The Dragon and Monk

February 25, 2010
By Kaden Barnes BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Kaden Barnes BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
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How did dragons come into existence in people’s minds? Are they real or fake? There is a story that has been pasted down by many family generations. The origins of the story of dragons came from the medieval times. The story starts out with a Monk. He was a very cautious man. He believed every superstitious story and always tried to have luck on his side. One day, he was riding on his horse going to another town. For a superstitious monk, he loved the supernatural and mythological creatures. The Monk believed that they are all real, just hiding because they were misunderstood. While the Monk was riding, a light came into the sky. The Monk looked up and studied it. The light became brighter and it was shaped of a sphere. The Monk thought it was a meteorite and ran behind the closest tree, feeling safe when he hide behind it. The light became really bright and it was in a shape of a sphere. The sphere shape fell on the ground and slide few hundred feet away. The Monk covered his head as the dirt flew up in the air. Then, the flying dirt landed on the ground and the Monk looked around. He saw a trail leading up to the sphere shape. So, he got up and walked towards it. By the time he got there, the smoke cleared up and the Monk noticed something odd. The sphere wasn’t a sphere anymore. There was a black outline and it had ridges and bumps all over and it was…breathing. The Monk walked closer, and suddenly fire came at him. The Monk flew back like a chicken been scared by a dog and landed on his butt. His widened eyes were the same shape and size of an alien saucer. His chest was being pumped in and out from the shock of his life. Then, he heard a voice.

“Oh, sorry I had to sneeze. I’ve been holding it in,” the Monk looked up and saw the figure stand up. It had four legs and a very abstract head from normal heads. The figure walked to the Monk and helped him up The Monk replied while dusting himself off,” Its ok fine sir. I need a sca-scar-scar- DRAGON!!!” the figure is a dragon. The dragon had a very brown body that had black spots blending into his body and he is covered with scales. The monk jumped up like his butt was on fire and tried to defend himself with a twig. “Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-you stay away fr-fr-fr-fr-from me!” The dragon turned his head on his right shoulder with a weird look on his face. Suddenly, the Monk dropped the twig and landed on his knees with his hands together and begged, “Oh please oh please oh please don’t eat me! I’m not that good I promise. PLEASSSSSSSE!” Then, the dragon started to laugh. The monk looked at him very confused. “Ha-ha you’re funny. My name is Draco and I’m the last of the dragons. I have to survive,” said Draco the Dragon. The monk had a very surprised look on his face. His eyes were huge, bigger then an alien saucer and his mouth was opened. Draco asked,” What? Is there something on me scales?” The Monk shook his head no and said,” You can TALK!?!” Draco nodded his head.

Later that night, the both of them made a fire and camped out. Draco and the Monk talked to each other to get to know one another. “So, why do you have to survive?” Asked the Monk. Draco replied,” Well, I’m the last of the dragons and if I die, then the whole race of dragons will die.” The monk sat there, thinking. Then, he thought up an idea,” Well, how about you come live with me. I’ll protect you from harm and no one will ever know about you. What do you say?” Draco thought if trust him enough not to turn him in or kill him? If he was planning on it, he would have done it already. He pondered there for a minute and asked,” How can I trust you enough so I know that you won’t kill me?” The monk said,” I love the mythological creatures and I also need a friend as much as you do.” Draco nodded his head in agreement. Then, they became friends and Draco secretly lived with the Monk in his barn at his home town for the rest of the Monk’s life.

As years passed, the monk passed away and his son came to his barn to find some garden tools. Then, He heard someone’s voice. The son walked down in the ground and there was Draco. He couldn’t believe his own eyes and his expression was the same as his father’s. Draco said,” Ha-ha just like your father. Hi, my name is Draco, What’s yours?

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