Alley KIds Oganization

February 25, 2010
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There are many places with many secrets. The secrets are only shown to certain people that are destined to see what the secret is. In a city called Idaho Falls, lived a teenage girl. The girl has blonde, straight-wavy hair with deep brown eyes. She’s about five feet, four inches tall and has glasses. She’s wore a red long sleeve shirt with a black t-shirt over it. Her blue jeans had holes on the knees and her black shoes were wet from the puddles. The girl never knew what was in store for her after tonight. She was walking to her house in a neighborhood of mansions that could be mistaken for castles, and the wind started to pick up. She paid no mind to it, until the smell. She stopped in her tracks and covered her nose, but the stench glued to her senses of smell. The smell is an awful stench of death. It smelled like rotting dead with no soul. She turned about to find out what the smell was, but she only found a floating figure. She couldn’t quite understand how the figure was floating. The floating figure has a black cloak with the hood on. The shadow on his face is hidden from the light. The curious girl studied the floating figure, trying to find answers to her questions. The black figure lifted his arm straight and pointed at her. What was it doing thought the girl? The finger is covered by the cloak, but the wind picked up again and blew off the cloak covering the finger. It revealed a skeletal finger. The girl’s mind went blank. Her body went into panic mode and ran for her life. The black figure screamed an ear splitting scream, and flew off after her. The girl ran on the road in the light of the moon, till she saw the black figure’s shadow. She, then, ran into an alleyway for cover. She looked back to see where the black figure was, but tripped on a rock. She landed on her hands, then her face on the wet pavement. She blacked out for a few minutes, and then lifted herself up. She checked herself to see if there's anything broken or sprained. After that, she looked in the alleyway, in the sky, and behind her back. The black figure was gone. She got up and sighed in relief. In an alley, she felt safe. The alleyway is dark, nasty, and scary. There was nothing; no sound, no people, even no rats. The girl didn’t let her guard down because she felt that something wasn’t right. Suddenly, the wind picked up and it blew hard behind her. Her eyes widened and chills went down her spine, not because of the cold, but of her gut feeling. Her body froze in the position she was in. Her feet were glued to the pavement and her body couldn’t flinch. The minute the wind picked up, she had a gut feeling what was behind her. So many questions ran through her head. What’s going on? Why is this happening to her? Was she going to die? She wanted to run, but her legs wouldn’t corporate and stayed frozen at the spot. Half of her wanted to look behind her and scream at it, hoping it would scare the black figure away, but the other half wanted to run for her life. What does she do? She gathers up all of her courage she had left and turned her body around to the black figure that is behind her, only by a few feet. Her gut feeling was right. The black figure’s cloak swayed with the wind in a creepy manor. The black figure moved his arm so grim like towards the full moon and the sleeve of the cloak slide down to reveal a bone arm. What was it doing thought the girl terrified, but yet curious. The girl began to think what this black figure could be, but it was impossible from what she was thinking of. All she did was watch. The black figure opened his hand and a light surrounded his hand. The moon became brighter and made a beam of light to the figure’s hand. Then, the light moved into a stick and the end went down to a point. The light disappeared and the black figure’s hand is now grasping some sort of weapon. The staff is sliver as the moon’s surface. The blade looks like its half of the size of the staff and came down to a very sharp point. The girl couldn’t believe it. The moon’s light reflected off from the blade, and towards the top of the blade had a crescent moon with a heart with a heart next to it. The weapon is a scythe. The answer came to the girl on who this is. The black figure floated towards the girl and lifted the scythe above the girl’s head and his. The girl knew what the figure is, but she couldn’t believe it. It was the Grim reaper! The reaper held the scythe above his and the girl’s head, and pushed the blade towards the girl and sliced her. The slice started from the left side of her shoulder to the middle side on her right. The girl thought she is going to die, at the age of seventeen. She had so many things going for her, but she couldn’t do any of her dreams. She wanted a family and a husband. She is a tough girl, killed. No one would solve her murder because no one would ever thought of the grim reaper as the culprit. Even if they solved the case, the cops couldn’t catch the reaper. She fell hard on the cold pavement, ready to face her death. The last sight she saw was the grim reaper floating towards her and lifted his hand toward the wound on her, then disappeared. The girl closed her eyes and only a single tear fell out of her left eye.

The girl wakes up in her room, on her bed. She thought that everything that happened to her was a dream. She looked around all over herself and no scratches were to be found. She is relieved that everything was a dream and she is excited to be alive. Her throat started to hurt from being dry. She got up to get some water, but pain swept across her left shoulder and chest. She fell back down on the bed and grabbed her shoulder and held her waist. Her eyes squeezed shut and held the grip on her tightly, until the pain subsided. She wondered what’s hurting. So, she pulls her left sleeve off her shoulder and saw a part of the bandage. Her eyes widened and she ran into her bathroom. She pulled down her sleeve on her shirt, and there’s a bandage. She lifted the shirt on her right side and the bandage went down to the left shoulder to the middle of her right side, just the same spot and size that the reaper gave her the wound. She couldn’t believe it. Was it real? Did it actually happen? Then, someone answered her that.

“Thanks for your help.” She looked at her bathroom doorway, and there he was; The Grim reaper. She was about to scream, but the reaper interrupted her,” I’m not here to kill you. I’ll explain.” The girl suddenly had a feeling of trust that came out of no where. She couldn’t understand why, but she wanted answers. So, the girl walked back and sat on her bed, legs crossed. The Grim Reaper followed and floated in front of her window. He told her,” I only need help and needed a body to use for awhile. There’s a war going on and I’m the main weapon for the war and I don’t want to fight.” The girl sat there, listening. The Grim Reaper held out the weapon he made and said,” If you can help me, I’ll help you.” The girl sat on her bed, wondering; should she do it, or not? What war? All these questions were running through her head. Then, she thought of the offer the Reaper made her. She sat there, with the reaper patently waiting, and then she grabbed the scythe. The Reaper was taken back by her choice. He expected her to say no or something, but she just grabbed the scythe. Why would she choose to help him thought the Reaper, the bringer of death? She smiled and asked,” So, if I help you, what will happen?” The Reaper warned her,” Our souls would combine forever. See, even if the war is over, we would still be connected. I want to know why you choose to help me.” All she said was,” Hi, my name is Ally and I need your help on how to use a scythe. I decided to help you because if I’m correct, you’re already connected with me and I feel like I can trust you for some reason.” Ally and the Reaper shook hands in agreement and laughed. The lessons started that very night on how to use a scythe.

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