A Bugs Life pt.1

March 8, 2010
By gsjo894 SILVER, Waterford, Virginia
gsjo894 SILVER, Waterford, Virginia
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“Honey, it’ time to wake up, you have to get ready for school!” My mom sang in my ear. I gave an inaudible protest and feebly began to stir. Ugh school, or as I like to refer to it, the low point of my existence. After a few minutes of wishing I was somewhere else than right here right now, I sat up and prepared myself for the day to come. I threw off the sheets and hovered past my bathroom downstairs for breakfast. See, when you’re a fly personal hygiene is not a priority. I hovered through the kitchen looking for a quick bite to eat, hoping I wasn’t late for the dog I ride to school. With a nice slice of garbage in one hand and my backpack slung over my wings I was as ready as I could be for school. When I reached my dog stop I greeted my best and perhaps only friend, Katie. Katie is a caterpillar with major self esteem issues. I’m always telling her she’s beautiful but she’s never believes me. She’s already 10 days old and still hasn’t gone into her cocoon yet. “Hey Ty, how’s it glide’n?” Katie said in her usual down hearted voice. “Not bad, did you study for the…” I broke off mid conversation. Distracted, I stared at the magnificent creature that just passed me. “Ty? Are you still with me?” Katie asked with a hint of a smirk in her voice. “Uh huh,” I replied clearly not catching a word of what she was saying. Monica Monarch had flown by with a few of her butterfly friends sporting their brilliantly colored wings. As I stared, Katie said with annoyance,” you know I really don’t understand why you like her so much, she’s a total nectar sucker.” I gave a large sigh and replied,” I don’t care, I still love her.” Katie look disgusted at the dreamy expression on my face, and said earnestly “You could do so much better than Monica Monarch.” Unfortunately Katie was wrong, Monica was the most Fly girl in school and I was… a fly. Once we arrived at school we stopped our conversation and prepared for the dismount from the school dog. On the count of three we both jumped along with our class mates, and landed safely behind the holly bush that protected Bug Eye High. Now before we venture further into the confusion and pain that is my education, there is something you need to know—the social pyramid at Bug Eye High is highly complex, containing a niche for every insect. At the top of the chain you have your Butterflies, Lady Bugs, Beetles, Yellow Jackets, and Hornets. This level is composed of three types of bugs, the high flyer, the jock, and daddy’s little bug. The next level houses the Spiders, Bees, Dragon Flies, and Moths. In this level you’ll find the honey dealer, the recluse gang, and the poser. And finally we arrive at the lowest level of the social pyramid, and here I am! My community consists of flies, ants, slugs, worms, caterpillars, fleas, and a number of other oddballs.. There is generally one name that is used to refer to us, Losers. As Katie and I walk up to the school, I bump into Jack Yellow Jacket, because I was still thinking about Monica. “Watch where you’re going fly boy!”, Jack snarled towering over me. I mumbled a pathetic apology and continued into the school. My first class of the day was Avoiding fly swatters 101, and as Katie and I studied the image of the death contraption, she said, “So did you hear about the pollination dance on Friday?” I had heard of it, and had fantasized of going with Monica. “Yeah, I heard,” I replied coolly. “Well are you going?” Katie asked, sounding uncharacteristically interested. “Well I don’t think so. The person I want to go with is already taken.” I said pointedly. “Well you should go anyway,” Katie said sounding slightly perturbed. “I’ll think about it” I said doubtfully. We turned our heads towards the teacher to copy down the dimensions of a rolled up newspaper. As the day wore on I kept replaying a scene in my mind of Monica and I going to the pollination dance together. I found myself mouthing the poetic lines I ached for her to hear. I quickly scribbled the words on a leaf so I wouldn’t forget them. As I left my second class of the day, Surviving in the human household, I once again ran into someone, (I am really not on my game today). Floating there, looking annoyed was one of Monica’s friends, Lila Ladybug. “ Ugh, you spilled all my papers!,” she whined. As we both stooped to retrieve our fallen work, I didn’t notice her accidently take the leaf that had my claim of love to Monica written on it. Extremely embarrassed about the collision, I hurried away to the lunch room where I sat down at a table with Katie. For the next half hour I picked at my garbage without a real appetite while Katie munched on leaves she brought from home. Meanwhile, Lila was putting her leaflets away, when she came across one that didn’t belong to her. Lila read the leaf and an evil grin spread across her face— only an insect as evil as Lila would do what she was planning to do. After lunch I went to my next class as usual and went about my business while Lila was forming a cruel practical joke that would end in my demise. However Lila isn’t the smartest bug in the garden, so it took her all night once she got home from school to put together her diabolical plan.

The author's comments:
This was for a contest at my school where we had to write a short story on A Bugs life. I Won First place and 100$! I just thought i would share it with the world.

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