Letters To Amy #3

February 11, 2010
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Ms. Katie
123 Whereami Road,
Paramonia, Oddworld 49869

Dear Ms. Amy

I found out why the bat wouldn’t come onto the ledge that I was hiding in. It wasn’t pretty.

If you walk farther into the ledge, you find that it is actually a small cave. The cave is quite pretty, so I began to sleep there each night.  On the fourth night, however, I awoke to slime dribbling onto my shoulder. I shot up and bumped my head on something slimy and warm. I couldn’t see anything, so I began to chant (when I chant an eerie blue light appears) all of a sudden, something in the cave began hissing. Paramites hate chanting.

I ran out of the cave, and rolled down the ledge, only to find myself hanging off a cliff about 100 yards from ten-foot-tall beehive. The bees in this land are EXTREMELY hostile. Anyway, the bees began to get angry, and the Paramites above me were getting upset as well. Once again the bat popped out of nowhere and headed straight in my direction. A giant pool of honey was below me, and I figured if I dropped I'd survive. So I did. My hands let go and the Paramites jumped down the cliff after me along with the bat who dive bombed my falling body. I looked down as I hit the honey, and closed my eyes. Swimming through the sticky mess was a nightmare, and i almost drowned. On top of that the bees and the bat were waiting for me above the pool of honey, and the Paramites were swimming swiftly toward me. I had no choice but to get to the surface of the pool of honey and run from the bees and bat. I leaped from the sticky mess and sprinted away from the monsters on my tail. 

Unexpectedly, a sinkhole appeared, this one about ten feet in length. While running for dear life, I looked behind me: four Paramites, a mammoth swarm of bees and a solitary but deadly bat were gaining on me. I had no choice but to jump for it. To my extreme luck I leaped far enough to grab the edge of the sinkhole as I was descending down. However it was too late, I had forgotten about the bat, and as it swooped closer to me I prepared to die. To my great surprise, the bat squealed and fell suddenly into the never ending hole below me. I pulled myself up on the other side from the Paramites only to see a Slig pointing it's gun right at me - or so I thought.

The Slig suddenly yelled "Look out!" I dropped to the floor and the Slig yelled "Get 'um!" I knew it was over at this point. However, i was wrong. A Slog (a sort of dog type creature which is a friend of the Slig) jumped toward me, but kept going until it attacked at killed the Paramites who were already on my side of the sinkhole. The bees, seeing the danger and deeming me unworthy of their time left back to their hive and the Slig said in it's machine-like voice. "Come on!" I had no idea what was going on, but i went along with it anyway. He led me to a place with a single Mudokin, and i suddenly recognized him. "Abe!" I screamed "You're alive!" The Slig blew itself up and Abe came back to wakefulness. He told me to follow him. I obeyed. I'm writing to you on the top of Abe's Elum (a camel-like creature) and Abe is walking beside me. We should be safe. . . for now.

Right now I am craving pasta.

Please come help me.

Your Friend,

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