go” said Abby. “WAIT!” screamed Cathy. “What?” said Abby. “Where do we start looking?” “Very good question”, said Cathy, “lets just walk up the street and see if we see anything.” “Ok” agreed Abby. So they started walking, then all of a sudden they saw something coming near them. They couldn’t tell what it was until about 6 feet away. It was Darren Yellow another fellow vampire. “I’m coming to help you find Sandy. I heard the news from some person at the docks.” Darren said. “What did they look like?” asked Abby. “Ummm… long blonde hair, blue eyes, and about your height. Why?” The girls quickly looked at each other and said “that’s Sandy’s mom.” The girls huddled together and talked “if there’s going to be another vampire I want another lycan!” Cathy said. “Fine whatever, call one.” said Abby unhappy that there were going to be more people. So Cathy got her phone out and called her friend Michael Indigo.
Michael answered “what’s up?” Cathy said “what are you doing?” “Nothing, Why?” Michael said sounding confused. “Want to go on a hunt?” Cathy suggested. “What kind of hunt?” Michael asking very interested. “its for a person.” Cathy said trying to get him to come. Darren said to Cathy “for who?” Cathy sighed and gave the phone to Abby and said “tell Darren who we are looking for.” “Fine” ,Abby said angrily, “hello?” Darren answered calmly “yes, who is this?” Abby said “Its Abby you idiot!” Michael exclaimed “I’m so sorry, so who are we looking for?” Abby screamed at the top of her lungs “O.M.G. she’s her girlfriend.” Michael exclaimed “O.M.G. Sandy, I’ll be there in 2 minutes!” Abby hung up the phone and turned back to everyone and said “ he should be here in-“ all of a sudden a gust of wind went by them and they heard “hey” they all turned around and saw Darren standing right behind them. They all said “hey, lets go.” They all stared walking and Darren said “hey I think I found something” they all rushed over to him and didn’t notice anything at first then Abby smelt it and was like “O.M.G.!” Darren said “uh-huh” “wait wait what!” Cathy screamed. “you can’t smell it?” Darren said “no I’m sick remember” Cathy said “oh yeah sorry, it’s the smell of sandy’s blood mixed with the scent of the cologne of the kidnapper.” Darren said “oh ok” Cathy said calmly. So they started following the scent they were on a roll. Then the scent just disappeared. Then Michael asked and pointed “what’s that thing over there?” everyone looked where he was pointing. Then they saw a dog with a note on its back. Abby said “so who wants to go get it?” everyone looked at each other. Finally Darren and Michael said we’ll go get.

Chp.4 The End

Darren approached the dog from the left and Michael from the right. Michael whispered to Darren “is he alive?” Darren replied “I have know idea create a distraction to find out” Micheal shrugged and said “ok.” So Michael went and grabbed a couple bottles from a nearby trashcan and lined them up on a ledge. Then he took out his bb gun and missed every single one the first time. Then the second time he got them all with 1 single bb! The dog made a sudden movement and everyone freaked out and then Cathy said something stupid “if we stand still he cant see us.” Everyone turned to her and yelled at her “YOUR STUPID!” so they all ran for their lives then Michael stopped and looked at the dog, phased into a lycan, and growled and the dog ran for his life. Luckily the note fell off of the dog, except it landed in the mud. Abby went and picked it up and started to read it. It said:

?? ??? ???? ?’? ?? ???? ???
??? ?’? ?? ???? ? ???? ???????
???? ??? ?? ???? ? ????
?????? ??? ???? ????? ??
?????? ?? ???? ???
???? ?????? ??????

Which translates to:

By now you know im in trouble
And im glad I have friends
Like you to know I have
People who care about me
Thanks so much now turn around please.

They turned around slowly expecting something bad. But no it was Sandy!! The girls ran to each other and gave Sandy hugs. Sandy said “I did this to see what kind of friends you are and I found out your awesome friends” as she hugged them “and everyone was in on it my parents. Darren, and Michael. But other than that I wanted to know if you guys were trustworthy and you are thanks so much for being my friends.” The girls stood there with their mouths wide open and said “yes we can forgive you but next time can you not make you mom said your dead please it freaked us out.” “ok I promise” Sandy swore.


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