Mei Exerpt (Part 2)

February 20, 2010
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I gingerly attempted to stack a few of the books that were at hand and was shocked at some of the titles. One entailing dealings with Denorians caught my attention. I was reminded of my little "incident" earlier and pushed the book away. Other similar titles spoke of trading and dealing with the different people of our galaxy. There were too many books sprawled about to make a noticeable difference, so I abandoned my task almost as soon as I started. Uncle was speaking to me again and I brought myself out of my thoughts.

"Sorry Your Majesty?" Raytoo seemed to wince as I said the words and scolded me gently.

"None of that young dragoness! I simply asked if a refreshment would please you." I nodded and told him that it most certainly would. The days of Mei Planet were hot and it was not yet time for mid-break.

Uncle rumbled a summoning growl and a submissive Shezro appeared at the door.

"Yourrr Majesteee?" The reptilionous servant inquired in the curiously slurred speech of his race. The red orbs that functioned as eyes in his head flickered to me for a moment as he awaited his order.

"Bring water for my niece and I." Uncle commanded, barely giving the servant a glance as he touched his forehead and went to do as he had been bidden. The king turned back to me when the servant had departed and brought his forehands together in a thoughtful gesture.

"Now," He declared. " You must share with me the reason of your visit." I spread my forehands in a gesture of innocence.

"May a dragoness not visit her beloved uncle without a cause for debate?" Uncle shook his great head as he listened to my words. He sighed as he settled down on the floor beside his desk. He flexed his wings comfortably and regarded me critically. My tail twitched involuntarily with annoyance as he spoke his reply.

"You love that cave in the desert too well to leave without a cause besides family ties." The king of Mei looked at me seriously before he inquired. "Have Those Tied to Water been weighting you down with their woes and discoveries again?" I growled involuntarily at my Uncle's blunt interrogation, but quickly suppressed it.

I knew that Uncles disapproved of my choice of friends. I was not afraid to admit to him that I was against the harsh treatment of Those Tied to Water. Simply because the queen had disappeared from the throne gave him no right to alienate her people. Without them, what were Those Associated With Fire?

Uncle especially had trouble comprehending my reasoning, being of Those Associated With Fire myself. He often blamed my sentimentality on my human mother, and spoke of my father's poor choice of mate. It was a subject of many unpleasantries and one we tried our best to avoid. I inhaled deeply to calm myself before replying.

"Those Tied to Water have just as much right to live and thrive here in The Central City as we do." My voice was steady, but tense. I already knew what his reply would be.

"The other draconic race sees it only fit to squabble amongst themselves for the power at the top of the hierarchy. The disappearance of their queen completely obliterated their sense of right and civility." Uncle gestured widely with one talon. "Besides, they have never brought forth any complaints against the matter."

"They see you as a usurper of the power of the throne! They are not being given their voice on the matters of Mei. You know of the pride they keep kindled within their souls. Someday, Uncle, there will be an uprising!" The king remained silent through my short lived tirade, and his eyes only rewarded me with a stony glare.

"I. Am. Aware," He said through gritted teeth. "Of their disgruntlement, but it holds no concern for me. I am the king of Mei. They lost their voice when their queen abandoned them." My tail lashed back and forth, scattering the few books I had tried to stack as I no longer attempted to contain my anger.

"The planet is sick! At least she's trying to do something about it!"

"What nonsense is this? Do not tell me that they have corrupted you with their treacherous mutterings as well!" I made an expansive gesture behind me as I tried to reason with him.

"Look around you, Uncle! There is sickness everywhere. The forests of Those Tied to Water wither and the rivers run dry. The sands of my home beloved homeland are blackening with the decay!" His calm demeanor was infuriating as he shook his head once more.

""In the desert perhaps were you have tainted it with the strange ways of Those Tied to Water, but The Central City is a stronghold against such happenings. You should remain here where it is safe." The king, Raytoo of Those Associated With Fire arose and made for the door. "I'll have a servant prepare you a room." I stood up, fists clenched as I spoke angrily to his back.

"I will not remain here." He turned back to face me with a genuinely surprised expression. I later regretted my next words, but my anger got the best of me as I pointed at him accusingly. "You are a coward, Your Majesty, to refuse to face the truth. Your castle and land will rot around you and the people of Mei will perish. They will remain ever vigilant in the face of death due to your reassurances, but it will be in vain."

I stormed from the room, slamming the door behind me. I hardly noticed the cowering Shezro who held a spilled beaker of water and looked quite disturbed from the manner of my exit.

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