2 Gorillas

March 8, 2010
By Trevbar BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Trevbar BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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“The Final phase of the operation is a go. Starting the countdown now: 10…9…8…” a voice boomed over the speaker system as scientists in lab coats ran frantically around the lab, flipping switches and preparing for the operation. In the middle of the whitewashed room sat two gorillas in a cage. Both had no idea what was about to happen to them. The two gorillas were about to be shrunk.

BiaVita was a research group who were invested in bio-mutation. In particular, they were interested in the effects of a new drug they created that would shrink cells, effectively shrinking any organic material. The U.S. government didn’t want the public or the press to get involved with the tests or learn anything about them so they built an underground lab for BiaVita codenamed Oasis. From there, the research team could do experiments away from public scrutiny. The very first organic material subjected to the drug were common houseplants. The instant the drug was applied, the plant would disappear from the lab. Eventually, the scientists perfected the drug to do what it was supposed to do. There was only a slight problem. It was extremely difficult to produce the drug effectively and apply it because it became useless if no organic material touched it within five to seven seconds. The scientist quickly developed a way to build the drug above the subject and then drop it within seconds onto the subject. Eventually, enough tests were completed that the scientists decided to move onto animals. Specifically, two gorillas.

There was a huge flash of light. Scientists near the experiment were thrown against the walls of the lab, breaking ribs in the process. After the flash subsided, there were no gorillas to be seen.

In New York City, a shockwave shook the ground. The people walking the streets and driving their cars wondered what could possibly be happening since earthquakes in NY were relatively rare. They found out a split second later as the ground erupted and two 500-foot tall gorillas emerged from underground. People screamed and ran in all directions, caught completely off guard. Who could have thought that two giant gorillas of all things would show up in the middle of NY? The gorillas sat on what remained of the ground and appeared dumbfounded by the people that suddenly were much smaller than they were.

Soon SWAT teams and local police began to arrive on the scene and the situation became very tense. The gorillas decided that they didn’t like so many people surrounding them so they swatted at a few cars nearby. The cars went flying through the air, smashing into nearby buildings and causing people to panic and run away from the dual behemoths. Presently, the SWAT/police teams decided it would be best to open fire. They unleashed a barrage of bullets at the unsuspecting gorillas, but they did nothing but cause the gorillas to become more agitated. They became angry and used their massive size to smash nearby police cars and people. The SWAT called in for the army to get involved, and soon helicopters swarmed in armed with stinger missiles. The gorillas continued to attack the cars and people on the ground even as the people attempted to retreat. The helicopters had no other choice. The command was given to use the missiles. The pilots pressed the button that would launch the missile. They took off from their launchers and rushed toward the gorillas, buzzing like angry bees. The missiles were about to make contact when another flash of light blinded everyone within a city block and the gorillas disappeared for the second time, leaving people standing in the streets, staring at the large hole in the ground.

Back at the lab, the scientists were just finishing recovering from the previous flash of light when another one blinded them for the second time. Once the flash subsided and the scientists could see again, they peered into the center of the lab, where the flash came from. In the cage, sat two miniature gorillas.

The scientists celebrated their success until they learned what had happened in NY. The U.S. government quickly learned who was responsible for the “attack” and disbanded BiaVita. Now, there are only three known vials of the drug contained in a high security vault in a top-secret location, preserved but unopened. And that’s how they will stay. And the gorillas? Nobody knows.

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