He's Waiting For You

February 28, 2010
By Alissarose PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
Alissarose PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
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"Roses are red, violets are blue. My rose is white and its bleeding for you..."

It’s dark out and the only light is from the full moon. Snow is withering in the dreadful wind. Each snowflake is dancing to the ground in a beautiful rhythm.

I’m inside, isolated from the winter wonderland. I’m trying to sleep but as I lay still in my bed, a dead and hollow voice echoes in my head. It acts as if destined to keep me from the sleep I want.

“Go on. He’s waiting for you, his dearest…”

“But I’m scared.” I whisper back. M eyes are glued on my window. Slowly, my mind wonders why in the heavens I was talking to a voice. If it were my very own voice, I’d understand more but that was not the case. It was as if the voice from a distant mortal, dead for many centuries. I asked myself to which sanity I was thinking. But still my eyes glued themselves to my window, watching the snow, aching to go out there.

“Go on. He’s waiting for you, his dearest…”

For a moment, there was nothing more to say. Silence crept over my room and neither my voice nor the other voice were heard.

I closed my eyes and wished for my body to unfreeze. I yelled in my head, telling myself that there was no reason to be so scared. I wished the voice would go away and I wished I was outside in the winter wonderland.

When I opened my eyes, I was exactly where I wanted to be. I was outside in the snow. Tilting my head back, the snow landed on my face, stinging it and
danced onto my hair. Beautiful, crystals were falling as if angels from heaven, all around me.

“Go on. He’s waiting for you, his dearest…”

That’s when I saw him.

A tall, built man disguised in a black cloak and hidden in shadows. He was watching me. The feel of his eyes searching my body gave off a strange aura but
drew me in, curiously. Although he had a dark and ominous presence to him, I gingerly stepped forward.

With the least bit of hesitation, I forced myself to speak. However, the voice that came out was much too feeble to be my own. “W-who are you?”

The man seemed to chuckle at my dumbfounded speech. Grinning darkly, he disappeared into the black surroundings. He just vanished as if he was a mere ghost from hell who had been revived. Though as I said before, he had created curiosity within me and so my eyes screened the shadows for him. I searched blindly for many moments. Then two huge, muscle-tensed arms wrapped themselves around my body. A soft gasp left my lips in alert as he pulled me into his own body. “W-who-”

“Shh. Its okay, Hun. I’ve got you now…” he whispered and it surprised me to hear his voice. For a man with such a dark appearance, his voice was soothing and his breathes were warm, almost comfortable. And now I know I’m not alone…

The author's comments:
A dream... A dream so simple must be a wish of some sort. And this be one...

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on Jun. 2 2010 at 2:56 pm
Thief_of_your_heart SILVER, Knox, Tennessee
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youve got some amazing stuff!!! luv it!!!


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