Chapter 1: The Life of Lucifer

February 22, 2010
By Rythm GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
Rythm GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
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Lucifer watched as the horizon began to darken as the last rays of falling sunlight sunk down past the beautiful line of land and sky. He gazed in amazement at this natural wonder with his eyes narrowed to catch every detail of the phenomenon. The sunset had always interested him ever since he was just a small child in a basket with big, orange, wondering eyes. When Lucifer was only a measly two year old he would crawl up on the white wooden window sill wide enough for a tyke such as himself, and be absorbed by the sight of the sunset outside of the great clear window. Even now he dreamed of somehow traveling to that border where the sky and the land met and staring up at the sunflower sun. Of course this was an irrational dream, but Lucifer always kept his thoughts very loose so he wouldn’t ever rid himself of his colorful imagination and creativity. The world around him just seemed to serious and sophisticated for such a wondrous place to reside in; the great big world was much more awe-inspiring than anyone gave it credit for. A voice broke the eye-catching experience and the clouds cleared away from Lucifer’s eyes.

“Hey Gabriel, you’re needed in the meeting room.” A female high pitched voice resounded behind him, still seeming to be a bit far away from the remnants of his reverie. She poked him on the shoulder a few times before Lucifer looked up at her with an irritated glare. She backed off at the resentful look he gave her, his bright orange eyes shining like the sun that had just fallen, and her eyes widened in slight fear. By her expression you could tell that she was wondering whether to be afraid or if she was to expect something like this from him. Normally everyone left Lucifer alone during his daydreams, and only rarely was he interrupted unless there was something important to see to. He sighed and turned his glare to sort of kind gleam, his lips curving in a smirky smile. It wasn’t so much the interruption of his daydream that bothered him, but the use of his mortal name.

“I prefer to be called Lucifer, Hildegard, and I expect you to call me so. I have mentioned many times, but I do not blame you considering how frequent we have to use our mortal names…” Lucifer rubbed his temple in an annoyed manner, his eyes closed his deep thought. Hesitantly, Hildegard stepped forward to remind him that he needed to be in the meeting room. Lucifer popped up from the grassy area on the hill and stretched, the dim bits of sunlight making his figure seemed to glow. Hildegard giggled inaudibly in her mind, and a slight smile appeared on her face. Lucifer really did look like an angel, no doubt about it. His light red, wavy hair shook in the slight breeze that passed across the grassy plains behind him, his bangs scattered across his entire forehead and the rest of his hair swished and covered his ears. The bright orange eyes she had come to admire of him shone in the coming darkness as he resumed his looming, lanky standing position while his dark orange cloak and scarf fluttered. Solitary black casual slacks covered his long legs, and bleak orange boots to his feet. It was quite the picture. His handsomeness completed the picture, the structure of his face and the clarity of his skin clearly angelic. Hildegard certainly took a liking to Lucifer, but so did many girls.

“Right this way sir…” Hildegard hurried on back the HQ of the Liege behind her, being flicked out of her admiration by his dazed eyes moving to look at the base. She quickened her pace as Lucifer was starting to get ahead of her, which she did not like. Hildegard guided, and no one else. Lucifer lazily shifted his view from the disappearing outside to the silvery walls of the Liege HQ’s interior. This wasn’t the most pleasant of places in the world, but it had worked as his home for eight years. He had been here longer than most of the other members of the Liege, which included Hildegard and a couple of others. The silvery walls faded to white as they entered the high-rank section of the building where meetings were held by the administrators. Hildegard kept staring straight forward, focused on her destination up ahead – a blank black door. “Here you are, Lucifer.” She said to him clearly, and followed in after smoothing down her short black dress. The frills were starting to seriously annoy her on this thing.

Lucifer and Hildegard had both undergone quite a few meetings in the past, so they both walked robotically to their seats. Before the two could sit down, a man at the head of the table put his hand up as a freezing signal, and waved his hand from Lucifer to the spine of the seat left of his own. Dortier was the head leader of the Liege; elected as leader two years ago, meaning this was his third year as the head. As for membership, he had always been a respected Lieger. After all, no one stood up to the Chief Demon. You see, Dortier was a Demon, a fiery race that consisted mostly of hating, monstrous beings. They were feared among all, but a very few were of the Good alignment. However, he was respected not only before many do not want to burn to a crisp over disobeying him, but because he was a born leader. He lived to the fullest and instantly took control in situations of hectic confusion and dire need.

Lucifer, his right eyebrow slightly elevated in surprise, walked loyally to the directed seat after some momentary hesitation. Dortier looked to Hildegard next and pointed her to the seat on his right. She blushed a bit and briskly walked to her new seat. Seats were rarely changed, for the seat you were assigned was a rating of importance. The seats nearest the head leader were the most important, and probably veterans or full-time contributors to the Liege. The seat at the very end was often the member of the group who had just been assigned to there. There were about ten to twelve people in the room, they made decisions and directed hunts. Many were race leaders, but some were just bright learners with creative ideas. Before the story continues, you should probably know some of the information about the Liege. So, let’s proceed into Chapter 2!

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