February 22, 2010
By Rythm GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
Rythm GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
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"Friendship is a wild card: The worth and promise varies."

Blazing rays of sunlight speckled the dusty cobblestones of a once refined and clean city. Citizens here and there bustled on to their daily errands and businesses while others simply wandered aimlessly in search for excitement or even trouble. You could never tell who was a criminal anymore; almost everyone wore the same styled clothing, so you always had to be looking behind you to see if anyone was following. Crowds took up the entire narrow street which was made even narrower by the countless homemade booths and stands that lined the walls of stout buildings. Merchants selling their wares cheered out to passersby, adding their voices to the daily racket that plagued the city of Eirmendias. Many unfortunate people walked up to the booths, entranced by the immaculate display of jewelry and art only to be swindled out of their silverleaves once they had bought the said object. The city of Eirmendias was quite the busy place in present time, but long ago Eirmendias had stood tall and proud against the dreamy blue sky, its white marble walls shining in perfection to this outside of the limits. Only families here and there were allowed to even live there, and it was a privilege if you could witness the grand pearl fountain set into the city’s heart. Over time, however, the Tertuous’s destructive intent broke the once grand city into a dirty, bandit-filled pit in which now it was a disgrace to live in such a place as Eirmendias.

“Come take a look at the famed Diamond Rose!” A merchant screeched from a far off corner. He was a scraggly old man with a pointed white beard and a holey top hat. Many people around him stopped and stared at the shining rose standing up in its holder, a black platform beneath it so the rose was at eye-level. “Four silverleaves for the Diamond Rose, one time bargain!” The man spat out before being horded by a crowd of awed onlookers, flashing silverleaf coins at him. Sneakily, the merchant plucked the coins from everyone’s hands and shifted the “Diamond Rose” to a random man before abandoning his stall and running down a shadowed alley away from the crowd. The man exclaimed in distraught as the rose crumbled at his touch.

Do the Human thieve each other like monsters on a regular basis? Gabryele asked himself warily, peering around at the sights of bustling Human set out before him. His eyes were widened in confusion by being rushed around this way and that by rampaging buyers. Maybe he didn’t want to live out of the Divine civilization after all… Maybe disguising himself as a Human wasn’t such a good idea.

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Spur of the moment that led onto more ideas.

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