Angel Wings

March 10, 2010
By NeoPeacemaker BRONZE, Middleburg, Florida
NeoPeacemaker BRONZE, Middleburg, Florida
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Tears of Darkness

I just watched as Leon continued to match Atlas’ movements, that was until Atlas sent him into the ground. I wanted to help him but I was paralyzed with fear.

“You don’t get it do you? Your powers are nothing compared to mine and yet you still resist me. What is it that allows you to continue to fight?” Asked Atlas

“Go to hell!” Said Leon

“Sorry to say boy but we’re already there!” Said Atlas unleashing a blast of pure darkness

“W-why can’t I hurt this guy? No matter what I do, he’s able to block or dodge my attacks. What is this guy’s weakness?” Asked Leon muttering to himself

“You know what boy I’ve finally figured out what allows you to keep fighting.” Said Atlas

“What are you talking about?” Asked Leon

“Since the fight began you’ve been luring me farther and farther away from the girl. Which means the only reason you’re fighting me is to protect her. Now I wonder if you can protect her from this, Ventus Umbra!” Said Atlas attacking me

“Alicia!” Said Leon

I don’t know what was happening over there but for some reason Leon appeared in front of me, wrapped his arms around me, and told me not to move. I realized why when I saw a blast of energy about to hit us. When the blast hit Leon, he never once flinched, he just stood there keeping his arms wrapped around me.

“A-are you alright Alicia?” Asked Leon letting me go
Right when I was about to answer Leon, Atlas appeared behind him thrusting his arm through his chest. It happened so fast, all I could see was Atlas’ hand clutching Leon’s heart.

“Fool, you should never show your weakness in battle, for it can be fatal.” Said Atlas removing his hand from Leon’s chest

I tried to move, I tried to scream, I even tried to cry but all I could do was watch as Leon’s lifeless body fell to the ground. When Leon’s body hit the ground, I fell to my knees calling out to him. I even went as far as to use my power to try to bring him back.

“Its useless girl; your power is nowhere near strong enough to bring him back. Besides, even if you did, I’d just kill him again!” Said Atlas

“Leon…help me. Leon please help me, I don’t know what I should do?” Asked Alicia

I continued to say that repeatedly hoping that this was just a dream, that none of this was real.

“I hear her…she’s calling out my name…move…damn it move…I…must…I must PROTECT HER!”

Now that he’s out of the way I can continue with my mission, come with me little girl.” Said Atlas grabbing my arm

When Atlas grabbed my arm, I felt a dark presence appear behind me. I turned around to find Leon’s body moving on its own absorbing a large amount of dark energy, seconds later Leon was engulfed in a cloak of darkness

“Impossible how can you still be moving?” Asked Atlas
When the cloak of darkness around Leon started to dissipate I saw it, I saw the eyes of a demon. When the darkness was completely gone I could see that their was a hole in his chest, fangs that seemed to be made out of the darkest shadows, and his entire body was encased in a shell of darkness that was dripping with blood.

“I guess you…”

Before Atlas could finish his sentence, Leon appeared behind him, grabbed his arm, and threw him into a wall. He then turned around, looked at me, and said something that made me die inside.


“It’s…it’s my fault, because of me, Leon tried to help me, because of me Leon became a monster.

“How can an ordinary human posses that much power, it’s just not possible.” Said Atlas getting to his feet

I just watched as Leon turned to face Atlas and let out a roar that was so strong it made Hell itself tremble with fear. In the same instant that Leon roared, he let out a massive blast of dark energy.

“No way! There is no way that a human can use a Spirit Ray.” Said Atlas

When the beam began to dissipate. Leon dashed behind Atlas, grabbed both of his arms, slammed him to the ground, and tore his arms off.

“Fool, never underestimate your opponent.” Said Atlas regenerating his torn limbs

“Instant regeneration.” Said Alicia

“You shouldn’t be surprised girl, I am a demon after all.” Said Atlas dusting himself off

Right when Atlas looked up Leon appeared in front of him, grabbed his throat, and unleashed a second blast of energy, however this one was twice as strong as the first.

“Leon!” I said screaming out his name

When everything started to clear I could see Leon holding a disfigured Atlas by the throat. Leon then threw Atlas to the ground and began gathering a large amount of energy into his palm.

“Finish me! My life no longer has any meaning.” Said Atlas

“Leon stop!” I said grabbing Leon’s arm

I deiced that the only way to bring Leon back was to show him how I truly felt. I walked in front of him, placed my hand on his arm, and told him that I love him.

“Leon, please come back to me?” I asked while starting to cry

“So that is what the human heart is capable of, it’s capable of loving a demon.” Said Atlas starting to regenerate his body

“Your wrong Leon’s not a demon, he’s…an angel.” I said placing my hand over my heart

“Well then I guess I should finish this angel off once…” Said Atlas getting cut off

In a split second Leon vanished then reappeared in front of Atlas with his hand grasping Atlas’ skull

“I…will never…let…you…hurt her!”

Before I could blink Leon released a blast of energy from his hand that incinerated everything it touched.


“Leon, come back to me?” I asked wrapping my hands around him

When I said that the cloak of darkness around Leon cracked and then dispersed. I looked up at his chest to find that his wound was gone.

“Are you alright?” Asked Leon placing his hand on my head

“I-I’m fine now that your back.” I said placing my head on his chest

The author's comments:
The thing that inspired me the most was the Bible and God.

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