Shadows of the Past

March 2, 2010
A house stood farther away from the circle of houses around it. Marking the end of the street. There was nothing special about this two story white house with black shudders and door. Nor was there anything strange about the friends living in it. Yes, they were a quiet group and were hardly ever seen, but that was them. The small group of four just like to keep to themselves.

The sky was pitch black and no stars could be seen. Even the moon hid refusing to shine her luminous light. Nothing seem wrong, but then again that was what their magic was for. To hide and keep mortals out of the supernatural world. The two story white and black house looked find and no strange noise broke through the night. The reason for this was a magic barrier that created a false image. Only those who were beyond human could see and hear what was truly there.

The black door was ripped off the hinges. Leaving only wooden chunks that clung to metal hinges. The rest lay scattered around the green grass in tiny pieces. All lights were out and a slow eerie melody drifted with the cool night wind. A loud howl resounded against the barrier walls. Quite possibly breaking through reaching mortal ears from what seem to be a distance. Creeping shadows shrunk and hissed at the calling howl. Crashing and rustling could be heard from the house.

White feathers quitely drifted from the sky. Contrasting with the black blank abyss, or the sky, were two large white wings. As they got closer to the ground a body of a teenager could be seen attached to them. The teen had a lithe form with pale skin that glowed slightly. Short sandy blonde hair was tousled a little as the teen ruffled his white wings. Liquid gold eyes scanned the area before he walked to the door.

The golden eyed teen wore a long sleeved white button up shirt with slim fitted black jeans. Black and white high top converse protected his feet from the wood splinters and occasional pieces of glass. The sandy blonde haired teen stopped in front of the open door looking inside. It was a disaster nothing remained expect for the peach walls and dented wood floor. Scattered piles of broken furniture, mirrors, clay pots, and appliances, such as the dishwasher, was everywhere.

Tiny thumps reached slightly pointed ears from above. A small grin tugged at thin lips, before they formed a tiny 'O'. A high pitch whistle glided past in a feather light touch on his lips. Quickly filling the whole house. Pointed black furry ears twitched at the sound. An equally black nose, that shined slightly, rose up and sniffed the air.

A warm mulberry scent hit the creature's nostrils. Emerald green eyes looked in the direction of the sound as they shown with love and loyalty. A front paw thump the ground before howling again. Hind leg muscles bunched up as the black wolf sprinted to the stairs and stopped to stare at his golden eyed master. The teen watched the black wolf come down the steps as he beckoned it with two lithe fingers.

The white winged teen turned his hand over so his palm faced the ceiling as his servant came closer. Emerald green eyes locked onto liquid gold as he stopped before the winged teen. A pink tongue lightly lick the thin fingers of the hand presented to the black wolf before the hand turned over and patted its furry obsidian head. The black wolf lowered his head and eyes as a voice entered the golden eyed teen's mind.

Master Raphael

Pure snow white feathers were ruffled as his wings shook. A calm low voice entered the depressing space that seemed to be closing in on the only occupants.


The wolf's head lowered more before his master continued to speak.

"Any sign of them?"

Again the same deep voice entered the winged teen's mind.

No...The only thing that even hints that they were here were the neighbors description of the two unknown males.

"What did they say?"

Mostly that the two twins, Dante and Cain, lived here alone until four months ago when a pale white teen with crimson eyes and shoulder length jet black hair with neon green streaks started to come around. Soon after another pale white teen came with him. Only this one was usual, he had short spiky white hair with light blue streaks and one violet eye and one aqua blue eye. The neighbors say after the first few visits they stayed here with the twins.

"Anything else appearance wise."

The jet black and neon green haired teen had black snake-bites on his lower lip and always dressed more on the darker side, but the white and blue haired teen dressed a little more colorful. The two did have similar clothing styles and both had at least two piercing on each ear.


Also this house is not one a mortal has lived in for years. The lingering scent is only strong enough for me to know that it is the scent of death and decay.

"I see"

Their conversation was cut there and the silence came back, but it was not completely there for the slow haunting music still played in the background.


Raphael walked toward the broken front door not stopping to see if the black wolf had decided to follow. For he knew that a child of the moon would not be able to disobey any command he gave. Especially this one for it was the servant that was signed to help him on his journeys.

Emerald green eyes started to glow as he followed the winged teen out of the now abandoned house. Also most instantly after the music that came from nowhere stopped and the barrier around the house scattered like a thousand pieces of glass. Soon as the sun made its way across the sky this broken house would be found.

Do you wish me to remove the memories of those four from the mortals.

"No...Let them see. They shall be our way of showing those criminals that we have finally found them and they shall not escape us this time."

As you wish my lord

As they continued to walk down the street Raphael's wings folded into his back hiding them from view. Dimitri watched in slight fascination as he always had done when his master hide his wings. He longed to change as well so he could walk next to his master, but for now as it was still dark he had to stay in his second form.

The form of a black wolf.

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