Angel Wings Chapter 1

March 10, 2010
By NeoPeacemaker BRONZE, Middleburg, Florida
NeoPeacemaker BRONZE, Middleburg, Florida
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Three years ago on October 26 2007, there was a terrible wreck that killed fifteen people and injured two. My name is Leon Lion Heart and along with my friend Alicia Silver Wing, we were the two survivors of the accident. The wreck was caused by a semi truck that flipped over and threw two cars of the road and smashed right into the side of are car. When I came to I could see both of my parents were dead, I could see that the car was flipped over, and I could see smoke and fire as far as I could see. I looked around until I saw Alicia.

When I tried to get closer, I noticed that part of the car was crushing my left leg. I turned my attention back to Alicia and that’s when I noticed that she had a pipe piercing her chest. I tried to move again ignoring the pain in my leg so I could reach Alicia but it was a futile effort. I started to cry and scream for someone, anyone to save her, I didn’t care who. I was about to give up when I heard someone answer my call. I looked up to see a figure cloaked in a radiant light. The figure said he would save Alicia at the cost of fusing with my soul.

I looked up and told him that I didn’t care what it would take I just wanted Alicia to be safe, that was the only thing that mattered to me. I watched the man walk over to Alicia, place his hand over her wound, and then seconds later the pipe and her wound were gone along with the man. Everything after that is a blur to me because I think I lost consciousness.

Present day Tuesday May 18 2010... “Wake up…Leon wake up…Leon if you don’t wake up we’ll be late for school!”

“Give me five more minutes Alicia?” Asked Leon

“If you wait any longer you’re going to miss breakfast.” Said Alicia

“Fine I’ll be down in a few.” Said Leon getting out of bed

Ever since the accident, I’ve been living with Alicia and her parents since I didn’t have anywhere to stay when they died. Alicia’s parents have taken very good care of me and they went through the trouble of getting permission from Alicia’s private school to take me in. The reason they allowed me to come is that this is my last year before I graduate.

“So Leon how does your breakfast taste?”

“Its very good Mrs. Silver Wing.” Said Leon

“Leon how many times have I told you to call me Clair?” Asked Clair

“I lost count around two-hundred-forty.” Said Leon

Once I was done eating, I thanked Clair for the meal, grabbed my backpack, and headed to school along with Alicia.

“Leon did you study for that quiz today?” Asked Alicia

“Wait their was a quiz we had to study for?” Asked Leon

“I’m kidding Leon their isn’t a quiz today; however next week is a possibility.” Said Alicia joking around with me

I was about to say something when out of nowhere I heard a voice call out my name. I stopped in my tracks and looked around, but when I didn’t find anything, I turned my attention back to Alicia. We arrived at school about seven minutes early and headed straight for class. On our way to class, I heard the same voice call out my name and when I looked around I still didn’t see anything.

“Leon you’ve been acting strange ever since we left the house, is something wrong?” Asked Alicia

“N-no I’m fine I’ve just got a lot on my mind is all.” Said Leon

When class began, the school went from loud to under the radar until the final bell rang. While everyone else was getting ready to go home, I was waiting in the hall for Alicia’s Home Economics class to be over. While I was waiting for Alicia’s class to be over I kept hearing the same voice say something over and over and just like the other times I couldn’t understand what it was saying.

“I think I need to get some air.” I said walking out of the building

When I got outside the voice got so loud that it was to the point of making me faint. I tried to find a place to lay down when I fell to my knees and then lost consciousness. I woke up lying in the middle of a grassy field that was surrounded by water. I stood up and looked around and at first it seemed I was the only one their but when I looked around again I saw a girl standing at the edge of the field. The girl had long black hair and was wearing a black cloak that covered her entire body.

“Salvere iubeo.”

“What?” Asked Leon

“Salvere iubeo…sorry I’m so used to speaking Latin that it’s become a very bad habit of talking in it. So we finally get to meet Leon Lion heart.”

“Um I’m completely lost right now; I mean I don’t even know who you are.” Said Leon

“Well when you can hear me say my name you’ll know who I am but until then I am the voice that guides you. So are you ready to fulfill the promise you made three years ago?”

“What are you talking about, what promise?” Asked Leon

“I’m talking about the promise you made when Alicia was hurt and in danger of loosing her life.”

I remembered what happened right before I passed out. I remembered that the man told me that when the time comes I would be asked to protect her.

“We don’t have much time before they make their move, I want you to listen for my voice, once you hear it you‘ll know what to do.”

After she said that, everything went dark and I woke up in the middle of the school courtyard. I got to my feet only to find that it was already five o’clock and that Alicia’s class was almost over. I started to head back when I heard an explosion come from the other side of the building where Alicia’s class was being held. I ran to see what happened but when I got their I saw Alicia in the hands of a monster. Without thinking, I charged right at the monster but it was a futile effort when he stopped me and threw me into a wall.

“G-get back here!” I said trying to get to my feet

I was able to get to my feet and reach the courtyard where the monster seemed to stop at. The monster noticed me and launched what looked like a ball of energy right at me. I dodged the blast but was unexpectedly caught of guard when another one hit me.

“That was quick.” Said the demon

“Excito Athena…Let her go!” I said walking into view

When I came into view, I was holding a sword that looked like a steel oar. The sword had two holes near the hilt, no guard, and looked as if it was part of a puzzle. I started to walk closer when the monster charged right at me. When the monster threw a punch, I vanished then reappeared behind him holding Alicia in my arms. The monster turned around only to find his right arm had been severed.

“Now pay for your sins, Draco Caelestis!” I said swinging my sword

When I swung my sword and said that phrase a heavenly dragon came fourth and devoured the monster. When the monster was gone, my sword vanished and I was left their holding Alicia in my arms.

“It has just begun.” Said Athena

The author's comments:
The thing that inspired me the most was God, the Bible, and my family

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