At The End of The Universe Ch. 1

February 25, 2010
By DIVOted2MuSiC SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
DIVOted2MuSiC SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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I looked out the plexi-glass window, wondering… if maybe, just maybe, he’d come after all. I wondered too, if I’ve been wrong to trust him. He was after all, not from here. Suddenly, I sensed another presence behind me and yet, I was afraid to trust my instincts, which had been failing me lately. Not that anybody trusted themselves nowadays; we had technology for everything, from choosing the outfits that best looked on us to choosing “a healthy, nutritious and delicious” dinner, as my Father’s Lematron put it. I was rambling again. It was an unconscious reaction to my nervousness. But I could no longer ignore him, it would be rude. Slowly, I turned around.

The first thing that struck me, as it always did, was the sheer beauty of him. It wasn’t movie-star beauty, or the cold beauty of a vampire, it was another whole term of its own. HE had experience, and when looking at him, I could almost see the galaxies, the stars and planets, stars dying and stars being born, black holes, the formation of new planets, I could see everything that ever WAS.

After a while, he shimmered and the view vanished. He looked at me, as always, very piercing in his examination. At last, he spoke “We are safe.” “For how long?” I questioned anxiously, hoping he would not notice my anxiety. “As long as it’s necessary. The Crystal Selector is ready to open again, but you will be gone before it does. I have spoken the Krelmenns, they understand that you have no choice.” I was alarmed. “Were leaving now?” There was a loud shattering noise to my left that answered my question. Quickly, he grabbed me and we were gone.

That was four senlatagons ago. I still remember although I shouldn’t have, if Osmeo’s cortfels were at least somewhat accurate. But time traveling was anything but predictable, so I guess Osmeo wasn’t at fault. And besides, apart from that, Osmeo has never been wrong. Anyways, the story began several senlatagons before…

The Rastafarian City, in Earth, senlatagon 0660

I watched, as Africa sunk under the ocean, Japan invaded Russia, the Areofer virus spread and the US government deny refuge to people whose countries were gone. To me it was no surprise but the people who were staring at the screen, were paralyzed with shock. It didn’t last long. People just weren’t used to being quiet. A plate fell to the floor. Then the pandemonium started. I smiled grimly to myself. Mission accomplished. And I was gone before the Marthlegals could open their mouths.

Back at home, I relaxed and conveyed news of my latest accomplishment to the sentinel. Money was wired to my Multi-Bryor account. I chose a book in my mind library and settled down to read. As always, I didn’t get to the end of the first chapter before Seleth burst in. But for a change, he had important news “The Corithtre have contacted us” he gasped. We had business to attend to.

Back at the headquarters, our nickname for the Telrasol building, we were discussing whether we could trust the Corithtre, but I suppose I had better explain what this is. We were the Surviver organization, our mission was to protect the population in general, revealing the atrocities of the government which sought to take over the world. And the way things are going, they might managed it, but they’d have to kill us first. Most of us were escapees from the Ressolution Program. The Ressolution program was a program that the government funded, to create the perfect warriors. We were selected at 7 senlatagons of age, but only the best were ever chosen by the Crystal Selector. I was in line for the next selection. In the end, we decided to trust the Corithtre. We had nothing to lose. The government was picking us off one by one, we were heavily outnumbered and our supplies were dwindling. We arranged for a meeting.

4 herleths later

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