Complications (2)

February 11, 2010
I wake up in a cold dark room. There are candles everywhere and two people hovering over me. "Morning sunshine." A familiar voice says. I squint my eyes just to make out Conner's handsome features. I rise my hand up. He high-fives it. I grunt and sit up. I slapped him across the face with the hand that he thought was there to give him a high-five. His hand covers the red mark it gave him. "ouch!" he yells. I snort. "You bit me!" I accuse him. "Ugh! So you slap me?" He asks. I nod. "I could have done a lot worse." I assure him. He rubs his cheek. I stand up and fall right back down on the bed. My legs felt like jello. I grunt again. "Now hold on. You can't just get up. Its only been about three days." He says. I gasp "THREE DAYS!?!?!?!?" I yell. His hand covers my mouth. "Shhhhh. I just told you. Yes, three days. I bit you. You really can't move until about an hour." He whispers. I notice the other person who was hovering over me was gone. Hmmmmm, maybe he was never there. "I have to get home!" I whisper. "We'll talk about it later. Now pretend your sleeping." He commands. My eyes shut without my brain telling them to. I try to open them but i just couldn't. I hear someone with high-heels walk in. "Izella, my love. She hasn't woken yet. But I don't think we should execute her so quickly. Remember I bit her. That means she's my SF and I could really use one." He mutters. I hear the lady sigh. "Fair enough when she wakes up tell her to meet me in my office." She whispers. Then i hear her walk out of the room."Okay, sit up." He commands. My body jerks straight up. "What the heck?" I complain. He sighs. "I had no choice but to bite you. Izella saw us. I really like you Eli, but if Izella even gets the sense that i am not in total complete love with her, the torture will be fatal. So if I didn't bite you my life would end." He explains. I frown. "But instead you would rather take my life away." I accuse. He shakes his head and grabs my hand."No. It's not like that. Okay, she already saw you. She wants to kill you. But, I bit you so you could be my SF so I can work out a plan." He explains. I slip my hand away from his. "Whats an SF?" I ask. I hope for the best. "Uh, this is where it starts to suck," He laughs, "for you." I glare at him. "What is an SF?!?!?" I ask him again. "Okay when a vampirre bites a human and she has never been bitten before the human turns into the vampires SF. SF stands for Some Fair. It means your my servant for eternity." He explains. He laughs an evil laugh then cracks up laughing normally. MY eyes widden and i glare at him. "You've got to be joking." I threaten. HE luaghs harder. He finally stops laughing when i smack him harder this time. But he jumps on top of me and grabs my hands. He growls and then looks apologetic. "Uh,... sorry." He says as he gets off me. "Vampire instinct." He explains. Awkward silence hovers over us. "Oh, uh, you might wanna go to Izella's office. She's not that patient." He explains. "But my legs." I say. "Oh yeah." He mutters. He picks me up and starts to walk. His head is looking at the ceiling and i have a dead stare lock on him. He finally catches my gaze. "Would ya not look at me like that?" He asks. I laugh. He grunts. "Whats wrong?" I ask. He shakes his head. "Just another Vampire thing. I just really, really wanna bite you right now." He admits. I laugh. "Well please settle your temptation unless I'm never going to walk." I giggle.He chuckles. He kisses my neck before he takes me to her office.

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Wasda said...
Mar. 13, 2010 at 6:59 pm
realy good story. liked it a lot but it is a lot like every vampire story out there. it is still realy good just if you make a new story that involves vampires try to make it something diffrent.
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