The Power of Magic

February 18, 2010
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It was a cold day in London. The year was 1894. Carolyn Winters sat on a stool in her room studying her spells. She lived in a house that their father had built when he first married their mother. It had been three years since she found out about being a witch. The only problem was that she couldn't tell anyone about her magic. Carolyn knew this was the hardest part in her upcoming journey.

Carolyn heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She automatically panicked. She quickly closed her spell book and threw it into the trunk that was at the foot of her bed. She stood in the middle of her bedroom and dusted off her skirts. Her heart pounded inside of her chest. She was terrified that Ian would find out about her secret.

"Carolyn, dinner's ready." Ian said. Carolyn's brother, Ian, was eighteen years old. He had light brown hair, and his eyes were ocean blue. Ian was about six-foot tall, he was an exact replica of their father when he was younger. After their parents died, Ian had to raise his younger sisters. Ian was very protective of Carolyn, and he only wanted the very best for her.

Carolyn made her way down to the dinning room for dinner. She sat next to Emma, who talked about her day. Emma was only five years old, and she looked just like their mother. Every time Carolyn looked at Emma, she always saw her mother. Emma had auburn hair that curled up on the ends. She had emerald green eyes that shined like glass.

Carolyn sighed. She felt as if she was living two different lives. The first life was where she was normal. She loved her normal life. She didn't have to lie in her first life. Her second life was full of magic. She was always studing spells. She diguised her spell book as a journal. It was black, and leather-bound. On the front cover in bold red letters it read Carolyn Marie Winters.

She sat on her bed reading her spell book. She was already two levels ahead of the normal witch at her age. She knew a secret that she kept from Ian and Emma. Their mother was also a witch. She was one of the most powerful witches in the magical world. Carolyn had a lot of studying to do if she wanted to be as powerful as her mother was. Carolyn's mother already knew that she was a witch. Her mother suspected that Carolyn was a witch ever since she was two years old.

Carolyn missed all the time's she would have with her mother. Her mother used to read stories to her as she drifted off to sleep. Tears rolled down Carolyn's cheeks every time she thought about her mother. She dried her tears and decided to read her spells.

Carolyn sat on the stool beside her window. She read the spells carefully and thoroughly. Right when she full understood a level six spell, her little sister Emma walked into the room. "What are you reading?" Emma asked her with curiosity in her eyes. Carolyn stumbled a little bit. "Um, I'm just writing in my journal." She said quickly. "Can I read it?" Emma asked. "No, you can't Emma. My journal hold my pesonal thoughts and feelings." Carolyn explained to her younger sister. Emma just nodded her head understanding.

After about a minute, Carolyn sighed. She picked Emma up and sat her on her lap. Emma said nothing, but in response to her sister's actions, she laid her head against her sister. Carolyn rocked Emma back and fourth while she told stories about their mother. Carolyn looked down and found Emma asleep. She laid her sister down on the bed.

The next day, Carloyn finished her chores, and she was going to leave the house. "Ian, can I go to town for a while?" Carolyn asked. "Yes, you may, but be back before it get too dark." Ian responded from his chair.

Carolyn took her spell book and she was going to the small cottage, where she helped heal poor people. When she entered the cottage she found a small, elderly man lying on the bed by the window. This man was dying.

Carolyn's first action was to cover the window, the last thing she needed was for someone to walk in and see her using magic. The man was asleep. Carolyn placed her hands directly over the man's body. There was a quick flash, of blue light. The man was miraculously healed. Carolyn told that man that she used a special herbal remedy to heal him.

She left the cottage, after spending an hour there. She was walking around town when she heard a familiar voice calling her name. It was her childhood friend, Jacob Morgan. She had known Jacob ever since they were seven years old. She liked him as something more than friends for about three years now.

Jacob had short brown hair, and bright green eyes. He was a strong boy around six feet tall. Jacob had always helped his father with chored around the farm. Jacob was the only son of Adam Morgan, so he was responsible for working with the animals and plowing the fields. Jacob was charming, and the most well mannered boy Carolyn had ever known.

"Hello, Jacob. How have you been?" Carolyn asked him as she spun aroung to face him. Jacob smiled at the sound of her sweet voice. "I am very well. I presume you are the same?" Jacob asked. After a minute or two of silence Jacob finally spoke up. "Carolyn, would you like to take a stroll with me?" Carolyn's cheeks turned a deep shade of red. "I would love to." Carolyn walked along side of Jacob as they went through the park.

Carolyn loved every minute she spent with Jacob. They spent about an hour talking about what they were currently doing in their lives. Carolyn hadn't seen Jacob in almost four long years. Jacob had to move to Paris when his father was afforded a job with a larger salary.

Later that night, Ian sat in his chair waiting for his younger sister to return home. He put another piece of wood into the fireplace and began to read a book when someone knocked on the door. Ian opened the door to find his younger sister with Jacob Morgan.

Ian let Jacob into the house to talk. "Hello, Jacob. How have you been these past few years?" Ian asked the younger man. "I am very well, Sir. My family just moved back into town, and I ran into Carolyn. I want to apologize for keeping Carolyn out past her curfew." Jacob informed Ian. "Thank you for apoloigizing. I am glad to see that your family has returned to town." After that Ian and Jacob taked for another twenty minutes before Jacob left.

Carolyn went to check on her younger sister, Emma. Emma was a little feverish. Carolyn pulled the blankets up on her sister, and gently kissed her forehead. Carolyn quietly closed the door to Emma's room before heading to her own.

Carolyn sat quietly on a bench as she put some herbs together. She made four batches of medicine so that she wouldn't have to use magic unless she needed to. Ian walked into Carolyn's room just as she put the final cork into the bottle.

"Hello, Ian. Is something wrong?" Ian was silent for a minute. "Emma is getting worse; I will need your help to heal her." Carolyn nodded and handed him two bottles of the herbal medicine. Ian took the bottles and quickly walked out of the room.

Carolyn followed Ian to their younger sister's room. Ian gave Emma the medicine and now all they could do was wait. Carolyn just hoped that her medicine worked so she wouldn't have to use magic.

The next morning Emma looked worse. Carolyn felt guilty about not using magic. Carolyn returned to Emma's bedside with a fresh bowl of water. She laid a damp rag across Emma's forehead.

Carolyn thought about her options. She could either use magic or let her sister die. Carolyn let the warm tears fall from her eyes. Carolyn raised her hands and placed them over Emma's tiny, weak body. She closed her eyes and moved her lips to recite a spell. A bright blue light filled the room. Carolyn opened her eyes to see Emma looking as if she was never sick.

Carolyn joyfully picked up her little sister. She spun her around in a circle, and kissed the top of her head. Tears were spilling from her eyes. She had just saved her little sister's life. When Carolyn stopped spinning, she looked up to find Ian standing in the doorway. She looked into his ocean blue eyes and smiled. "That's the power of magic."

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