The Search For The Truth Chapter Foure

February 10, 2010
"Breathe, Asher" someone yelled at me as I laid on my back on the ground, I didnt recognize the voice at all. "Come on, Asher" the person said, shaking me, I opened my eyes and gasped for air. I was surrounded by people, the same people who had witnessed it...the kidnapping of my little brother. I quickly sat up and bumped heads with someone, "OW!" we both said, I opened my eyes and looked at Austin.

"You fainted" he whispered, I think that was his way of saying 'act like everything is cool' I looked around and smiled. "I'm fine" I said, shoving a few people away and standing up, "what are we going to do?" Arianne asked, "there's only one thing we can do" I said. Arianne smiled, she loved a good adventure, "we better get packed" I whispered and rushed out of the circle, Arianne right behind me.

"Asher, I just thought of something" Arianne said, I looked up at her and said "what?" she shook her head and said "we dont know where to go" I hadnt thought of that. "Maybe the laptop could provide some information" I said, trying not to sound like I didnt know anything. "Yeah...maybe" Arianne said, I recognized this look on her face, a look I never saw but I was sure it meant 'boy my sister dont know what we are getting ourselves into' I ignored it and went to the basement.

"Give me details" I said to the laptop, the screen stayed black I sighed, "just tell me where Andrew is...please" I said and the screen lit up. "Please is the magic word" I said to myself and smiled, "Andrew was currently in Missouri but now is traveling south of the state" the computer did the know what I'm not gonna ask that question.

"Arianne" I yelled running back into my room where she was packing our things, "he just left Missouri" I said, she looked at me and I saw that 'how does she know this' look on her face which I ignored and grabbed my suitcase. "We could take Lola Lu, Mama will never know" I said and Arianne smiled, "I like your thinking, sis" I raised an eyebrow "yeah me too."

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