The Promise

February 28, 2010
By artandbooks16 SILVER, Lapeer, Michigan
artandbooks16 SILVER, Lapeer, Michigan
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I will. I will do anything that's needed, are the words repeated through out my mind every second of every day. This is the promise I gave to him before he... I told him this meaning that I would protect the humans and keep our, correction, my world a secret, because there are creatures in it that would kill and devour them if they knew. The most powerful of the creatures would be the ones in charge, or think they are anyway, the Order. They sent their most ruthless and most dangerous of their guards to kill my love and me.

The guard that they sent was of my own blood, Kentara, my sister. There is one thing and one thing only that we ever had in common, and that would be that we we're both born shape shifters.

After running from her for two months Kentara had finally caught up to James, my love, and myself. Kentara hit us hard but it turned out she couldn't kill her own sister, which had been a big mistake. Even though she couldn't kill me she killed James, she tortured him and then killed him when he no longer moved or made a sound. She only tortured him because she couldn't kill me but could still cause me pain. Before she was finished she beat me up, then left leaving James body and my unconscious badly beaten body laying in the clearing.

Now that it's a year later I am on my way back to that very clearing to face off with Kentara once more. When I had gotten close enough to the clearing where I could see it, I saw her. My evil to the core sister and I hesitated the tinniest bit. Entering the clearing, Kentara asked with all the venom in the world, “you ready to join you pathetic human?”

“Oh, on the contrary my sister,” I disagreed, “you will be the one to die today. Well, I see that you don't have any help this time. Hope you can take me all by yourself?”

“Ha Ha, don't make me laugh my dear sister,” she counters with a malicious grin, “ Shall we?”

And with that invite our deadly game began. My blood thirsty opponent changed into her preferred form, a lioness, as I changed into a panther starting the dance of death. Leaping into the air, for the very tender throat I must rip open, I went back to the day it all began.

On my knees, being held down by one of Kentara's loyal helpers, and screaming at James a promise to do everything I can and will. Knowing that the chance for his survival was long past the minute Kentara turned her gleaming eyes at him. And know that I wrestled to get free and attach, but the stupid guard was big and held my arms in a bone twisting hold. For a minute, I really thought that he was already dead, and couldn't bear it. Even with the distance between us, I could tell his chest was rising ever so slowly. Glancing at Kentara with her signiture wicked grin she snapped is neck. The moment it happened I could tell when his heart stopped. I couldn't do anything but sit and stare with the ring on the sickenly sharp snap of his neck.

With that sound I found myself back in the present fight, on top of the lioness. Within that split second of remembrance, she got the advantage and threw me off. Hitting a tree and bounding off back towards Kentara, I heard myself make a horrific growl that would have stopped the heart of an innocent. I missed, but had her pinned in the same second she was turning into a cougar. She struggled to get free, but I had her in a position where she couldn't move a muscle. I needed stronger jaws so I changed into a jaguar. With me awesomely powerful jaws to her sleek slender neck. When my teeth sunk into the blazing hot flesh and blood poured into my mouth, I hesitated she was my own blood after all.

From the corner of my eye I saw that Kantara recognized my hesitation. She gave me her wicked smile, and I knew I would kill her. I threw my head to the side and I heard, but even better felt her neck break like a large stike being broken in half.

Finished with my goal, I jumped back and landed in my human form. I fall to the ground crying, but not for what just happened but the relief of it being down, having just killed the sister that murdered my true love. I found myself, again back at the day this all began. The day that James died. After Kentara had left thinking I would die soon, I slowly crawled over to my love's corpse. I sat up and laid his head in my lap and cried until I found my strength to move. Remembering the promise I gave him, even if he didn't know about it. And I walked away with him in my arms.

Now, leaving the same place, only with a different body in my arms, I headed toward the rest of the promise I vowed to up hold to my beloved.

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on Mar. 27 2010 at 6:13 pm
artandbooks16 SILVER, Lapeer, Michigan
7 articles 4 photos 5 comments
Thanks! I was thinking that it might need more action, but wasn't sure.

on Mar. 18 2010 at 7:58 pm
chaotic_stuff BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Interesting....why don't you have more action and less reminisicing next time? IDK, i could be wrong, but it was extremely good!!


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