Rise in the Morning Part III

February 23, 2010
The double doors opened by remote control. Michael stepped foward.

“Excuse me sir, I would like to propose an offer,” started Michael.

“Then go ahead and say it,” Sandra replied cooly.

“Well, as you probably already know, your Messenger has disappeared,” Michael began. “Your society cannot run quite as smoothly anymore. I would like to ask you to step down and let us repair it for you.”

The man at the desk chuckled. “You? But you’re only children!” He laughed harder. “and besides, how do I know that you won’t try to trick me?” he said straightening up. “I shall give you a moment to leave but if you aren’t gone by then, some gentlemen will come escort you out.”

Michael sighed and casually scratched his nose. If John Sandra had turned and looked directly behind him at that second, he would have seen about fifty young boys getting ready to stampede.

But of course he didn’t, so when they all came gushing out, it was a great shock.

“Don’t kill him! But tie him to the board you brought!” The boys then produced a large wooden board cut from Daughter Blue Tree.

Melissa was preparing to be Messenger for the last time. It made her feel apprehensive. When she was Messenger, everyone needed her. It was the only time that she felt loved, because without her, Deverda couldn’t function properly. But now, in this new Deverda, would they need her?

Every house she would say hello, give them a message that told them to assemble on the lawn in front of the government facility, and tell them briefly of how their government was gone and how the Blue Jays now reigned.

The gathering was beginning!

“Hello. I am Michael Jay. The leader of the Blue Jays. The first thing that I need to tell you is that your government officials were greedy. The only reason why they let you be lazy is because, they wanted to grow slaves. And where were they getting these slaves, you might ask. From you! One in every four children that you produced went to them. And if you wouldn’t give him or her to them, they would just steal. And then some day when the babies grew up, they would make the babies work for them and leave you with nothing.

“Now recently, Melissa, who you have previously known as Messenger, and I, got rid of your government and took back your babies. If you would like to come and claim one, go to the little black building at the edge of the state.

“Melissa and I would love to help your society and rebuild it if you will let us. If you have any questions, please come to Melissa’s dwelling and ask either Melissa or me. Thank you for your time!” Michael finished.

“Michael, that was a wonderful speech. I would love to help you like you said I could,” Melissa said, back in her dwelling.

“I would love the help and need it too,” Michael said.

This made Melissa feel relieved. She would be needed!

“But I want to help you too. How can I?” Michael asked.
“Love me.” she replied. “No one else ever has loved me for me.”

She stole one last luxurious kiss before they went to off to bring their belongings from Blue Tree, and finally come home.

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ElephantGirl523 said...
Mar. 9, 2010 at 3:24 pm
I love the ending. Really amazingly good story! Keep writing!
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