The Birthstone Band: Part 1

February 22, 2010
By Rythm GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
Rythm GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
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The sunshine broke through the fabric curtains of silk, finding their way finally to the eager face of a fifteen teen year old boy with a talent for letting his heart out by yelling with tune. In this case, “yelling with tune” means “singing”, and quite the singer he was. But enough about that, back to the sunshine on his face and all that senseless jazz. The boy smiled before letting out a sigh of thankful relief, asking for the blessings on nature – another morning. Why is he actually wishing for blessings of tomorrow’s morning? Simply because for ages the rumors of the sun going out all at once were floating all over, and each day seemed to become dimmer and dimmer as the years passed the people by. Just the thought of a day without sunlight sent shivers down everyone’s spines, whether it be an unknowing child or an elderly man or woman that has been through these dark days almost all their life. The boy’s face lit up with a new smile, a triumphant one. Now who was the only one praying to Haven for light? HIM! All him, not his friends, nor the people of his town, but him. No one. Zip. Ok, I think my point has been made clear enough.

“Sapph, it’s morning! The sun is still out! It looks even lighter than yesterday, geez… Get up you lazy old fox!” The sleeping figure on the floor, curled up into a ball of neither maroon nor crimson fur, didn’t stir a bit at the boy’s exclamation, which made him even more eager to get the fox awake to re-exclaim the news. How annoying. “Sapphire, come on, it’s six in the morning! The sun’s up! Rise and shine you lousy wench!” At this last word, which I will tell you now is never a good thing to say to a woman, nor a woman can transform into animals, the fox’s eyes blared open. Her claws extracted and she swiftly clawed the boy’s face while jumping away from his grabbing arms. The boy smiled at her as she started to transform, her body morphing until standing in front of Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky was a very ticked girl with flowing blue hair with piercing red eyes full of anger.

“Topaz… Did you just speak the word wench and lousy in an insult towards me… IN THE SAME SENTENCE?!” Sapphire yelled out with rage, a slight growl from her animal self creeping out, rising through her throat and combining with her voice to make a wonderfully hellish growl. The boy, whose name was now said to be Topaz, looked in shock at the girl he’d fallen in love with at the age of five, who was angrier than she had ever been since he had met her. He nodded with a gulp, and embraced with a loving hug, which he hoped desperately it would calm her down. If it didn’t, he’d probably have a claw from her gloves hooked into his back, and would soon be used as bait for the sharks on a fishing line. But to a happier subject, Sapphire calmed down. Topaz’s charm for her was even stronger than her charm to animals and most men. “It’s ok, I guess.” She muttered with a bored sound, a little disappointed he had been able to easily bring her out of hostility with just a hug. Yep, he was a miracle-maker alright, praying to his precious Haven for a few more days of light. Science had already been pronounced that the sun would be gone in a few months, so why did she bother with getting angry so much? As she was thinking this, Topaz had back stepped away from her and had begun re-exclaiming all the crud about the sun and whatnot. Yipdeedoo.

“See, I told you praying to Haven works!” The fifteen year wonder boy said excitedly, happy with his triumph over his whole family. At least, he supposed they were his family. He was caught in thought over this, and began to ponder the reality on his friends. Were they his family? Sapphire took this convenient opportunity to slip out of the room and away from The Mumbler. “Ok, so my real brother is Diamond, and my girlfriend is Sapphire… Quartz isn’t related to me at all… In fact, I don’t think he’s related to anyone here, or maybe he’s Sapph’s first cousin fifteen times removed. I dunno.” Topaz muttered all this half-conscious of his speaking, and left the room through to the open doorway to the kitchen. Just as he disappeared from the room, Quartz popped through the doorway. He was happy that he’d avoided Topaz, thus his hair was a bright shade of yellow. Oh yah, Quartz’s clothes, hair, and eyes all change colors depending on his mood… just thought I’d mention that. He plopped down tiredly onto the couch with a tired yet cheerful look on his face, and grabbed the remote from the counter across from corner of the couch he had nestled himself into. The next few minutes were spent in peace and quiet until Topaz burst into the room with a frown on his face.

“Quartz… have you seen my mic?” Topaz asked him with a totally confused face. Quartz sighed, his quiet time interrupted by the person who always ruined his alone time. He knew that if he said no, Topaz would ask him to look for it with him, and if he said no, Topaz wouldn’t forgive him. He was stubborn like that. Quartz shook his head and muttered, “Nope”. “Could you help me look for it, it was in the kitchen this morning?” The little golden annoyance muttered just like Quartz knew he would. Quartz turned to him and decided to skip saying no again, because he knew that would cause further problems Quartz would have to deal with during his precious alone time in bed. So they searched the house, but as soon as they had disappeared through the kitchen doorway, Sapphire sprang joyfully, but silently into the room. She had escaped as well, lost him while golden boy’s hand was stuck in the Cookie Jar.

“Ahhh, I love mornings!” she giggled, and threw open the curtains wide. The sun shone through as Topaz had said, looking brighter than the day before, and her happy thoughts receded. Science or any other religion she had tried at couldn’t explain such a phenomenon as the sun growing brighter. Her head hung low in shame, and she gave a quick prayer to Haven, the god of light. If one silly, idiotic ignoramus could pull off a sun revival with a prayer to a god no one believed in, what could an added silly, yet not idiotic nor an ignoramus girl accomplish? Her pondering was interrupted by the a tall figure stepping through the doorway from the hallway leading to the bedrooms, silver hair just beginning to rest on his neck after the sprint he took to get out of Topaz’s range and into a quiet room.

“Peace and quiet time?” Diamond muttered with a sad expression. Sapphire answered with a “Yep”. “Room taken?” He muttered, and faster this time Sapphire gave a more forceful “Yep”. Diamond rolled his eyes with his eyebrows already raised, turned dramatically and ran back into his room. Sapphire heard a click from the bedroom hallway signaling Diamond didn’t want visitors, and decided to the do the same before Topaz entered the living room from the hallway Diamond had just escaped into, Quartz trailing behind him halfheartedly. Sapphire jumped behind the curtains, but was too late – Quartz had her trapped and wasn’t letting her go without experiencing the pain he had.

“Hey Sapph, will you please help us find Topaz’s microphone?” His hair was dimming slightly, but he was desperately trying to keep his hair yellow instead of blue, because then Topaz would know he was sad, would go into questioning, annoy him some more and eventually figure out the real reason. So basically it all goes downhill from that point on. He was doing a good job, though; his hair was yellow with barely noticeable streaks of grey. Sapphire nodded in a pained way, and trailed behind the two. She turned to get a glimpse of Diamond peeking out with a smile from his doorway. She scowled at him and followed Topaz through the open kitchen doorway once more.

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