The Sleep

February 25, 2010
The room, still glowing a familiar taint of gold, looked as though it was sad. (Appositive) Cassandra darted her eyes around the room.(Action verb) She was waiting to see him again, waiting to see him smile, waiting to see those light crimson eyes.(rep. for effect) But he never showed. She thought about all the times they spent together, but the thought simply vanished, as though he had removed it. (Revealing Characters thoughts) She stood, knees wobbling, hands shaking. She grasped the door knob and swept up to her own room.

She was laying on her bed when a servant came in and bowed deeply in respect. (How others react) “I do not need anything at the moment, now shoo!” Cassandra warned him. (Character speaks) He left the room in a great hurry. Her hair, a luscious volume of red waves and curls, was spread out behind her. (Describing appearance) The room was draped in an elegant red fabric, so heavy Cassandra couldn't pick it up. (Character's Environment) She threw on of her books down and screamed in frustration. She started pacing around the room like she always did when she was confused. (Character in Action) She looked around the room; the room was almost bare except for the desk and bed. Cassandra, confused and tired, laid down on the bed. (Adjectives Shifted Out Of Order) She just laid there not moving. Mind racing, fingers fidgeting, she closed her eyes to fall asleep. (Participle) She woke up to find him standing above her, smiling down. Cracking a smile, she lunged at him full force in a tackle hug. (Absolute) “I thought you missed me, princess,” he said with a smirk. “Only ever, brother,” She smiled back at him. Hand-in-hand they walked down to the courtyard, they lived happily ever after.(Hyphenated Modifier)

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