February 26, 2010
By KioKio BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
KioKio BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
We are a lie, my angel.

This is a story, a plea deal, a myth of five words, the repetition of history. This is where we collide and where we make our great departure.
This is the tale of five sinners.

Kio—The Plea Deal.
You have to learn quickly and never, ever look back. You have to move forward because that is the only path you can create for yourself. You have to learn to press a blade to your wrist and make it all just go away.
So maybe I did betray my own species, maybe I even went as far as to disown my pack but this. This was never supposed to happen. But what really ever is?
“You remind me of a firefly,” my voice was nearly silent, but I knew he heard me because I heard his soft breathing stop.
“Really? Why?” he asked, turning to look at me as I reached towards the sky like I could touch the burning balls of gases that people called stars.
“You glow,” my throat tightened before I could finish my sentence. It wasn’t just that he glowed, he, like a firefly, was mistaken for a shooting star and I wished upon him. He was a light when all the stars had gone out, and all my stars had exploded in my face and died a long time ago.
I felt tears burning in my eyes and I resisted the urge to grab his hand that was so close to mine. Our fate was as strong one and God can’t interfere with the fate of angels and the fate of animals
Firefly, light my world on fire.

Arashi—The Five Words.
“Five is her number, she obsessively worships it,” he said as if it was a warning, the sanity he had barely been holding onto had obviously left him.
“Just like she used to worship you?” I shot back with a smirk.
“Just like how she worships you now,” he swung his head to the side and then turned his bloodshot, red eyes back to me. He was nervous, paranoid.
“Better me then you. You don’t have the potential to be a god,” the last word rolled of my tongue and his eyes widen slightly.
“She’s my alpha female!”
“Yeah, well she loves me,” that’s when I died inside, because I realized that she did really love me and I was hurting her as much as he was because I was only using her for my own selfish pleasures. Just like he had done.

Because it only takes five words to kill.

Zaine—The Vestal Effect.

His voice was low then and it had changed, maybe for the better or maybe for the worse.

“I want to set the sky on fire,”

And she dropped her head in a half-hearted nod because she agreed with him.
But they were creatures of the night, not meant to be seen by human eyes. They belonged in the dark and she told him so.
He sat up and didn’t answer because there was nothing to be said and there never was.
She stood, stretching her aching, aching legs and looked back at him, but didn’t grin, didn’t smirk, didn’t even meet his eyes.
“Come on,”
He nodded and once again they walk side by side out the doors because they were equals.
The main room of the church fell silent not only because this was their god, but because she was walking as an equal with her angel.
The moonlight spilled through the hole in the ceiling and the stained glass windows. It was then that Zaine also wanted to light the sky on fire just because she knew that they all were dying to see the sun.

Zeke—The End.
Now it was just her and him.
“Leave me,” he whispered.
She should have stayed.
And silently he prayed she would.
She paused, pursing her lips but she understood and nodded before turning away.
Then he was alone with the slowly dying fire and the whole world around him was still and heavy with death and rain.
It only took one step closer to the fire before he made up his mind.
Despite the rain, the gasoline still lit.
And he set the whole sky on fire.

Erebus—The Beginning.
The worst part could have been the screaming and the unbearable smell of blood — so much blood. The sound of arrows whizzing by and the swords cutting through the air and flesh. But it was war and not just any war, this was a war to save an empire along with a lifestyle.

Rome had been strong, of course, but too much power had become their downfall. People feared the great power of the Rome and the vampires that ruled it.
Humans are foolish that way, she thought, dodging another arrow and looking over at her comrades. Always trying to destroy what they fear.
They never thought they would be overpowered though. Never.
So they danced, the three of them, among corpses and swords and arrows. Two vampires and one werewolf. They stayed close and pushed forward with their claws and their teeth and their inhuman power.
Or maybe the worst part was that they were being overpowered. They had never fought against their own kind and it was strange that the three of them along with other vampires and a few werewolves with thousands of humans were failing.
The worst part could have also been the arrows that impaled his arms and legs and the searing pain as he tried to keep moving so that he could please, please, save what they had worked so hard to create. The slash on his face was probably infected and finally he gave into the pain and there were only two left.
We were supposed to be the best, she snarled in her head and even though her words were silent, it was a pathetic sound that lack all hope. This wasn’t supposed to happen.
And then,
No, the worst part was the sword through her chest and his scream,

The author's comments:
The main characters of each book in the Five Sinners Series, each representing a book.
Zeke should actually be replaced with Ronan, but I haven't wrote anything about him yet.

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