February 24, 2010
By Mohawk BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Mohawk BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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There it was all alone the last one of it’s kind. When we got closer we knew for sure it was the last of it’s kind. My partner picked it up but then it bit him. I didn’t think that the eight head spider monkey was deadly. But right when we said that my partner h ad a heart attack and died. When we tried to get out of the spooky cave many more eight head spider monkeys. They started to corner us . Right when we thought we were doomed the seven legged monkey spider came out. We could tell that we were in the middle of a big war.

When we finally saw an exit we ran like no other. In the cave there was a tiny hole but we might be able to fit through it if we crawl through it. As we were making it over to the exit my friend Mike was taken down by a ball of fire. He died and I told myself to keep going. Once we finally made it I signalled our helicopter and we left.

When we got back to base camp I told Major Dwellington that we lost two men during the expidition. I also told him that we now know some informationon the evil eight head spider monkey. I showed him the one that I picked up next to Mike. While we were examining it in the lab we found out that the monkeys don’t like the spiders because the spiders destroyied the monkey’s home.

Once the group told Major everything I went home. When I got home I was gretted kindly by my cat Snickers. When I got to my couch I turned on my Tv and watched the evening news.

As I started to watch I saw that the war was getting as big as Saturn. This is when I got a call from the president. He told me he was going to blow the planet up. As i was watching the planet blow up I started to cry and then I left the room and I knew there was no more wierd creatures on the planet.

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